AMC Update Friday 10/9/09

All My Children Update Friday 10/9/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

David decides to christen Trevor in the middle of the night. Amanda wants to know why so soon, but he does not have a good reason. Amanda insists on selecting Jake as the godfather and they both agree on Marissa for the godmother. David asks Jake to be the godfather at the hospital, and Jake says yes. David clears Jake’s schedule.

Jesse tells Zach that Annie’s confession will not be admissible in court. Zach wants to break Annie and have her tell the truth; he is not concerned about getting court evidence. Annie agrees to tell Aidan the truth. Zach invites Jesse to save Annie. Annie confesses to killing Stuart but Aidan knows she is lying so that she can leave. Annie tells him she needs to see Emma. Zach, Jesse, Kendall, and Aidan decide that they need to put Annie and Emma together. Emma will tell the truth only after she speaks with her mommy. Annie wants to tell Emma that it is OK to tell the truth after realizing the burden she has placed on Emma. Aidan suggests that he drug Annie then place her with Emma. Jesse is outraged. He suggests getting Ryan involved. Zach wants to tell Ryan as little as possible. Jesse calls Ryan and he figures out that Zach is involved in Annie’s disappearance. Zach tells Ryan that Annie wants a face-to-face meeting with Emma; Ryan wants them to talk on the phone, but Zach convinces him that they do what Annie wants and allow them to meet to get the truth out.

Emma overhears Ryan talking to Scott and she tells her dad that she did not kill Stuart and she wanted to know why her mother told Ryan that she was the shooter. Scott leaves to allow Ryan time with his daughter. Ryan asks Emma to be truthful. Emma saw who killed Stuart, but her mommy told her to keep it a secret.

Erica goes to Adam’s house looking for Annie. Stuart shows up while Erica is talking and he tells Adam that he knows what happened that night since he was there. Adam remembers and tells Erica that he was there when Stuart was killed, and he saw it all. Erica cannot believe her ears. Adam did not see the shooter but he remembers the pain in Stuart’s face.

Annie wakes up on Ryan’s sofa and wrongfully believes that Ryan and Aidan kidnapped her. Ryan tells her that she is there to speak with Emma.

Adam pounds at the door. Annie lets him in, and then tells him of her kidnapping by Aidan and Ryan. Adam wants to call the police.

Marissa agrees to the christening. During the christening Jake realize that David got Amanda to make a promise to God to be Trevor’s parents and to make a commitment to raise him together. Jake stays in the chapel and begin to cry. Marissa tells him that Amanda loves him.

David tells Amanda about the priest’s words on commitment. Amanda speaks to him and explains that the promises she made were to her baby and not to David. She looks at David with a frightened look upon her face. She tells David that she will not be living with him forever, but he says he is certain she will.

Kendall asks Zach to trust that Ryan will get Emma and Annie to talk. She asks him to trust her and their love. Zach kisses Kendall tenderly.

Annie tells Adam, Erica, Scott and Ryan about the kidnapping. They yell and Emma runs away from the screaming. Adam tries to talk to her and she pulls away from him and run through the hallway door, and falls down the stairs.

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