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Zach tells Kendall that he loves her and not to wait up.  Erica asks who he was talking to because ďdonít wait up for meĒ isnít the way a person usually ends a call with someone in prison.

The warden calls Zach to tell him that Kendall has been stabbed and they are transporting her to Pine Valley Hospital because of her prior heart condition.  Kendall calls Liza and says that she needs help.

Annie asks Ryan when Emma will wake up.  Ryan says that Jake says the surgery went well.  Annie asks if Emma will be okay.  Ryan says that he is thinking about when Kendall was brought in after the tornado because it was three months before she woke up.

Adam says that Jesse made it sound like he would be stupid enough to fall in love with a woman who killed his brother and Scott says that he isnít.  Adam asks Scott why he is so certain.  Scott says that he knows now that Annie didnít kill his dad.  Adam asks Scott if he knows who did it.

Erica asks Zach who was really on the phone and Zach says that it was Kendall.  Zach says that ďDonít wait upĒ is an inside joke.  Erica asks how Kendall is.  Jesse comes up and asks to talk to Zach for a minute.  Zach asks about Emma and Erica says that she is out of surgery.  Zach says that maybe Ryan could use Ericaís support right now and Erica leaves.  Jesse tells Zach that they have a problem with Kendall.  Zach says that he just talked to her and Jesse says that it is the other Kendall.

Scott asks what makes Adam think he knows who killed Stuart.  Adam says that he just poured himself one and Scott says that the drink is for Adam.  Scott says that Annie might be covering for someone because she thinks it is the right thing to do because it might be someone that she cares about and that she doesnít think meant to do it.  Annie calls and Adam asks about Emma.  Annie says that Jake told them that the surgery worked, but Emma wonít wake up.  Annie says that she needs to be strong for Emma, no matter how long it takes.  Adam says that he knows who killed Stuart.

Erica asks if the surgery was a success and Ryan says that he will believe it when Emma opens her eyes.  Ryan says that he is trying to tell himself that Emma is just sleeping and will wake up any second and ask for pancakes for breakfast.  Erica says that Emma will wake up and be very happy when the first person she sees is her daddy watching over her.  Ryan says that if he had been watching over her before, she wouldnít have fallen down the stairs, but he was too busy dealing with Annie.  Erica says that Ryan is a wonderful father.  Ryan asks Emma to wake up.

Liza asks if Kendall has talked to Zach.  Kendall says no, but the phone rings and she says that it is probably him.  Zach says that Kendall has to get to the hospital along with Liza.  Liza agrees and says that she is in.

Adam says that he will take the drink now.  Scott asks if Annie told Adam on the phone that Emma killed Stuart.  Adam says that he put it together himself.  Scott asks if Adam thinks that Emma should be punished.  Adam says that Emma has suffered too much already.  Scott suggests that they should go to the hospital to check on Annie and Emma.  Adam says that he will be there later, but would like some time alone to think about things.  Scott agrees and leaves.

Annie asks if there is any change with Emma.  Erica says that there is no change and Annie asks if Jake has been back in.  Annie tells Emma that mommy and daddy are there.  A nurse comes in and says that Jake will be back in a minute and tells Erica that the ambulance is less than 10 minutes out.  Erica asks what the ambulance is for and the nurse says that Kendall is being brought in with a stab wound.

Liza asks Colby to go be with Bailey and Stuart because he isnít used to Bailey yet and that she will call as soon as she is done.  Liza says that she is taking Ian to the neighbors.  Liza tells Kendall to take her car keys and she will meet her there.  Kendall asks if everything is okay.  Liza says that she has to get home to Stuart and Kendall tells her to take Ian with her and that she will get to the hospital on her own.  Kendall says that it will save time and that she will be okay.  Liza asks how she is going to get into the hospital and Kendall says that Zach will find a way.

Zach asks how much longer before the ambulance gets there and Jesse says that it will be a few minutes.  Zach asks Jesse what doctors are on the take around there and Jesse reminds him that it is a hospital.  Zach says that they will need enough supplies to tide them over until they can make the switch or get her to someone who knows what they are doing.  Zach says that they donít have a choice, but Jesse says that he can put his marriage on the line and ask his wife.

Ryan asks a nurse if she has any updates on Kendall.  The nurse apologizes and says that she doesnít have any news.  Annie talks to Emma and says that she understands if Emma needs to sleep.

Jesse tells Angie that there has been something going on and he is involved with it.  Angie says htat she doesnít like the sound of it and asks what Jesse has done.

Liza tells Ian a story.  Erica shows up and asks what Liza is doing there.  Erica asks Ian if he wants to go see his mom and takes him.  Erica says that Kendall had an incident at the prison and that she is going to take Ian to see his mom.  Liza says that Zach left her in charge of Ian.  Erica says that she will talk to Zach about it later.

Angie and Jesse catch the guard when they bring Kendall in and stop anyone else from seeing her. 

Scott asks Ryan how Emma is doing.  Ryan says that there is no change and asks Scott to keep an eye on Annie and Emma for a little bit while he tries to get an update on Kendall.  Annie comes out and Scott asks how she is doing.  Ryan says that Annie is fine and that Emma could stay asleep for all she cares.  Annie asks how Ryan can say that and Ryan says that he heard her say it.  Annie says that she was just suggesting that maybe Emma needs some rest because her body has been through a trauma.  Scott stands up for Annie while Ryan berates her for wanting Emma to stay unconscious so that she canít tell anyone what really happened to Stuart.

Erica says that she doesnít understand why Zach insisted on leaving Ian in the playroom.  Zach says that he wanted to see how Kendall was feeling first.  Erica asks when they can see Kendall and David says that he will check.  Zach says that Angie will let them know.

Kendall asks Jesse if Zach saw him.  Jesse says that Zach did and knows that Kendall is in.  Liza asks how long Zach can hold off David and Erica before they make the switch.  Jesse tells Liza and Kendall about a construction worker dying from an infected splinter in his finger.  Angie comes in and asks if the double is all right.  Angie says that she lost some blood, but will be fine and is sedated.  Angie starts freaking out and Jesse says that he has a man outside the door because it is prison protocol.  Angie says that donít want to break protocol.  Angie says that she has other patients and canít talk about it right now.  Jesse apologizes to Angie.  Angie says that it is safe to move the double and Jesse thanks her.  Jesse asks the officer to get him a cup of coffee.

A nurse says that David is needed downstairs.  Zach asks Jesse if the double will be okay and Jesse says that she will be fine, but lost some blood.

Erica asks if David knows where Kendall is.  David says that she is in a room and suggests that they go see her together.  Angie says that they canít go in there.

Adam talks to Stuartís ghost about finding out that Emma was the shooter.  Adam says that they didnít get any comfort from knowing the truth and that something is missing.

Erica says that she wants to see her daughter.  Angie says that Zach is in with Kendall now and asks Erica and David to give them some time alone.  David says that he saw Jesse walk in there.  Angie says that Jesse has a police report to file and needs to ask Kendall some questions.  Angie says that she will make sure that Jesse is out of there as soon as possible and then Erica can go see Kendall.  Erica says that she is going to get Ian from the playroom and will be right back with him.  Angie asks David if he has other patients to check on and David says yes and walks into Kendallís room. 

Zach asks if there is a problem.  David asks how Kendall is feeling and she says that she is a little tired.  Zach asks everyone to excuse them because they donít have a lot of time before she has to go back to prison.  Jesse says that he has enough to file the report.  Zach tells Jesse that if Kendall is a target in prison, he wants her moved somewhere else and Jesse says that he is on it.  David says that Kendall is in good hands.  Erica comes into Kendallís room with Ian.  Kendall says that Erica can set him up because there should be a crib they can bring in from Pediatrics.  Erica asks if Kendall wants to hold him and Kendall says that she canít because of the stitches.

Ryan talks to Emma.  Ryan asks Emma to wake up and says that he will make sure she is always safe.

A nurse asks Annie to let Ryan know that Kendall is stable.  Annie says that she will tell him.  Scott tries to say something, but Annie says that Emma needs Ryan right now instead of him working on project Kendall.  Scott asks what they are going to do about Kendall and Annie says that there isnít much they can do.  Annie asks Scott how much Adam knows.  Adam comes up and says that he can understand why it would be difficult for her to tell him what really happened.  Adam says that Emma killed Stuart and now her life is hanging in the balance.

Ryan tells Emma that he will never let anyone hurt her again.

Angie shows David the file on Kendall.  David says that Kendallís heart rate is phenomenal and the color on her face is fantastic after losing so much blood.  Angie says that there wasnít much blood, but David says that any blood loss could be fatal to someone with Kendallís heart condition and that he should have been handling her case.  Angie says that it was a superficial stab wound and that Kendall didnít need renown cardiologist David Hayward.  David says that Angie didnít want someone like him interfering in her prison break.

Erica asks Jesse if he noticed anything a little off when he was talking to Kendall.  Jesse says that the woman has been in prison and then gets stabbed and wakes up dazed and hopped up on drugs.  Jesse says that Erica knows that prison messes with your head.  Erica says that she didnít expect Kendall to hardly react to Ian after a couple of months in jail.

Zach says that it makes sense that Kendall wouldnít have the strength to pick up Ian after what everyone thinks she just went through.  Kendall asks about making the switch back.  Zach says that it will go as smoothly as the first switch.  Zach says that before the woman goes back to prison, he will make sure she gets a nice raise.  Kendall says that she has a really bad feeling about this, but wants everything to work out.  Zach asks Kendall to trust in their love and she says that she does.

A woman says that Kendall must have no trouble falling asleep there.  Liza says that the woman can rest up because they have a little bit of time before they have to make the switch back.  The woman says that she hopes Kendall likes rats because there is no way she is going back to prison.

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