AMC Update Friday 10/16/09

All My Children Update Friday 10/16/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

David read the paper to Amanda regarding Kendall’s escape from the hospital. He mentions his thoughts on the Kendall case and how Kendall tried to pin Stuart’s murder on him. Amanda keeps getting text messages on her phone. Amanda tries to leave, but David wants a family day out.

Annie sleeps with Emma while Ryan watches. He talks to Erica about Annie then ask about Kendall. She tells him that Kendall is still on the run. DA Willis held Zach in jail overnight. Jesse tells Zach that they found Natalia’s bullet in the wall. Zach wants to know whose blood is on the bullet. Zach wants to go home, but Willis tries to stop him and warns him about pushing his arm away. Liza tells the DA to arrest Zach or let him take a break. The DA refuses to let Zach go home. Jesse tells Zach the blood type found on the bullet and he says that it was Aidan’s blood. Zach smiles because Kendall was not hit. Jesse tells Zach that the case is high profile and marshals are searching for Kendall.

Erica tells Ryan that she helped with Kendall’s escape since she was the one who bailed out Aidan. Annie watches Erica and Ryan holding each other.

Kendall and Aidan are in Wildwind’s stables. Aidan is hurt. Someone is coming into the stables and the camera shows men shoes. Jake enters the stables; Amanda follows him. He is the one who has been sending the text messages on her phone. They kiss, and Kendall pulls a gun on them. Jake tells Kendall that they understand and they are on her side. Kendall asks Jake to help Aidan. Jake sends Amanda for medical supplies. Amanda lies to David and tells him that she has been out looking for the baby stroller. She sends David to get the baby and change him. Amanda gets supplies out of David’s medical bag, and David sees her running to the stables.

Liza tries to help Zach, but he tells her he does not need her.

Annie talks to Erica about Kendall. Annie wants to talk mother to mother; she wants to know how can she reach Emma in the comma. Erica tells her to love Emma. Annie and Erica spar about putting children first.

Ryan tells Zach that he is surprised that Zach did not run with Kendall. Zach wants Ryan to take Ian so that he can find Kendall. After the publicity wears off, Zach wants Ryan to get Ian to Kendall and him. He tells Zach it’s not going to happen. Zach ask Ryan to help him for Ian. Ryan is not going to help him put himself in danger. Ryan wants to know why Zach is asking for his help. Zach tells him if they do not fix things, he may lose his wife, and Ryan may lose Emma.

Liza returns home to her new house. She helps Bailey and gives her mothering tips while allowing Bailey to stay with her. Bailey finally gets Stuart to play with her.

David sees Kendall in his stables and yells at her. Amanda comes up behind him then hits him with a shovel; the hit knocks him out. Kendall gives Jake a letter to give to Zach so that he does not try to find her, and knows that she loves him.

Jake finds Zach at the hospital and Zach is not receptive and wants to know what Jake wants. Jake tells him that it is private. Zach yells and wants to know where Kendall is. Jake gives him the note from Kendall, but does not tell him where she is. In the note, Kendall asked Zach to trust her and to not chase after her. She encourages him to get Annie so that she may return home.

Jesse calls Zach and tells him that he has a lead on Kendall.

Ryan asks Emma to wake up. He tells her that Zach wants Ian to live with them so she will have three men to deal with. Erica goes to the police station to find out the latest on Kendall. Emma squeezes he stuffed lion lying in the bed next to her.

Bailey gets a call from her mom. Liza is surprised that she is talking to her parents. Bailey tells her that she exaggerated her circumstances when she said she was forced to give her baby away. The truth is that she has felt empty since her baby has been taken away and wants the emptiness to stop. Bailey cries and Liza comfort her.

Annie talks to Emma and Emma ask her can she open her eyes now? Annie has a big deceptive grin on her face.

Jesse tells Zach he is going to Wildwind to look for Aidan and Kendall. He wants to know if Zach wants to join him. Zach ask him to let Aidan and Kendall get away.

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