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All My Children Update Tuesday 10/6/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Madison asks what will happen to her at Oak Haven and Frankie says that she will get the help she needs.  Madison offers Frankie the key to her safe deposit box and says that she wants him and Randi to have their lives back.  Frankie asks if this is another one of Madisonís games.  Madison promises that there will be no more games or tricks and asks Frankie to take the key.  Frankie reaches for the key and a carís headlights come at him and a horn blares.

Jake says that he thought he would take David up on his offer to spend more time with his family, if the offer is still on the table.  David says that it is and suggests that Jake take Trevor and Amanda for a walk in the park since it is a beautiful night.  Jake says that he would rather stay there and suggests that David take a walk in the park.  David says that he has to get back to the hospital anyways and that he will be back soon.

Liza says that she will not hand her son over to that girl.  Tad reminds Liza that Bailey is Stuartís mother, but Liza says that she is Stuartís mother and that Bailey is a child.  Tad says that it is Lizaís job to provide the help and answers that Bailey is looking for.  Liza asks Tad what she is supposed to do and he tells her to put Stuart first.

James introduces Jesse and Angie to his attorney, Allen Hays.  Allen asks where Madison is and Jesse says that she is gone.  Jesse reminds James that Madison attempted suicide and needs help, but James says that she needs to be home.  Angie says that Madison needs professional care.  James says that he wants to see Madison and Jesse says that he can see her at Oak Haven because Frankie is taking her there now.

Frankie groans as he regains consciousness with a bad cut on his forehead.  Frankie tries to get Madison to wake up and talk to him.  Frankie unbuckles the seatbelts and Madison starts to wake up.

Liza says that she wonít make Stuart a football while Bailey decides whether she wants to be a mommy or an astronaut.  Liza says that if she has to tell a few more lies for Stuartís sake, she will.  Tad tells Liza that she doesnít have to be like Jake.  Tad tells Liza that if she loves Stuart, she should prove it and do the right thing by telling the truth.

Jake talks to Trevor and says that he misses him.  Amanda says that Trevor has missed Jake too.  Jake asks if she does.  Amanda asks Jake why he is really there.  Jake says that he was an idiot before.  Jake explains that it was killing him to see Amanda with David because it was like looking in at the family that was supposed to be his family.  Amanda says that she doesnít understand why Jake is mad at her when all she was trying to do is make it better for everyone.  Amanda says that she got time for them together, but he just walked away.  Amanda tells Jake that she is in an impossible situation and Jake says that he created the situation.  Amanda says that it doesnít matter how they got there because she was trying to make it better for them and Jake didnít trust her.  Jake says that he should have trusted her and listened to her and that he hopes it isnít too late.

James says that he knows what is best for his daughter and it isnít a psychiatric facility.  Jesse asks if this is really about Madison or if it is about the bad publicity.  James tells Allen to do something and Allen says that he will file the papers.  Jesse says that Madison isnít there so they can leave and file their papers.  James says that his lawyer will be speaking to Jesseís superior.  Randi comes up and asks where Frankie is.  Jesse says that Frankie is taking Madison to Oak Haven because they needed something quick and discreet.  Randi says that when she was with Frankie, he kept talking about wanting Madison gone and Angie asks what Randi is talking about.  Angie and David are paged over the PA system.  Randi says that she knows the victim is Frankie.  Angie asks the paramedics what they have.  The paramedics tell Angie the stats on the female passenger.  Angie realizes that the victim is Madison and Randi asks where Frankie is.  The paramedic says that the driver is ambulatory and Randi asks what that means.  Frankie comes in and Jesse asks if he is okay.  Frankie says that he took his eyes off the road and swerved to avoid hitting a car, but ended up hitting a tree.  Randi tells Frankie that he needs to get checked out, but he says that he needs to be in there to see if he can help.  Jesse tells Randi that Frankie will be okay.

Liza says that she doesnít want to lie and will explain the truth to Bailey.  Tad says that Liza doesnít explain the truth, she just sort of tells it.  Liza says that she will be honest with Bailey, so that she trusts her with the baby.  Tad reminds Liza that she has lied to Bailey before and that she doesnít have to trust her.  Liza says that she will explain why she lied and apologize.  Liza asks if Tad thinks she is trying to manipulate Bailey to get her to walk away.  Liza says that she is going to be completely honest with Bailey.  Liza realizes that she has to tell Colby the truth about Stuart.  Colby walks up and asks what Liza has to tell her.

Jake tells Amanda that it drives him crazy when he sees her sharing the little moments with David.  Amanda tells Jake not to let David get to him.  Amanda says that she needs Jake to trust that she can handle herself and David because all she is trying to do is manage the mess.  Amanda says that it felt like Jake turned his back on her and asks him if all the talk about love and being together forever was just talk.  Jake says that he never wanted to see Amanda get hurt and that he didnít want to be the reason that she would have any pain.  Jake says that if Amanda meant what she said at the hospital about another chance for this, then he will fight with her, for them.

David goes over Madisonís vitals and says that he needs a CT scan set up and an OR prepped in case he needs to operate.  Frankie says that he will take care of it.  James asks what happened to his daughter.  Jesse says that it was an accident and the car ran off the road.  James says that Madison never should have been moved.

Jesse asks Frankie how Madison is doing.  Frankie says that it is possible aortic damage.  Jesse asks Frankie if this was an accident and Frankie says yes.  Randi reminds Frankie that he was talking about Madison being gone forever.  Frankie says that it was just talk and tells Randi that Madison wanted to help them.  Frankie says that Madison was handing him the key and that was why he crashed because he reached over for it.  Jesse asks where the key is and Frankie says that it must be in the wreck because he didnít have it in his hands when they crashed.  Jesse says that they need to find the key to see if Madison is telling the truth.  Jesse asks why Frankie is trusting Madison all of a sudden.  Randi says that maybe Frankie decided that Madison didnít kill Henry, which means that he thinks that she did it.

David tells James that there may be damage to Madisonís aorta and that they are running a CT scan to verify it.  David says that they will operate immediately if necessary.  James says that David and the Hubbards are not touching his daughter.  James says that he wants Madison transferred to the East River Hospital in Manhattan.  David says that if James transfers Madison, it will kill her.  James tells David to get Madison stabilized or he will shut the hospital down.

Frankie says that he thinks Madison has changed, but it doesnít mean that he thinks Randi killed Henry.  Randi asks what Madison said to Frankie to change his mind.  Frankie says that Madison is sick and has been emotionally abused for years and it explains what she has done.  Randi says that this is another way for Madison to get at Frankie.  Frankie says that Madison is in the ER and could have died because of him.  Frankie says that he canít walk away right now if Madison wants him to believe her.

Liza tells Colby about Jakeís plans for her to adopt Amandaís baby to protect him from David.  Colby asks what this has to do with Stuart.  Liza says that she adopted Stuart and pretended to be pregnant.  Colby asks if Stuart is Amandaís baby.  Liza says that Jake arranged for her to adopt another baby boy.  Colby reminds Liza that she was there for the birth.  Liza says that she faked the contractions and delivery, but that she thought she was protecting the baby from David.  Colby asks why Liza is telling her this now and realizes that Bailey is Stuartís mother and wants him back.  Colby asks if Liza is telling him this because there is no good lie to tell her if Stuart suddenly disappeared.  Liza says that Stuart is Colbyís brother and that they will make it work.  Colby says that she moved out of Adamís to get away from his craziness and lies, but that he has nothing on Liza.  Liza apologizes.  Colby says that everything out of Lizaís mouth is a lie to get what she wants and asks why she should believe her now.

Jake says that if it is too uncomfortable he can leave.  Amanda says that she wants to know how it could ever work without David getting to Jake.  Jake says that the way to deal with David is to let him be himself because David is basically his own worst enemy.  Jake says that the minute David loses control, he will crash and burn.  Amanda says that David is in control, but Jake says that if they are really in love, David canít control that and it would eventually eat him alive.  Jake says that there will be no big planning, scheming, maneuvering or manipulating because love is the strongest weapon in the world.  Jake and Amanda kiss, then run upstairs to her bedroom and make love.

Liza says that the only reason she lied to Colby about giving birth to Stuart was to protect her.  Liza says that she didnít want Colby to think she was replacing her by adopting another baby because she wanted them to be close again.  Colby says that Liza found a baby to lure her back and suggests that they should have named him bait.  Liza says that she wanted the child to help bring them close again.  Colby says that maybe if Liza explains it all to Bailey, she will be thrilled that she gave up the baby so that Liza could have her family.  Colby says that she is finding her own place to live.  Liza asks Colby to try to understand.  Colby tells Liza that it was all a game, but that the game is over.  Tad goes after Colby.

Madisonís heart monitor beeps.  Madison asks Frankie if he is all right.  Frankie says that she is the one hooked up to tubes and wires, but her father is making sure she will be fine.  Frankie says that James is worried about Madison and that is why she is being transferred, but she says that she wants to stay there.  Frankie says that he will call and check up on the doctors and monitor her progress, but Madison says that he doesnít have to do that.  Madison asks if Frankie has the key and he says yes.  Madison says that Frankie has to get the tapes because she killed Henry, not Randi.  Jesse overhears Madisonís confession from the hallway.

Liza tells Stuart that Tad will talk Colby down and that everything will be just fine.  Liza calls Bailey and says that it is time for her to meet her son.

Jake says that he should get going because David will be home any second.  Amanda asks if they are going to be okay and Jake says that they are unbeatable and unshakeable.

Tad catches up to Colby.  Colby says that if Liza sent him, she isnít interested, but Tad says that it is only him.  Colby says that Tad lied to her too.  Tad says that he did, but he hopes that Colby recognizes the courage it took Liza to tell her the truth, even thought she risked losing Colby.  Colby says that Liza should have thought about it before she started the lies.  Tad asks Colby to be the family that Liza wants and loves because Liza is willing to do anything she has to for her children.

Bailey meets her son and asks how long she has.  Liza tells Bailey to take as long as she would like.

James says that Madison will have the best care.  Randi asks how Frankie is doing and Frankie says that Madison confessed to killing Henry.  Angie says that Madison is making her believe in the power of redemption.  Jesse asks a policeman if he found anything at the site.  The officer gives Jesse the evidence and Jesse says that there is no key.  Angie says that the key might have gotten lost in the crash.  Jesse suggests that maybe someone got to it first.

David walks into Wildwind, drops his keys and pours himself a drink before beginning to play the piano.  David stops playing the piano when footsteps approach.  Jake tells David not to stop because it was great and thanks David for the hospitality.  Jake says that David has a hell of a steam room, kisses Amanda and leaves.

Colby asks why Liza canít ever start at the truth and Tad says that she wishes she had.  Colby says that it is only because Liza is getting buried by her lies.  Colby says that she has been smothered by lies her whole life and she is done.

Bailey says that she brought the baby a present.  Bailey hands the baby to Liza and picks up a stuffed animal.  Liza tells Bailey that she adopted the baby.  Bailey asks why Liza would lie.  Liza says that she was afraid that Bailey wouldnít understand how much her son means to Liza and it is the best possible life for him.  Bailey says that she doesnít understand any of this.

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