AMC Update Friday 10/2/09

All My Children Update Friday 10/2/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Tad stops Krystal from going to Wildwind. She wants to help Amanda and Jake but he tells her to leave it alone and let Jake and Amanda handle their situation.

Jake arrives at Liza’s and she tells him that Bailey Wells, Stuart’s birth mother, left her a message. Bailey is looking for her baby. Jake tries to understand how Bailey found out about Liza since her name was not on any of the adoption documents. Liza told her that she dug around trying to find out about her baby’s birth mother and her name was on the search documents. She searched because she doubted Jake’s story about her baby. Jake is upset that she did not believe him. Liza is afraid that Bailey wants her baby back; she has the right to change her mind. Jake asked Liza out to lunch.

Randi meets Frankie at the hospital; he is glad to be back working. Angie comes in to say hi to Randi when Madison North is brought into the hospital with a drug overdose. When Frankie finds out that it is Madison he says, “Oh my God!” They find out that Madison tried to kill herself at the casino, but she later tells them she was in her room. The pills she used were prescribed for Randi, which means she stole them. She tells them she truly wants to die and did not attempt suicide for attention.

Krystal goes to Wildwind to speak to Amanda. Amanda is not interested in what she has to say. Krystal talks to Opal about her feelings for Tad. Opal reminds her how she left Tad and baby Jenny to be with David. She also tells her that she allowed David to drug her and convince her to leave her family.

Tad and Opal talk about his feelings for Krystal. He is tired of being burnt by women he loves.

David asked Amanda out to lunch; he wants to take baby Trevor so that they can go out as a family. David and Amanda run into Jake and Liza at the Yacht Club. David tries to convince Amanda that Jake is over her and seems to be into Liza. Amanda notices that he is trying to make it seems as if Liza and Jake are a couple. Liza tells Jake to have faith because if he gives up on Amanda, then Amanda will give up on him.

Jesse tells Madison that because she attempted suicide she have to be transferred to Oak Haven for monitoring. Madison tells Angie that she can get Randi off the hook and turn over the blackmail data if Angie gives her pills. Angie does not buy her story.

Krystal asks Tad if it would be possible to get back together; she wants to set an example for Jake and Amanda. She feels that if they see that Tad and she recovered from David they will know it is possible for them. Tad and Krystal discuss their past and the possibility of a second chance.

Bailey shows up at the Yacht Club looking for Liza Colby. She sees Liza’s note to Colby telling her where she was going. Liza overhears Bailey asking about her and she tells Jake that Bailey is here to take her baby.

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