AMC Update Thursday 10/1/09

All My Children Update Thursday 10/1/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda calls Jake on his phone; he listens to the message. David wants Jake to work a double shift, and Jake surmises that David wants to keep him away from Amanda. David teases Jake about not seeing or talking to Amanda. Jake tells David that he will not work a double shift because he is too tired; he advised David to ask Angie.

Krystal arrives to see Amanda and Amanda asks about Jake. Krystal tells her that he is angry, but she is there to save the day. She wants to take David’s mind off of Amanda and get him thinking about her. Amanda thinks that Krystal’s motives are selfish; Krystal thinks that Amanda is stubborn and isn’t willing to listen about David. Krystal advises that Amanda go to the hospital to see Jake.

JR’s hair is falling out so Marissa shaves it off. They talk about the cancer.

Kendall tells Zach that Liza wants to turn her in and that she wants him in jail too because she was scorned by him. She asks Zach what happened at the dance and she promises she will not loose it. He tells her nothing. Kendall tells him that he should have told Liza that he loves her and wants a life and family with her. Zach tells Kendall that he loves her and he has never loved anyone as he does her. He tells Kendall that his love is not enough because she wants drama. She says she wants drama because she is afraid of losing him. She feels that if she looses him she will die. They hug.

Liza tells Kendallís double that she knows who she is. The double ask for more money. Liza tells her to act crazy for the DA. The DA insists on seeing the double but walks away after hearing her act out. Liza offers the double $100,000 because she is getting restless.

Annie, wanting to celebrate her freedom, asks Adam to take her on a trip but Scott reminds her that she cannot leave until six months because she is still on probation; her ankle monitor is removed, but Adam replaces it with a jeweled one. Adam goes to get champagne and Annie asks Scott why he is against her now. She tries to kiss him but he rejects her. Annie is happy about her freedom and the wedding. Adam has changed his mind and wants JR to stand up for him. Annie asks Scott to move out but he refuses to. He wants to stick around and guard Adam. Annie calls JR and asks him to come over, but he hangs up on her.

JR arrives and everyone thinks that he is drunk because he shaved his head. Marissa covers for him and tell them he has a disease that he is fighting; they think she is talking about being an alcoholic. Scott tells JR that he wants Annie out of Adam’s house.

Zach tells Kendall that their problems are not all her fault. He shuts down to protect himself. Kendall tells him that she feels alone when he shuts down. Liza tells Zach and Kendall that she brought them sometime with the double, but it will cost them $100,000. They are happy. Kendall apologizes to Liza and Liza tells her she does not like her, but she believed in her innocence. Liza tells Kendall that she as a lawyer and person has integrity. Zach thanks Liza as she leaves.

Amanda shows up at the hospital wanting to speak to Jake. Jake explains to her that she moves when David says so and he does not want to live that way. She acts more like David’s wife. David joins them, Jake leaves but Amanda stays with David. Krystal visits Jake at the hospital and talks about her visit with Amanda. David tells Amanda to be patient with Jake and Amanda sees through him at that moment.

Annie asks Scott if he and JR are plotting against her. She tells him not to waste his time because she is in charge. Scott grabs her by her hair and kisses her hard, and then he asks her who is in charge now.

Kendall tells Zach that she loves him like crazy. He tells her that he loves her to. Liza runs home and tells Colby and Stuart that she loves them. Liza checks her calls and someone left a message telling her she wants her help to find her baby. Liza is nervous!

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