AMC Update Thursday 10/22/09

All My Children Update Thursday 10/22/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Madison’s father brings the tapes and DVD’s to the Hubbards in Frankie’s apartment. He wants to know what the tapes means, and suggest that it appears as if Jesse covered up the crime. Jesse tells him that if he feels that they committed a crime why is he not at the police station. Frankie says he is not there because Madison confessed to killing Henry North before she died. Madison’s father admitted that Madison confessed to killing Henry and told him she blackmailed the Hubbards. He apologizes for Madison’s behavior; he gives the tapes and DVD’s to Jesse. Angie is glad that Madison confessed to North’s death and thanks Jesse for always pulling their family back together.

JR and Marissa tell Adam that they are married; Adam asks Marissa if she was sober. Adam accuses JR of using Marissa to replace Babe. He is not happy and asks Marissa to leave the room so that he may speak to JR. Once Marissa has left the room, he orders JR to annul the marriage. JR tells him where he can go.

Annie tells Emma she is marrying Adam and Emma tells her that she hate her. Annie tries to explain why she did not tell Emma earlier, but Emma is not listening. Emma tells Ryan that he should have told her the truth. Emma tells Ryan that she wants to tell him who killed Stuart, but Annie enters the room alarmed that Emma may tell, and spoils the moment. Erica called Zach because she believed that Emma was about to tell Ryan the truth and Zach needed to be there. Emma asks Ryan and Annie to leave her room and she locks the door behind them. Ryan kicks Annie out of his home. Ryan tells Erica that Emma was about to tell him who killed Stuart. Erica tells Ryan that she called Zach; Ryan is unhappy, so Erica leaves to give him sometime to cool off.

David is at the Yacht Club and tells the press that he wants Kendall back in jail. Zach tells him if he mentions Kendall’s name again it will be his last sound bite. Liza breaks up David and Zach and asks Zach not to start trouble.

Liza is with Bailey and Stuart. David asks Bailey if she is the baby Stuart’s mother. Liza asks Bailey if she has made any decisions on wanting her son back. David tells Liza that she is playing with fire. Liza is surprised that David is not on Bailey’s side since she is the biological mother.

JR and Marissa meet David at the Yacht club and tell him they are married; David is unhappy.

Natalia and Jesse talks about Madison, and she tells him she doesn’t trust Madison’s father; she doesn’t believe that they are through with Madison yet, because the conversation with the dad was weird. Jesse tells her that Henry North’s case is closed. Frankie and Randi watch the tapes from Madison and see that Madison is not on the tape; Frankie wants to tell his father about the tape, but Randi orders Frankie to burn the tapes and discs, so he burns them in the trashcan.

Annie returns to the Chandler mansion and she is worried and upset that the secret will come out. Adam suggests that Emma tells the truth to free herself; he tells her that the secret is killing him as well.

JR and Marissa go for his Chemo treatment to spend their honeymoon together. He carried her over the threshold of the door. They are happy and they kiss.

Zach arrives at Ryan’s and figures out that Emma did not tell the secret so he tells Ryan they need a new plan; Ryan suggests that they focus on Adam.

Angie joins Natalia and Jesse and bring Natalia’s phone to her. She tells Jesse that Natalia called East River Hospital in New York to check on Madison’s death. Natalia ran the check to make sure that Madison was dead. Randi is dreaming and see the tapes playing on TV. Madison appears at the door with the bookend in her hand. Randi is dreaming. She wakes up then wakes up Frankie.

Adam starts to remember Stuart’s murder. Emma sees Adam outside her window, and remembers seeing Adam on the terrace shooting the gun at Stuart.

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