AMC Update Monday 10/19/09

All My Children Update Monday 10/19/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Marissa brings JR something to eat and says that his immune system will thank her.  JR asks about the newspaper and says that he wants to read about Kendallís great escape.  Marissa says that she already read it and there isnít anything new.  JR says that he would still like to look.  Marissa suggests that she should make JR a salad.  JR reads a story from the paper about the son of Pine Valleyís most prominent family falling off the wagon.

Scott orders another drink.  The bartender recognizes Scott and says that the drink is on the house.  The bartender says that Scott would probably like to put his fatherís killer behind bars himself and Scott agrees.

Brot asks if Natalia is okay and she says that she would be if people would stop sneaking up on her.  Brot apologizes and says that she seems a little shaky.  Natalia says that she has been up all night filling out paperwork and getting debriefed.  Brot says that he heard about what happened.  Natalia says that she shot the gun she hoped to never fire on her first day.  Brot suggests that Natalia should clock out and then come back fresh in the morning, but Natalia says that she has to meet with the department shrink.  Natalia says that she has to prove that she isnít a hothead and that if she blows it, she could be stuck at her desk for who knows how long.  Brot says that he would take a break if he were in the situation.  Natalia says that she wants to be back on the streets as soon as she can and sees Dr. Diamond.  Brot says that he will see her later and Natalia introduces herself to Dr. Diamond.

Annie tells Emma that everything is going to be okay.  Emma asks if she can open her eyes now.  Annie tells her to open them and Emma says that it is hard pretending to be asleep all the time.  Annie says that it is really important that they talk before anyone else knows that Emma woke up because people are going to have a lot of questions.  Emma asks if Annie is talking about Ryan.

Frankie tells Ryan that most patients would be awake by now and Ryan asks what the problem is.  Frankie says that every patient is different, but that he is sure Emma will wake up soon.

Emma says that she wants to see Ryan.  Annie says that Ryan doesnít understand and that is why it is important for Emma never to tell him or anyone else what she saw that night.

Jesse tells Zach that a police chopper found a blue car behind Wildwind under some trees and that he is going to check it out.  Zach tells Jesse to let Aidan and Kendall get away because it is what Kendall wants.  Jesse tells Zach that every law enforcement officer in the state is after Kendall, but Zach tells Jesse to let Kendall try to get away because she is doing it for him and the boys.

Amanda tries to get David to wake up.  Jake asks what happened.  Amanda asks Jake for help and says that she thinks she might have killed David.

JR says that when people see him they will see a pathetic drunk who couldnít handle being a Chandler, instead of seeing a guy who has so much chemo in him that it could kill a horse.  Marissa says that isnít who JR is anymore.  JR says that itís who he was and it is a good thing he didnít get the cancer while he was drinking because he wouldnít have gotten treatment.  JR says that he is grateful because he was drowning himself in alcohol and wouldnít have cared if he lived or died, but now he realizes how much he has to live for.

Dr. Diamond asks Natalia how she feels about using her gun the first day.  Natalia says that she performed by the book and says that she thanks God that the perp was only wounded.  Dr. Diamond asks if she has any regrets.  Natalia says that it is part of the job, but they are trained to compartmentalize and move on and it is the only way to be an effective cop.  Natalia says that she hopes she doesnít have to use a gun for the rest of her career, but at least she knows that she is ready if she has to.

Annie tells Emma that if she stays quiet all the bad things will go away.  Emma says that daddy told her that it is important to tell the truth.  Annie says that she needs Emma to do this one last thing for her or else something bad could happen.  Annie says that she will tell Emma exactly what to tell anyone who asks questions and asks Emma if she will do this one last thing for mommy.

Frankie says that Emmaís results are in line with a normal recovery and that everything is pointing to steady progress.  Ryan says that Emma isnít awake.  Frankie says that it is weird and asks who locked the door to Emmaís room.  Ryan yells for Annie.  Annie says that it is a miracle and that Emma is awake.

Jake tells Amanda that David is alive and asks what happened.  Amanda says that David came in and saw Kendall, so she hit him.  Jake says that it will take some explaining and some finesse to explain it to everyone.  Jake asks if David saw Amanda hit him and she says no.  David wakes up and asks what happened.  Jake says that they were worried about David and he was out cold.  David says that he saw Kendall and asks where she went.  David asks if Aidan hit him.  Amanda says that David was on the ground when she got there and she thought he was dead, so she called Jake.  Jake says that he was going to take David out back and put him out of his misery.  Jake says that Aidan probably hit David and that a car tore past him when he was on his way there.  David asks how long he was out and Amanda says that it wasnít long.  David says that they can still catch Kendall and Aidan if they try.

Jesse says that a few hours ago Zach wanted to turn himself in.  Jesse says that Kendall should go back to prison until they prove that she is innocent.  Zach says that Jake brought them something and said that he ran into Kendall and Aidan.  Jesseís cell phone rings and a woman says that Dr. Hayward is on the line.  David tells Jesse that he saw Kendall and that if Jesse hurries, he might be able to catch them.  Jesse says that he is on it and thanks David for the tip.  Jesse tells Martinez to get in touch with dispatch because he has something for them.  Martinez says that he will do it and Jesse says that it isnít an emergency, so Martinez can take his time.

Jake tries to look at Davidís head, but David tells Jake to stay away from him.  Jake says that he doesnít want to be held responsible if David has a concussion.  David tells Jake to go away because he and Amanda can take care of it.  Amanda tells Jake that it is okay and that she thinks they can take care of it.  Amanda says that she is going to check on the baby.  David says that Trevor is asleep and suggests that Amanda should stay there and tell him what really happened in the stables.

Scott says that he is really good at quarters, but he misses and says that maybe it is the quarter and asks someone if they are tipping the bar.  JR and Marissa show up.  Scott orders a round for them, but JR says no and offers Scott a ride.  Scott says that he is just unwinding.  Marissa says that Scott could unwind at home with some coffee.  Scott says that he is fine and yells for the bartender.  JR says that Scott will feel better at home, but Scott says that he doesnít want to feel better.  Scott says that he is in hell now and coffee wonít change it. 

David asks Amanda how long she knew that Aidan and Kendall were hiding out on the property.  Amanda says that she thinks David is bleeding.  David asks if Jake hit him.  Amanda says that David is more paranoid than ever and needs an ambulance.  David says that Amanda is avoiding.  Amanda says that David is hurt and delusional.  Amanda says that she is trying to help him and all he can do is accuse people and whip up conspiracy theories.  David says that he has something for the pain.  David realizes that some bandages, antiseptic and painkillers are missing and says that someone would need those to treat a gunshot wound.

Zach thanks Jesse for stalling and Jesse says that he canít stall forever.  Zach says that the more time Jesse gives them, the more time they have to get away from the police.  Jesse says that he hopes they donít regret this.  Jesse says that he can handle the police in Pine Valley, but the US Marshal and state police are out of his hands.  Zach says that he hopes that Aidan can keep Kendall out of sight until they can get to Annie.  Jesse says that Kendall and Aidan are both on the run with a lot of firepower aimed at their backs.  Zach says that they have to start leaning on Annie immediately.

Ryan says that he is happy Emma woke up.  Annie asks Emma if she feels okay.  Ryan asks if Emma has a headache.  Frankie says that he can give the official word on it, but needs to check Emma out first and will need them to step outside.  Ryan asks Annie why she locked the door and she says that it was an accident.  Ryan says that Annie wanted to be alone with Emma to talk and asks what Annie said to her.  Annie says that their daughter is alive and awake and he is wasting his time attacking her.  Ryan says that he is trying to get some answers.  Ryan says that when it is over, he is going to ask Emma what happened the night Stuart was murdered and she will tell him.  Annie says that their daughter almost died and Ryan wants to interrogate her.  Ryan says that keeping whatever Emma knows inside of her is what is killing her.  Ryan says that maybe Emma came back to them because she is ready to tell him the truth.  Zach walks up and says that maybe Emma is ready to tell them the truth.

Dr. Diamond says that his evaluation will be on Jesseís desk by the end of the day and that it is standard procedure to bench a cop for at least a week after a shooting.  Jesse thanks the doctor.  Natalia says that she doesnít need a week and could go back out right now.  Natalia asks Jesse to talk to Dr. Diamond, but Jesse says that he has to go with what the doctor is saying.  Natalia tells Jesse that she is clocking out.  Brot asks Jesse if Natalia is okay.  Jesse says that she will be and that she is just anxious to get back into the action.  Brot says that Natalia just shot someone and it is a lot to deal with.  Jesse says that he wishes it hadnít happened straight out of the gate, but it comes with the territory.

JR asks Scott what is the matter with him.  Scott says that he was thirsty.  JR asks if Scott really wants to be a loser who loses himself in a bottle.  JR says that Scott needs to suck it up because Adam needs him.  Scott says that Adam needs him because he is the best man.  JR says that Scott is in the house to make sure that Annie doesnít pull anything else.  Scott says that he is the enemy, not Annie, and he canít go back there.  JR says that Adam needs to be protected, but Scott says that the only way he can protect Adam is to stay away from him.

David says that he just restocked the other day and didnít treat any gunshot wounds and asks if Amanda has.  Amanda admits that she hit David, but David tells her not to protect Jake.  Amanda says that Kendall and Aidan were in the stables and needed help, so she wanted to help.  David says that she didnít have to lie to him.  Amanda says that David makes people lie to him because he is a control freak.

Ryan tells Zach that Emma has just had major surgery, so they have to make sure she is okay.  Zach says that he isnít going to jeopardize Emmaís recovery, but reminds Ryan that his wife is on the run because of Annie.  Zach says that they have to talk to Emma before Annie gets to her.  Ryan sighs and Zach asks if Annie has already gotten to Emma.  Ryan says that Annie was there when Emma woke up.  Zach asks Annie what she told Emma this time to stop her from talking.  Annie says that she told her daughter that she loves her and tells Zach to leave her alone.  Zach asks Annie to just admit that she killed Stuart.

Brot orders a beer.  Natalia asks if he is going away and he says that he isnít planning on it.  Natalia says that she hopes he likes drinking alone and Brot says that it has its perks.  Natalia tells Brot to go buy himself another drink someplace else.  Brot says that he likes the place.  Brot says that he will leave if Natalia makes herself a promise and she asks what kind of promise.  Brot says that Natalia needs to tell her dad and the shrink whatever they want to hear, but to tell herself the truth.  Natalia asks Brot to buy herself a drink.

Jesse asks if David is okay.  David says that he is fine and Jesse asks about David seeing Kendall.  David says that he brought Jesse out there for nothing because he thought he saw Kendall, but it wasnít real.  David says that he was in the stables and tripped.  David apologizes for wasting Jesseís time and wishes him luck on catching Kendall and Aidan.  Jesse says that maybe David should get his head checked out.  Amanda apologizes for Jesse coming out there for nothing.  Jesse says that he knows Jake was with Kendall, and is willing to bet that Amanda was too, but she doesnít need to confirm or deny anything.  Jesse tells Amanda to hit David again for him.

Annie tells Zach to stay away from her and her daughter and tells Jake to call security because she wants Zach out of there.  Jake asks Annie and Zach to keep it down because the last thing Emma needs is a fight outside of her room.  Annie apologizes and says that Ryan and Zach are in denial.  Zach tells Annie to tell them the truth because it will set her free.  Annie says that Zach and Ryan are upset because Kendall ran off without either of them.  Ryan says that Jake is right and that when the doctors are done with Emma, he is going in the room alone because Emma knows that there is nothing more important than the truth.

Natalia tells Brot that as soon as she got back to the station she went to the veterans and they told her how to play it out.  Brot asks if they told her what to tell the shrink.  Natalia says that she wants back out there, so she did what they told her to do.  Natalia says that something still doesnít fit though because she canít put it behind her.  Brot tells Natalia not to ignore it because once she figures out how to be a person who almost killed someone, she will be able to move on.  Natalia asks if Brot has done this and he says that it was the only way he could keep his sanity in Iraq.

Frankie tells Ryan, Annie and Zach that Emma is doing great.  Ryan asks if he can go in and see her.  Frankie agrees and leaves.  Annie tries to follow Ryan in the room and Zach reminds her that Ryan wants her to stay out.  Annie says that she will get her turn because she has court documents that will make sure she does.  Zach says that what is going on in the room is beyond Annieís control and it is killing her.

Ryan asks Jake when Emma can go home.  Jake says that he would like to give her the once-over, but doesnít want to keep her there any longer than he has to.  Ryan thanks Jake.  Ryan tells Emma that he missed her and Emma tells Ryan that she loves him.

Amanda tends to Davidís wound and says that it is amazing how much damage she can do with one little swing of a shovel.  Amanda asks David when he is going to tell her why he didnít give up Kendall to the cops.  David says that Amanda convinced him.  David thanks Amanda for cleaning up his head.  Amanda thanks David for not giving Kendall up.  Amanda says that David should rest, but he says that he canít with a locomotive running through his head.  Amanda gives him something to help him sleep.  David asks her if she is trying to knock him out so that she can watch one of her telenovelas.  Amanda says no and that she is trying to take advantage of him.  Amandaís cell phone buzzes.

JR asks Scott what is going on.  Scott suggests that they should hit the bar downstairs.  JR asks what Scott meant when he said that he was the enemy.  Scott says that it is a secret.  JR says that it is tearing Scott up.  Scott says that everyone has secrets, including JR.  JR says that he might be able to help, if Scott tells him the secret, but Scott refuses.  Scott says that if he opens his mouth everything will go to hell.

David dreams that he and Amanda are kissing.

Jake and Amanda spend some time together.

Brot says that the first time out, it shakes you up and it doesnít get any easier.  Natalia says that she hopes there isnít a next time.  Jesse shows up.  Jesse says that Dr. Diamond owes him a favor and if Natalia wants to skip desk duty, he can make it happen.  Natalia thanks Jesse, but says that it is procedure for a reason and that she will do her time as desk jockey.

Marissa says that Scott is going to feel like hell in the morning.  JR says that Scott is already there.  JR says that Scott kept going on about something horrible, but canít tell anyone.  Marissa asks if JR has any ideas.  JR says that he thinks that Scott knows who killed Stuart.

Ryan says that he will never forget the day that Emma came back to him because he was afraid.  Emma apologizes and says that it was her fault that she fell.  Ryan says that nothing is Emmaís fault.  Ryan tries to get Emma to tell him the truth about what happened at the Chandlersí and promises that nothing will ever happen to her.

Zach asks how Annie sleeps at night.  Annie suggests that Zach should be looking for his escaped convict wife.  Zach says that he understands Annie lying to him and Ryan, but lying to her daughter and manipulating her into protecting her is a different story, but Annie says that she isnít doing that.  Zach says that Annie is supposed to do everything in her power to protect her daughter.  Zach says that one day, Emma will see what a monster Annie is for killing someone and blaming Emma for it.  Annie asks Ryan how Emma is.  Ryan says that Emma wants to see Annie.  Ryan says that he didnít get anything because Emma canít remember what happened that night since she woke up.  Zach says that Annie got to her and Ryan agrees.  Zach says that it isnít over.  Zach says that he, Ryan and Annie all had sociopaths in their lives growing up and it ends here.

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