AMC Update Tuesday 10/20/09

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/20/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Annie asks if her daughter is up yet and a nurse says that they are going to miss Emma around there.  A nurse says that Emmaís father and Dr. Martin are making arrangements to send her home.  Jake says that Dr. Kayda already cleared Emma, so he couldnít stand in the way.  Ryan says that Emma says that he might have a little trouble remembering things.  Jake says that with time and a familiar home environment everything that is fuzzy will come back.

Erica shows up to see Adam and asks him what is so important.  Adam says that it is about Kendall.  Adam says that he wants to help Kendall.

Jesse says to let the state police know that Aidan has previously mentioned a special ops friend in Titusville, but not to mention names.  Zach says that they are lucky nobody has involved the FBI and asks how long the luck will hold out.  Jesse says that it will hold out as long as he keeps feeding them false leads. 

Kendall says that it looks like an abandoned church.  Kendall tells Aidan that he looks worse than before Jake treated him.  Aidan says that he will be fine after he gets some rest and then they can get back on the road.  They hear a helicopter overhead and Kendall says that it is circling them.  Kendall asks if Aidan thinks the helicopter saw them come in and Aidan says that hopefully they got there in time.  Aidan says that he doubts they are looking for them with stealth Comanches, but he wants to be ready.  Kendall asks Aidan to put the gun away because she doesnít want to be responsible for getting him killed.  Aidan says that he has no intention of getting them killed, but will do everything he can to keep Kendall safe and hidden until Annie pays for what she has done.  The helicopter flies away and Kendall says that she thinks they are safe for now.  Kendall says that they can hide out there for a few days until Aidan gets better.  Kendall says that Aidan shouldnít take too many of the pain meds.  Aidan says that he has been shot before and knows how to get through it.  Kendall says that she saw an old country store a mile down the road and if they are going to stock up, she better get going.

Jesse asks if Zach is having second thoughts.  Zach says that he wishes that he didnít have to rely on Ryan and Aidan to help Kendall do this for him and the boys.  Jesse says that Zach is going to have to rely on somebody at some point for help.  Zach says that he appreciates Jesseís help and says that he canít sit around doing nothing.  Jesse asks where Zach is going and Zach says that he is going to poke the nest.

Annie talks to her lawyer about keeping her visitation rights after Emma is released from the hospital because she is being released early, but the lawyer says that there is nothing that can be done.  Annie asks David if she can talk to him for a second and he asks if there is a problem.  Annie says that she just found out that Emma is being released from the hospital early and asks if it is normal after brain surgery.  Annie says that it seems like Jake really wants to get Emma out of the hospital.  David asks if Jake is the attending physician.  Annie says that Dr. Kayda was the neurosurgeon, but now it seems like Jake is making all the decisions.  Annie asks David for a second opinion.

Ryan suggests that when Emma gets home, she should stay home with him for a couple of weeks without going to school.  Emma asks if she will be in trouble if she doesnít remember everything and Ryan says that he doesnít want her to worry about that.  Ryan says that they donít have to talk about anything that Emma doesnít want to talk about.  Ryan says that Emma will remember everything when her brain decides that it is time.  Ryan asks Jake if they can get the release in the works and Jake says that it isnít a problem.  Jake asks if he can have a word with Emma first.  Ryan says that he will be outside.

Jake asks how Emma is feeling and she says that her head doesnít hurt anymore.  Jake asks how Emma is feeling inside.

David asks Ryan about Emmaís release.  Ryan says that Emma will be released at any minute because the neurosurgeon already signed off on it, but Jake has to still.  David says that until he has signed off on the release, Emma isnít going anywhere.  David says that it is ultimately his responsibility and that he wants to make sure there hasnít been a rush to misjudgment.  Ryan asks David if he knows when someone is playing him.

Marissa and JR are there when Scott wakes up.  Scott asks what he did.  Marissa says that Scott got majorly wasted and that she and JR brought him back there to sleep it off.  Scott says that he canít remember the last time he got so drunk and that he blacked out.  JR says that maybe it is about the secret that he is carrying around.  Scott asks about the secret and JR says that maybe it is about who really killed Stuart.

Erica asks why Adam would want to help Kendall.  Adam says that Kendall is out there right now with a target on her back and he canít stand someone else dying for the madness.  Erica says that Kendall is too clever to die.  Adam says that Kendall might need some help and that he hasnít forgotten what Erica did for him when David was trying to get Little Adam and would be happy to return the favor.  Erica says that she doesnít need Adam lying to her, but he says that it was a very sincere offer that he made.  Erica says that it was nothing but guilty because Adam knows that Kendall didnít kill Stuart, Annie did.  Erica asks if Adam wants any justice for his brother.  Adam says that justice never did a thing to heal the hurt.  Erica asks if Adam wants the person who actually killed his brother to go unpunished for the rest of her life.  Adam says that after Stuart died, he tried to live a life that his brother would have wanted for him, but wasnít very successful.  Adam says that Stuart would say that they have suffered enough already and that it should just go away quietly.  Zach says that it is time for Adam to open his eyes and admit that he is about to marry the woman who killed Stuart.

Scott says that when you are drunk, you blather a bunch of garbage.  JR says that it was a nice try to change the subject and asks if he is getting closer to the truth. 

Jake says that he wants to make sure Emma feels good enough to go home.  Jake tells Emma about missing Trevor and says that he feels better.  Emma says that it is hard when her parents fight all the time.  Jake asks what they fight about and Emma says that it is about her.

David says that he has no intention of getting in between Ryan and Annie, but Emmaís surgery and injury were serious and he wants to make sure that her care hasnít been shortchanged.  Ryan says that Emmaís well-being is all he has ever cared about, but Annie seems to be more concerned with her lack of access and control after Emma is released from the hospital.  Annie says that she cares about Emma and she thinks it is too soon for Emma to be walking out of the hospital days after having brain surgery.  David says that he is going to check Emmaís chart, discuss the case with the neurosurgeon and Jake and then will get back to them.  Ryan says that Annie convincing Emma that she doesnít remember anything anymore will only buy her a little time because as soon as he brings Emma to the penthouse, where she feels safe, she will tell him everything.

JR says that he wants to help and that Scott was in a lot of pain last night and it isnít healthy to hold it all inside.  Scott says that he is a big boy and can handle whatever problems he might have.  JR asks if it is something about Stuart that Scott canít act on.  Marissa says that JR just wants to help.  Scott says that he doesnít need their help and tells them to leave him alone.  Marissa asks JR if he thinks he pressured Scott too much and JR says that he doesnít think he squeezed hard enough.  JR says that if it is about Stuart, he needs to get over to the house and ask questions that nobody else is asking, but Marissa says that JR isnít going over there because he has a doctorís appointment that she isnít letting him miss.

Annie asks what Kendall has done to Ryan to make him so anxious to clear her name that he would rush Emma out of the hospital early, so that she might say something incriminating about Annie.  Jake tells Ryan to take the paperwork to the front and Emma is all set to go.  David says that he has some questions about Emma.  Ryan says that all he wants to do is take his little girl out of the hospital.  Jake says that Dr. Kayda is on board and that he has already examined Emma and found out that she is fine.  David says that is great news, but the chief of staff has some questions.

Adam says that Annie isnít a killer.  Zach asks if Adam really canít see that Annie has serious problems.  Adam reminds Zach that he didnít think Annie was guilty either, but Zach says that circumstances have changed his mind.  Zach says that Annie will do anything to get what she wants, including pretending to be in love with Adam, but Adam says that their love is real.  Erica asks Adam how he can be so sure and Adam says that Annie has already admitted to playing him to get herself out of prison and keep her child.  Adam says that in a couple of weeks, Annie will be his wife and that everyone can forget about keeping her from her child.  Zach says that Adam is hiding something and asks if Annie told him something about what happened.  Adam says that Zach should leave before he is ejected.  Zach says that secrets are dangerous things to keep because if you turn your back on them, they can kill you.  Scott comes in and says that sometimes secrets can be deadlier than guns.

Kendall says that she got in and out without anyone looking at her sideways.  Kendall says that she got everything they need, but Aidan looks horrible.  Kendall asks Aidan if he took more of the antibiotics and realizes that he has a rash.  Kendall says that she thinks Aidan is having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics.  Kendall says that Aidan needs serious medical help, but Aidan says that he will know if and when he needs help.  Kendall says that Aidan needs to get food into his system and gives him some chicken noodle soup.  Kendall says that she canít get Annie out of her mind because of what she has done to them all.  Aidan tells Kendall not to give up hope because Zach will sort things out so that she can go home.

Zach asks Scott what he meant about secrets being deadlier than guns.  Scott says that he was just agreeing with Zach.  Scott tells Zach to find Kendall and then take their family somewhere else before the back-and-forth between their families takes another person down.  Zach says that he will find his wife and reunite her with her kids, no matter who gets hurt or killed in the process.  Erica tells Adam that this will be the wedding he regrets the most, if he gets to live.

Annie says that it doesnít look like Jake likes what David has to say.  Ryan says that Emma is going home with him today no matter what, and he will go over Davidís head if he has to.  Annie reminds Ryan that David is chief of staff and asks how he is going to go over Davidís head.  Ryan says that he will do whatever he has to, including getting a court order.  David says that he has gone over everything and talked to the neurosurgeon.  David says that he concurs with Jakeís decision to release Emma as long as Ryan follows her post-op instructions to the letter.  Ryan thanks David.  Jake asks to speak to Ryan about Emmaís home-care.  Annie says that she can be involved too because Emma is her daughter too, but Ryan says that after Emma gets released from the hospital, Annie wonít have anything to do with her.  Jake says that they have to take it easy on Emma because she is feeling trapped.  Zach asks for a minute with Ryan because it involves Emma.

Zach tells Ryan that Adam is a lost cause and that they have to move fast because they are running out of time.  Ryan says that there is nothing he can do because he isnít going to pressure Emma, since she has to heal.  Ryan says that Emma is very fragile physically and emotionally right now and that he doesnít have a choice.

Annie asks if Emma is scared that she wonít be able to keep the promise not to tell daddy what happened that night and says that she has the solution.

Erica asks a nurse to make sure the nurses who volunteered for the dance marathon get something from her.  The nurse agrees and thanks Erica.  Jake tells Erica that her work with the children in Africa was nothing less than inspirational.  Erica says that she got at least as much out of it as the children did.

Aidan says that he has had enough.  Kendall says that Aidan isnít as warm as he was, but he promises to get better.  Kendall says that Aidan can rest and she will keep an eye out.  Aidan thanks Kendall.

Marissa apologizes to JR.  JR drops a key.  Marissa says that she knows how much he was hoping for the doctors to say what amazing progress he has made and that they could cancel the rest of the chemo.  JR says that he heard exactly what he thought he would hear: That he is in for a tough, long fight and thanks Marissa for reminding him of his priorities.  JR says that the more you bottle things up, the more you look for ways to kill the pain.  Marissa says that JR has done a hell of a job keeping that demon out of his life lately.  JR says that it has been hard, but he found something to take away the pain.

Erica tells Ryan that Annie is in with Emma right now.  Ryan says that Annieís time is up, but he has to be careful because he and Jake are worried about Emmaís state of mind right now.  Ryan asks Emma if she is ready to go home and she says that she doesnít want to go home.  Ryan says that she can finish her healing in her own bed.  Emma says that she wants to go to the big house with mommy.

Scott asks Adam if he is all right.  Adam says that he is the man made of stone.  Adam says that he tries to reach out to someone and they just push him away and call him a liar.  Adam says that he wonders what would have happened if he told them the truth, that a little girl put the whole thing into motion.  Adam and Scott agree that nobody can ever know what Emma did because the fallout would be disastrous.  Jesse shows up and assumes they are talking about Annie, so he asks what she did.

Marissa asks what JR is thinking about.  JR says that he is thinking about time and Marissa says that they have all the time in the world.  JR asks what would happen if they donít, but Marissa explains that talking like that isnít allowed.  JR says that he loves Marissa and doesnít know what he would do without her.  Marissa says that he doesnít have to worry about that, but JR says that he does and proposes to Marissa!

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