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Written by Mandy
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Kendall asks Zach to trust their love and they share a kiss.

Adam asks Annie what happened.  Annie says that Aidan and Ryan kidnapped and drugged her.  Erica tells Annie to stop lying and says that she tried to kidnap Emma.  Annie says that Aidan tied her up and tortured her trying to get her to admit things she didnít do.  Annie says that she canít even imagine what Ryan has done to Emma.  Ryan says that he hasnít done anything to Emma, but try to help her.  Adam says that he wants the police there immediately because Ryan and Aidan are going to pay for this.  Erica reminds Adam that he claimed to remember exactly what happened that night.  Annie says that Ryan and Aidan are trying to pin Stuartís murder on her to save Kendall.  Scott suggests that they should calm down so they can figure out what happened.  Annie says that Aidan and Ryan drugged and kidnapped her.  Emma screams as she falls down the stairs.  Adam screams for help for Emma.  Ryan tells everyone not to move Emma.  Scott calls an ambulance, while Ryan and Annie each try to comfort their daughter.  Annie asks if Emma is breathing.

Kendall and Zach talk about finding their way back to each other.  Kendall promises never to turn her back on her family again.

The EMTs bring Emma into the hospital and Ryan tells Jake that she fell down the stairs.  Jake asks someone to have Dr. Kayda set up radiology for a head CT.

Scott says that Adam doesnít look real good and suggests that he should sit down.  Adam says that he wants to help Annie somehow because she is going through one of the worst things a parent can go through.  Erica suggests that Adam should sit down because he really doesnít look good and there is nothing he can do anyway.  Jesse comes up and says that Adam can answer a few questions.  Jesse goes over what he was told and Adam points out that Annie was kidnapped.  Adam demands to have Ryan and Aidan be arrested.  Erica says that the only thing that matters is Emmaís well-being.  Jake comes out and says that one parent can go in.  Annie says that Emma needs her, but Ryan says that he has custody.  Erica says that Annie is only worried about what Emma might say when she wakes up.  Jesse asks  
Adam to take Annie somewhere.  Scott offers to get Erica a bottle of water and she accepts.  Jesse asks Erica to stay away from Annie.

Kendall promises Zach that she will try to be less impulsive.  Aidan shows up and tells Zach about Emma being taken to the hospital.

Erica asks why Emma ran down the stairs.  Scott suggests that it was because everyone was arguing.  A nurse comes to ask Annie to meet with Ryan and Jake.  Adam says that he will go with Annie, but the nurse says that it is parents only.  Erica asks Adam if he saw Emma leave the penthouse.  Adam says that Emma was standing there listening to everyone fight and she must have been frightened by the anger and ran.  Adam says that Emma fell down the stairs, thanks to him because he was trying to comfort her, but she told him to leave her alone.  Erica asks why Emma would hate Adam.  Adam says that he doesnít know and that the night in the attic, Emma helped to take care of him.  Adam says that he doesnít think he will ever get the sound of Emma screaming when she fell out of his head.

Jesse tells Kendall and Zach that Emma was close to telling Ryan the truth when Adam showed up and everyone started fighting.  Jesse says that Emma freaked out and took a dive down the stairs.  Kendall says that Ryan must be freaking out and that she wishes they could help.  Jesse says that Erica is taking care of Ryan and insisted that she stay to help him, even though she was asked to leave the hospital after she and Annie got into it.  Zach asks about Emma.  Aidan says that this wasnít part of his plan.  Jesse says that he has an idea and is going to arrest Aidan.

Jake tells Annie and Ryan that there is blood collecting in Emmaís skull and it is putting pressure on her brain.  Jake says that they will drill burr holes in Emmaís skull so that the blood has an outlet and Ryan says that it will relieve the pressure.  Ryan says that he already told the neurosurgeon to get started because Emma needs this to save her life.  Annie asks Ryan if Kendallís freedom was worth more than Emmaís life.

Erica asks Ryan what is going on because Annie went running into Adamís arms crying.  Ryan says that Emma has some bleeding in her brain and they have to drill holes in her skull to relieve the pressure.  Erica asks if Emma will be okay.  Ryan says that they donít know how much damage there will be until she wakes up and blames himself.  Erica says that Emma was running from Adam and was scared, so she ran to the stairs.  Ryan says that Emma wouldnít have run out of the room if they werenít all arguing and yelling at each other.  Erica says that Emma is going to be all right.  Ryan agrees and says that he is going to get her far away from all of this and never put her through anything like this again.

Jesse adjusts the handcuffs and asks Aidan if he understands his rights.  Aidan says that he didnít kidnap anyone.  Zach says that Jesse has to play this by the book because if anyone thinks that they are doing it for Kendall, they are done.  Zach tells Aidan to let Jesse arrest him.  Aidan asks about Annie and Zach says that Aidan had his chance.

Erica tells Ryan to stop blaming himself because Annie is the reason that Emma is there.  Ryan says that he told Zach that Annie and Emma shouldnít be together, but he insisted, so Ryan let Annie come to the penthouse.  Erica says that it was the only way that Emma would be able to unburden herself about what really happened that night.  Ryan says that it was Zachís way and that he should have come up with another way because Emma got caught in the crossfire.  Erica says that Emma was already in the crossfire because Annie put her there by using her as a weapon.  Erica says that all Ryan has done is protect Emma.  Ryan asks why he let Annie bait him into a yelling match that scared Emma enough that she had to run out, but Erica says that it was more than the yelling that scared Emma.

Annie tells Adam that the doctor is drilling a hole into Emmaís head and she didnít even get asked because Ryan is making all the decisions.  Adam says that it was the doctorís recommendation and has to be done today.  Adam says that they can count on Ryan to act in Emmaís best interests because he does love Emma.  Annie says that this is why she wants full custody of Emma because she shouldnít be sitting on the sidelines being told secondhand what the doctors are doing to Emma.  Scott comes over and says that Jesse wants her to go to the station and make a statement because they took Aidan in for questioning.  Annie says that she isnít leaving Emma and Adam says that they will have to deal with the Aidan business later.  Annie says that one of them should go down to the station so that they can make sure Jesse doesnít let Aidan go.  Adam says that he will be back as soon as he can and asks Scott to stay with Annie.

Scott tells Annie that all she needs to think about is the fact that the doctors are saving Emmaís life.  Annie says that she is scared because she canít live without Emma.  Scott suggests that Annie accusing Emma of killing Stuart was an empty threat to get Ryan to back off.  Annie suggests that they go for a walk because Scott needs to know the truth.

Kendall remembers talking with Zach about their love.  Zach says his vow to Kendall is that loving her is who he is and they share a kiss.

Zach asks Ryan how Emma is doing and says that Jesse told him.  Ryan says that Emma is in surgery.  Erica says that there was some bleeding in Emmaís skull, so they had to relieve the pressure.  Zach asks for a minute with Ryan.  Erica says that she will see if there are any updates.  Ryan says that all Zach cared about was clearing Kendallís name, not Emma.  Ryan says that they both want Annie behind bars for what she has done and asks why Emma always has to pay the price.  Zach says that he did what he thought would be best for all of them, including Emma.  Zach says that the last thing he wanted was for Emma to get hurt.  Zach says that he came because he knows what itís like to have a kid in the hospital, hoping they will make it out alive.  Zach says that he came to offer Ryan as much support as he will take.

Jesse says that he made sure Adam found out about Aidanís arrest and should be there any minute.  Jesse says that they might have to go through the motions for Adamís sake because Adam will need to see one of the detectives questioning Aidan and that Aidan might even need to spend the night in jail.  Aidan says that it wouldnít be the first time.  Jesse says that they will look into Annieís claim and with no evidence against Aidan, the charges will be dropped.  Aidan says that Annie already suspects that Jesse is working with it, so Jesse might have to have the DA throw the book at him for it to look legitimate.  Jesse says that Aidan could do some serious time and Aidan says that he will do whatever it takes.

Erica tells Annie that the desk nurse told her that Jake and the neurosurgeon are closing right now and that they will be down in a moment to tell them how it went.  Annie asks why the nurses are telling Erica anything.  Erica says that the nurse knew that they were all concerned, so she told her.  Erica says that she was on her way to tell Ryan and Zach, but saw Annie and Scott so she thought she would be considerate.  Annie asks why Zach is there.  Annie says that she will get an army of Adamís lawyers on Zach and Ryan if they try to keep Emma from her.  Erica says that she just told Annie that her daughter survived brain surgery and all she can think about is beating Ryan to the courthouse. 

Adam asks what Aidanís excuse was.  Jesse says that Aidan confessed to kidnapping Annie because he wanted to get the truth from her about killing Stuart.  Adam asks if Ryan was in on it too, but Jesse says that Aidan claims he acted alone.  Adam says that Ryan told Annie that Jesse tipped him off to her location, but Jesse says that it was one of his officers.  Adam asks how deeply Jesse is in this.  Jesse asks if Adam has been covering for Annie the whole time.  Adam says that his brother is dead and if he thought that Annie was involved, he would be the last person to protect her.

Kendall asks if there is any news on Emma.  Zach says that she is still in surgery and that Erica is trying to find out information.  Kendall says that Ryan must be sick with worry.  Zach says that they both know what Ryan is going through.  Kendall says that she wishes there was something they could do to help.  Zach asks her to give Ian a hug and kiss for him.  Zach tells Kendall that he loves her and tells her not to wait up.  Zach closes his phone and sees that Erica is staring at him.

Ryan asks Jake how Emma is doing.  Jake says that the pressure is relieved and Emma tolerated the procedure better than he expected.  Jake says that Emma is in recovery, but not awake yet.  Annie asks if she will be when the anesthetic wears off, but Jake says that it already has worn off and she isnít awake yet.  Ryan asks how long it will be before Emma is awake and Jake says that he wishes he had the answer.

The warden calls Zach to tell him that Kendall was stabbed in prison and that they are transporting her to Pine Valley Hospital because of her prior heart condition.

Adam tells Scott that Emma is pulling through.  Adam says that Jesse accused him of trying to cover up for Annie.  Scott says that he knows now that Annie didnít kill his dad.

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