AMC Update Thursday 10/15/09

All My Children Update Thursday 10/15/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan sends Annie home, because he does not want her to be around when Emma awakens so that she can influence what is said. Adam and Annie are at the mansion. Annie asks Adam to pull some strings so that she can be with Emma, because she is afraid that the truth will come out. Scott petitions to Judge Robinson, on Annie’s behalf, asking for her to have visitation rights with her daughter. The court order allowing Annie to visit with Emma is delivered to the Chandler mansion.

Jesse tries to enter Kendall’s room, but Erica encourages him to give the couple sometime alone. Aidan asks Kendall why is he in her hospital room. Jesse asks Erica why did she post bail for Aidan. Aidan reminds Kendall how he thinks Zach will view her plan that she is hatching with him; she knows that Zach will see her plan as betrayal and they will be at square one with their relationship.

Kendall’s double hits Liza on the head with a glass jar, and then she escapes. Liza calls Zach and tells him that the double has escaped. Zach expected a run by the double. Zach calls DA Willis asking him to meet at the hospital. Erica overhears and wants to know why Zach called the DA. Zach does not explain.

Zach asks Ryan to watch over Ian for him, because he wants Ian to be with his brother when he goes to prison. Ryan wants to know more details about Zach’s need to leave. He asks how long will Zach be absent and does Kendall know about his decision. Ryan agrees to watch Ian for Emma and not for Zach.

Natalia got her shield today, but Jesse could not make it to the ceremony because of all the Kendall drama. Jesse is trying to help Zach protect his family at the expense of his own family, according to Angie. Frankie is the only one who made it to the ceremony. Frankie assures Natalia that something came up to prevent Jesse from being at her graduation. Frankie wants to get a beer, but Natalia is on duty tonight as a prisoner escort.

Erica visits with Emma and tells her to wake up for her dad so that he can feel better. Ryan tells Emma that he will not leave her side; he asks her to wake up.

Annie talks to Scott about life and the night that Stuart was killed.

Zach finds Aidan and tells him that whatever Kendall is asking him to do, to ignore her. Zach thinks that he needs to fix the mess they are in by telling the DA of his secret room. Jesse wants Kendall to talk Zach out of talking to the DA. She asks Jesse has he met her husband. She tells Jesse that Zach wants to save him and his family, Liza, Aidan and Kendall’s double.

Annie arrives at the hospital and shows Ryan her petition to see Emma. Ryan notes that Judge Robinson keeps coming to Annie’s defense because of his friendship with Adam. Annie reminds Ryan that he will not keep her away from Emma.

Liza arrives at the hospital and tells Jesse about being jumped by Kendall’s double. Zach tells Liza that they no longer need the double. Liza wants to know why.

Zach tells Kendall to forget about any plans to disrupt his plan to turn himself in;

He asks Kendall to explain her plans with Aidan. Kendall asks Zach to join her in her bed, but he explains that the bed is too small for them both. She tells him that she will make room because she wants to feel him next to her and remember how it feels. She asks him to promise to wait for her. He reminds her that they are forever. Jesse tells Kendall that it is time to return to the prison. Kendall tells Zach that she does not want to say goodbye. She and Zach kiss. Zach asks Liza to tell Ian he loves him.

Brot arrives at the police station with his academy uniform. He will probably finish soon because they will count his time spent in the army.

DA Willis arrives at the hospital and asks Zach what the meeting is about.

Aidan hits Kendall’s escort on the head, then they go to the first floor to head out of the hospital. Jesse and two other cops pull their guns on Aidan and Kendall. Aidan demands that they drop their guns or he will shoot Kendall. Zach hears the shouting and runs toward the noise.

Adam thanks Scott for his support of Annie. Adam and Scott agree that the memory of what Emma did to Stuart will haunt her forever and damage her.

Ryan tells Annie to confess to Stuart’s murder, because Emma did not shoot him.

Natalia enters the hospital and stands behind Aidan. She draws her weapon and shoots him. Kendall escapes out of a door as Aidan goes down.

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