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All My Children Update Monday 10/5/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Randi asks what will happen if Madison is sent to Oak Haven and Jesse says that she will be evaluated to find out if she needs psychiatric care. Jesse says that Madison is on suicide watch and that they can hold her, but they can’t prove that she is guilty of any crime. Frankie says that Madison is still a threat, even if she gets locked in a padded cell because she has the tapes somewhere. Jesse says that things happen when a person hits rock bottom and that is where Madison is at.

Madison tries to get Angie to get her more pills, so she can quietly fade away.

Krystal says that she almost threw herself at David to get him away from Amanda. Krystal says that she isn’t going to sit by and watch David blow apart another family. Tad asks what is wrong with Krystal. Krystal says that she feels obligated to help Amanda. Tad says that one minute Krystal is suggesting that they should get back together and the next she is volunteering to sacrifice herself to David.

Bailey asks where she can find Liza. Liza tells Jake to get Stuart out of there because Bailey has come for him. Liza introduces herself to Bailey. Bailey asks if that is her baby.

Madison tells Angie that she can make sure they are all rid of her. Angie says that assisted suicide is illegal, but even if it wasn’t she would never help Madison take the easy way out because she isn’t a killer. Madison says that she isn’t a killer either and that Angie must have her confused with Randi. Angie says that the only thing that Randi did was defend herself from Madison’s rapist husband. Madison says that Angie can’t prove anything. Angie says that maybe Madison will decide to do the right thing after she is locked up alone for a while.

Frankie says that Madison is the same psychopathic predator that she has always been, but Jesse says that she might not be. Jesse says that one of two things happen when someone hits rock-bottom: They change or they die. A man asks where Madison’s room is and says that he is her father. Jesse introduces himself to James. Jesse asks to speak to James privately for a minute and James agrees.

Frankie asks why Madison didn’t commit suicide if she wanted to that badly. Randi says that she wondered that too, but there is something wrong about doubting someone who is in so much pain. Frankie says that he is thinking about how evil someone has to be to torture a family the way Madison did. Randi suggests that maybe they need to give her a break because her life might be messed up. Randi suggests that maybe Madison just needs to hear that she isn’t a horrible person because that is what Frankie made Randi see inside herself. Frankie says that Randi and Madison are nothing alike. Frankie says that the one thing he learned in Iraq is to never underestimate the enemy because if you do, you will die.

Krystal tells Tad not to get upset. Tad says that Krystal sleeping with David was the beginning of their end. Krystal says that she will not sleep with David again because she is in a completely different place now. Tad says that if Krystal goes anywhere near David, he will suck her back in again, but Krystal says that it isn’t the same because she doesn’t need anything from David. Krystal says that she wants to help Amanda and doesn’t see anyone else wanting to. Tad says that Krystal will be hypnotized the first day. Krystal says that she was weak and vulnerable when she got involved with David. Tad says that everything about their relationship revolves around David and he is thinking it always will, but Krystal says that he is wrong. Tad says that he is an idiot for thinking about them getting back together. Krystal says that she thinks there is a lot worth saving and thought he agreed. Tad says that he does agree, but asks what they have left. Krystal says that they have a child.

Liza tells Bailey that the baby isn’t hers and asks what brings her to Pine Valley. Bailey says that she had to see Liza because she needs more answers. Liza says that Bailey’s son is in a wonderful place and the adoption is binding. Bailey says that she can’t stop thinking about her baby. Bailey says that she isn’t going to flip out, but she has so many questions. Liza says that they shouldn’t be talking about it there. Bailey says that Liza can’t blow her off or she will get a lawyer because she has rights. Liza says that she isn’t blowing Bailey off. Bailey points out that Colby said that Liza was good at what she does. Bailey says that she spoke with Colby when she went up to Liza’s room earlier. David comes over and asks if everything is all right. Liza says that everything is fine and that she is having a private conversation with a client. David asks why Liza’s client is staring at his son.

Tad says that the bond they have because of Jenny didn’t keep them together the first time she ran to David and it won’t if she does it again either. Krystal says that she isn’t running to David, she is fighting for Amanda. Tad says that there is nothing on earth he wouldn’t give to be a family again, but it won’t happen if David is around. Krystal says that David has no control over her, but that it is obvious that he has power over Tad. Tad says that he refuses to live under David’s shadow.

Jesse tells James that Madison was found unconscious with an empty pill bottle in her hand. James says that the last time it happened, Madison stole her mother’s sedatives. Jesse realizes that Madison has tried to kill herself before and James says that they are only cries for attention. Jesse says that if they hadn’t gotten to Madison when they did, she would be dead. James says that he would like to speak to Madison’s doctor. Jesse says that the doctor is Angie, his wife, and explains that they have made arrangements for Madison to be moved to a psychiatric hospital. James says that Madison doesn’t need that kind of treatment because she isn’t mentally ill. James says that he has received dozens of drunken messages from Madison begging for money over the last few days and that he is the only treatment his daughter needs.

Frankie asks how Madison is. Angie says that Madison asked her for more pills so that she could finish the job. Angie goes to check the paperwork for Oak Haven. Randi asks what Frankie is thinking. Frankie says that he is thinking about how easy it would be to grab pills from the supply cabinet and give them to Madison because he wants this over. Randi says that if Frankie did that, it would tear them apart. Randi says that she has to get back to work and asks Frankie to forget about Madison and focus on them. Frankie says that he is letting it go and Randi thanks him.

Liza tells Bailey to come sit down and talk to her. Bailey says that she has a lot of feelings and doesn’t know what to do about them because she doesn’t know if it is a phase or if it will last forever. Liza asks what Bailey wants. Bailey says that someone told her that she has a few months to change her mind about the adoption and asks if that is true. Liza says that the laws are very complicated and asks if Bailey wants the baby back. Bailey says that she just wants to know her options because she didn’t have any before and that her parents decided everything for her. Bailey says that she didn’t even get to hold her son or say good-bye, but that if she could see for herself that he is happy maybe it would stop hurting her so much. Liza assures Bailey that her son is happy and says that it is time for her to let him go, but Bailey says that she doesn’t know if she can. Liza tells Bailey that her son belongs to someone else. Bailey asks if Liza knows the people who adopted her son. Liza says that she knows them very well and that the baby is their dream come true because they finally have the family they have always wanted.

Jake asks Tad what he walked in on, but Tad tells him not to worry about it. Jake says that he is babysitting Stuart because Liza wanted to make sure the adoption was bona fide and now the birth mother is involved. Jake says that he had to scoot out of the Yacht Club with Stuart because the birth mother showed up and it was awkward. Tad says that the Stuart’s mother is a person and asks what is wrong with Jake. Jake says that Liza is going to talk to the mother and explain that the baby is exactly where he should be. Jake says that Liza can take very good care of it. Tad says that Jake is playing keep away with someone else’s child and it is cruel and wrong. Jake says that him coming there was wrong. Tad says that Jake should have went to Wildwind because he would have fit right in. Tad says that when it comes to kids, he can’t tell the difference between Jake and David.

Amanda says that David is exactly like Jake and David asks why she would say that. Amanda says that they both are paranoid and see things that aren’t there. Amanda says that the girl was there before and asks why she would be staring at Trevor, but David says that she was staring at Trevor. Amanda says that David needs to lighten up because he is way too intense.

Madison asks if Frankie came to gloat because she knows he didn’t bring the pills she wanted. Madison tells Frankie that she wants to be alone. Madison says that Frankie screwed up everything because before she met him she had a plan to go after Randi and make her hurt the way Madison did. Frankie asks if Madison expected him to let her hurt Randi. Madison says that she didn’t expect him to care because husbands don’t pay attention to their wives, but she realized that she was wrong when she saw what Frankie had with Randi. James walks in and tells Frankie not to waste his time listening to Madison’s sob story. Madison tells her father that she is tired. James says that Madison has never succeeded at anything, including suicide. Frankie says that James is upsetting his patient and needs to leave because Madison is in a very volatile state. James says that he is taking his daughter home with him because she doesn’t need to be carted off to some hospital. Jesse says that it isn’t possible because Madison is on suicide watch. Angie comes in and says that they have decided that the best course of action is to have Madison committed, but James says that it isn’t her call. Jesse says that it is their call because Madison is considered a danger to herself and others. James says that he is calling his attorney and that Madison will be in his care by day’s end. Jesse says that they need to move Madison now. Angie says that they can move her as soon as Jesse can line up a police escort. Frankie offers to drive her himself.

Jake says that Liza opened up this can of worms and it isn’t his fault. Tad says that Jake is screwing with people’s lives and that people are going to get hurt. Tad says that they have to set things straight and now is their chance. Jake says that he isn’t following what Tad says. Tad says that he is going to make sure that Liza doesn’t make another mistake. Jake asks Tad to leave this between Liza and the birth mother, but Tad says that Liza is in a deep hole and needs some help. Tad leaves. Krystal tells Jake that Tad is mad at her and didn’t mean whatever he said, but Jake says that Tad did mean it and admits he has been an idiot.

Amanda says that it is time for Trevor’s nap, but first they need a diaper change. Amanda asks if David wants to change Trevor and David says that he doesn’t do diapers. Amanda dares David to do it, so he agrees. Trevor cries when David removes his diaper and Amanda laughs when Trevor wets on his father.

Frankie says that Madison has hit rock bottom, but has been there a lot longer than they thought. Angie says that they need to get Madison out of there so that she can start treatment and asks if the transport vehicle is there. Jesse says that all of his units are tied up and Frankie says that he can take her now, but Angie refuses. Jesse says that James isn’t going to give up until he has complete control of Madison, but Angie says that he doesn’t have a choice. Jesse says that if James starts throwing his weight around, Madison will slip away and be back on the prowl before they know it. Angie says that she will see if there is an ambulance available and tells Jesse to call some of the officers in, but Frankie says that they have to act now.

Bailey apologizes for barging in on Liza and says that she feels better after they talked. Bailey says that even though she is going to miss her baby, she knows she can’t give him half of what his new parents can because she can’t even afford diapers. Liza promises that Bailey’s son will have a great life and will never want for anything. Bailey asks Liza to have the parents to give him a few extra hugs and kisses, so that he can have all the love he can get. Liza agrees. Tad walks in and Liza says that she is in a private meeting with a client. Tad says that he is fine. Bailey thanks Liza for the advice and says that she will think about her baby for the rest of her life. Bailey says that she has to go. Liza says that she will see what she can do when she talks to the adoptive parents again.

David says that it was a brand new shirt. Amanda tells David to wear a raincoat the next time. David says that Amanda wouldn’t have laughed so much if it was her. Amanda says that it happens to her all the time and that it was David’s christening. David says that they have to get Trevor christened. Jake knocks on the door and David answers.

Liza asks how Tad knew that Bailey was there. Tad asks where Liza thinks Jake took Stuart after he left there. Liza says that she is going to kill Jake for opening his mouth. Tad says that he was willing Liza to do the right thing and she took the first step. Liza says that the right thing is not giving up her son.

Jake says that he wanted to take David up on his offer to spend more time with his family, if the offer still stands. David says that it does and suggests that Jake take Amanda and Trevor to the park to hang out since it is a beautiful evening. Jake says that he would rather stay there and suggests that David should take a walk in the park.

Angie admits that she was tempted to trade a handful of pills for the tapes from Madison. Jesse says that they both know she would never do that. Angie says that she wants Madison out of their lives so bad and Jesse says that she is on her way out. James shows up and introduces his attorney. Allen asks where Madison is and Jesse says that Madison is gone and that they are too late.

Madison wishes she were the kind of person that Frankie could respect and maybe even trust. Madison asks what will happen to her at Oak Haven. Frankie assures her she will get the help that she needs. Madison offers Frankie the key to her safe deposit box, because she wants him and Randi to have their lives back. Frankie wonders if this is one of Madison’s games. Madison promises that there will be no more tricks or games and asks Frankie to take the key. Frankie reaches for the key as a car’s headlights come at him.

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