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Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Returning to his daughter's hospital room, Ryan sees Scott waiting in the hall and wonders if he's standing guard for Annie. Surprised by Scott's sudden change of attitude toward Annie, Ryan asks him how she was able to change his mind. Without going into the matter, Scott simply states that Annie is not his dad's murderer and never was.

In the hospital's chapel, Annie urges Adam not to divulge what he knows to anyone. He assures her he'd never say a word but realizes that just knowing what really happened explains so much. Annie informs him that at first Emma didn't remember anything, but as her memory returned, she made her promise to keep it a secret. Annie assures Adam that it was just an accident, then confesses that she saw it happen but convinced Emma it was all a dream when they were in the attic. Adam understands that she had to protect her confused daughter from all those who were pressuring Emma to accuse her mother, but he doesn't understand why Annie confided in Scott instead of her supportive fiancÚ.

At the hospital, Angie tries to convince David that Kendall's stab wound was superficial and not worthy of his attention, but he accuses her of attempting to stage a prison break. Angie thinks he should be content with his new family and stop sniffing around for conspiracies, but her eagerness to keep David away from Kendall just intensifies his suspicions that Angie is really up to something.

In the Slaters' secret room, Liza reminds Kendall's double that impersonating a prisoner is a crime, so if she backs out now, she'll be spending a lot more time behind bars. Besides Zach is going to give her a lot more money, but the frightened woman is too afraid for her life to care about the size of her bank account. Even though Liza assures her it will all be over soon, Kendall's double just wants out immediately!

Erica finds it curious that her daughter wasn't more excited to see her baby in the hospital, but Jesse assures her that once Kendall is out of prison for good, she'll be able to emotionally connect with her loved ones again.

Although Kendall feels bad about all the people who are now involved in her scheme, Zach assures her they're all working together to punish the right person. He hopes that once Emma wakes up and fingers the killer, it will all be over. Right now, they have to get Kendall out of the hospital and her double back in her cell. When Liza calls Zach with the news that the double will not cooperate, he orders her to lock her in and runs home.

Angie humors David by divulging the top-secret plan to break Kendall out of prison just to pull one over on him without regard to their futures. After David pretends to be flattered, Angie informs him the world doesn't revolve around him, and he should just take his paranoia elsewhere and let her do her job.

Erica agrees that Kendall seeing Ian for just a short time is a terrible tease and confides in Jesse that she doesn't want her daughter to go back to prison. Zach exits Kendall's room and says he's taking Ian home, because it's too hard on both him and Kendall to be together then separated again. After Erica enters Kendall's hospital room, Angie angrily informs Jesse about her conversation with a suspicious David and demands to know exactly what's going on or she won't continue covering her duplicitous husband's tracks.

Still wondering why Kendall is not spending any time with her husband and baby while she has the chance, Erica urges her to tell the truth. Surprised to hear that Kendall and Zach have been talking often and have made progress, Erica feels that something is off. When Kendall assures her that she's feeling confident in her relationship with Zach, Erica questions her about Liza. Kendall knows Liza's on her side and does not feel threatened by her any longer. Finally satisfied, Erica starts to leave, but Kendall now wants to know about her personal life, and specifically, what's going on between her and Ryan.

Annie claims she trusts Scott not to divulge her secret, confident he wouldn't make Emma pay for an innocent mistake. Then at the dance marathon, she felt as if everyone doubted and suspected her, so she told Ryan the truth, so he could protect their daughter, but he accused her of being a terrible mother. When Adam asks if she's just using him to get Emma back, Annie admits that at first she did, but then she got to know and love him and hopes he believes her. Adam has no choice but believe her, because he loves her. Annie is confident that Emma will wake up and the three of them will be a family. Adam assures her this will pass, and she will be happy again.

When Scott doesn't answer him, Ryan accuses him of being a fool by protecting Annie who is now accusing their 7-year-old daughter of being a killer just to save herself. Insisting Emma is innocent, Ryan angrily cautions Scott never to accuse her again. Promising he won't, Scott points out that he never accused Emma in the first place; Ryan did. Then he walks away.

Angie accuses Jesse of lying and scheming since he returned to her and doesn't know why she expected any different. Jesse insists this is about not letting Annie get away with murder, not matter what it takes. His willingness to put himself and his family in jeopardy is what frightens Angie. Jesse feels obligated to free Kendall and reunite her with her children, as well as Ryan and Emma, and gives Angie the difficult choice to hate him or help him.

Erica says that Ryan gives her the encouragement and confidence necessary for her to follow her instincts, so she could leave "New Beginnings" and embark on a new journey. Kendall understands that her mother needed someone to lean on, remembering how hard it was for her with Erica was in prison. Suddenly, Erica asks Kendall when they're taking her back.

Afraid for her life if she returns to prison, Kendall's double refuses Zach's offer of a lot more money, so he gives her some medicine and encourages to rest. Although Liza is eager to get the woman back into her cell, Zach won't risk it and orders Liza to lock her in the secret room and not let her out, then he takes off, while Liza anxiously calls after him.

When Annie goes to visit her daughter, Ryan accuses Adam of being wrapped around the finger of a crazy woman. Chuckling, Adam accuses Ryan of being jealous. Claiming he knows how hard it is to lose a brother, Ryan thinks Adam should have come around by now and not be conned by a murderer into believing that Emma is the killer. Ryan demands to know what Annie said about Emma, but Adam insists she didn't have to say anything, he just saw it in her eyes and then assures him that Annie doesn't want the secret to come out. When Ryan calls him a fool, just like his nephew, Adam counters that he is the fool.

While Erica's out of Kendall's room taking a phone call, David talks his way past the guard and enters, wanting to check her out. Although Kendall protests that Angie is her doctor, David reminds her that he gave her a new heart and is amazed by the excellent numbers on her chart and no signs of infection or jaundice. Then he takes a closer look and remarks on her excellent appearance, wondering if she's staying at a country club instead of the state pen. Kendall claims she's always been a fast healer. David confides that he wasn't unhappy when she was locked up instead of him, but now judging by her appearance, she doesn't seem to be suffering very much. Knowing how great it is to have family surrounding him, David is sure she misses that and would do anything to get back home. Suddenly, Jesse enters proclaiming David shouldn't be in there, because Kendall is a state prisoner, so David decides to release her back to the state prison immediately. Zach returns and informs Jesse and Kendall that there's been a change of plans. The double won't return to prison and Kendall can't without arousing suspicion when they examine her and find no stab wound, so it leaves him no choice but to confess that he kidnapped his wife and take the fall for everyone while Erica and Ryan take care of their boys. Kendall proposes they run and disappear with their children, but Zach is sure that turning himself in is the only way, and they must fight for Team Slater -- their freedom, their family, their lives. They then agree that Kendall will explain things to her mother while Zach deals with Ryan.

Adam urges Ryan to allow Kendall to do her time and protect his daughter, but Ryan wants to prove that Annie pulled the trigger and send her to prison, so Emma will be safe and Adam will spend the rest of his life alone, wondering how he could have been so stupid. On the other hand, Adam is sure he and Annie will have a happy marriage, something that Ryan has never been able to achieve. He then urges him to get Emma the help she needs before it's too late. Annie goes into the hall to admonish the men to lower their voices in case Emma can hear them. Ryan decides to get a restraining order to keep Annie out of the hospital, so she can't prevent Emma from telling the truth when she wakes up. Annie agrees that she doesn't want that, but not to save herself, never herself.

Erica starts to tell her that she doesn't want her to return to prison when Kendall interrupts and adamantly requests her mother to post Aidan's bail and bring him to her so that Zach won't lose his children. Erica promises that Aidan will be there within the hour. Meanwhile, at the police station, Aidan protests but is informed that he's being summoned to Pine Valley Hospital by Erica Kane.

Fooled by Kendall's double's act of being hurt and needing assistance, Liza opens the door to the secret room.

At the hospital, Zach informs Jesse that the switch is off, because the double is afraid she'll be killed, so he has to confess and protect Jesse's family from further disruption. After thanking him for everything, Zach asks Jesse to stay on Annie, then assures him he'll tell D.A. Willis that it was all his idea and he blackmailed Jesse and threatened his family into cooperating.

While assisting Kendall's double who's pretending to be hurt, Liza is attacked and is able to throw her onto the bed.

Zach stops Ryan in the Pediatrics hall to ask a favor for Kendall, his son, and himself.

Liza and Kendall's double wrestle each other until Liza gets the upper hand, but while she's trying to call for help, the double smashes a bottle over her head and escapes.

Zach asks Ryan to take care of his son but won't say why, just exclaiming that he'll find out soon enough.

Claiming he's Kendall's attorney, Erica gets Aidan into Kendall's hospital room. Informing him this has nothing to do with Zach, Kendall insists Aidan is the only one who can help her.

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