AMC Update Thursday 10/8/09

All My Children Update Thursday 10/8/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Liza received a summons from Bailey to gain custody of baby Stuart. Marissa comes over to Liza’s room to check up on Colby. Colby asks her to stay with Liza as she takes care of a small matter. Marissa tells Liza that she apologizes; Liza does not allow her to apologize because what Marissa said to her was the truth. Liza Tells Marissa about the custody suit. Colby visits Bailey and gives her some scary facts about raising a baby alone. Bailey sees right through her. Liza arrives with a proposal for Bailey.

Erica wants Ryan to expose Annie as the real killer. Ryan will not sacrifice Emma for Kendall.

Scott and Adam look for Annie at the casino. Annie is in a room with a hood on her head. Aidan, Kendall and Zach are in the room! Aidan ask Zach to allow him to interrogate Annie since that he is a special operations officer. Kendall and Zach remind Aidan that they could all be accused of kidnapping. Aidan swears he can get through to Annie. Aidan removes Annie’s hood and she tells him that Adam will look for her, and she begs and pleads to be released. Aidan tells Annie that Adam and she are past tense. Annie tells Aidan she is not intimidated. He tells her that he is patient; he knows that she is not. Annie tries to make a deal, but he asks the same question over and over until he gets the truth. Annie finally answers correctly. She tells him details about the events of the night Stuart was killed.

Adam is at home and saddened that Annie is not around. Adam called Jesse and he arrives at the Chandler mansion. Jesse will put out an APB after asking Adam about details of Stuart’s shooting. Jesse arrives at the Slaters and questions them about Annie. Zach finally confesses. Jesse reminds Zach that kidnapping is illegal but he cannot do anything because of his involvement with Kendall’s hidden room.

Scott believes that Annie has left Adam; Adam has faith that Annie will not run away. Scott tells Ryan about Annie’s disappearance.

Emma looks for her mommy because she drew her a picture and wants to give it to her. She tells Ryan how Annie and she are planning to move to the beach and play with the dolphins.

Erica goes to Adam’s house looking for Annie. Stuart shows up while Erica is talking and he tells Adam that he knows what happened that night since he was there. Adam remembers and tells Erica that he was there when Stuart was killed, and he saw it all. Erica cannot believe her ears.

Scott visits Ryan who tells him that Annie will not kidnap Emma Ryan tells Scott that Annie is trying to blame Emma for Stuart’s murder.

Annie agrees to tell Aidan what happened on the terrace the night Stuart was killed.

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