AMC Update Tuesday 9/29/09

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/29/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Krystal tells Jake to erase the tape of the dance marathon and asks why he is doing this to himself.  Jake says that it wouldnít make any difference because it plays over and over in his head.

Amanda wakes up and asks where Trevor is.  David says that Amanda and Trevor fell asleep on the drive home and that everything is going to be all right.  David tells Amanda to go back to sleep.

Kendall asks Aidan to let her out because it is morning already.  She hears Tad announce that they have their winners on TV.

Zach asks Aidan where Kendall is.  Aidan says that he locked her up because she got difficult.  Zach says that Kendall being there stays between them and suggests that Aidan should take one of his trips.  Zach says that if this falls apart, anyone who knows the truth will be culpable and that it will be better if Aidan covers himself.  Aidan says that he is in it for the long haul too because he knows Annie better than anybody and can help them nail the real killer. 

Tad asks Natalia and Brot how they feel.  Natalia says that they are tired, but thrilled.  Brot says that they are surprised, but happy they could help out.  Tad says that they have raised a bunch of money and now they get to fight over who gets to keep the trophy.  Natalia thanks Tad.  Tad says that they can let go of each other now.

Tad knocks on Ericaís office door and tells her that she should be there for the wrap-up.  Ryan says that they will be out in a second.

Krystal turns the TV off and suggests that Jake should go fight for Amanda.  Jake says that this was Amandaís choice.  Krystal says that she thought she had a choice with David too.  Krystal says that she didnít know who she was when she was living with David and tells Jake not to let David do the same thing to Amanda.

David talks to Trevor and shows him pictures of Babe, Little Adam and Marissa.  David tells Trevor all the things that he and Amanda will teach him as he grows up and says that they are going to put a picture of Trevor in the middle and a picture of Amanda up there too.  David says that there will be nothing that Trevor wonít be able to do when they are done raising him.

Aidan says that he could have turned Kendall in, but instead he made himself an accessory after the fact.  Zach asks what Aidan wants and Aidan says that he wants the same thing Zach does: Annie behind bars.  Zach asks if Aidan wants Annie locked up for the good of society or because she dumped him.  Aidan says that Annie is dangerous to anyone and everyone she is around.  Aidan says that he knows how to get in and out of the Chandler Mansion.  Zach tells Aidan not to do anything without running it by him first.  Aidan warns Zach about going into Kendallís room.  Zach tells Aidan to lock the door on his way out.

Zach goes into Kendallís room.  Kendall asks if Zach knows what Aidan did to her.  Zach says that Aidan only did what he was told.  Kendall asks where Zachís trophy is because he and Liza were scoring a lot of points before she lost her TV privileges.  Kendall says that she isnít going to stop until Liza is out of their lives for good.

Aidan bumps into Liza on his way out.  Liza says that she thought Aidan moved out of town and Aidan says that just because she doesnít see him, doesnít mean that he isnít there.  Liza says that the file is private and it is for Zach.  Aidan realizes that Liza is resigning as Kendallís attorney.  Liza asks what Aidan is doing there.  Aidan says that he was baby-sitting for Zach, but Liza says that he is lying.

Kendall says that she doesnít want to fight and that all she wants is to get her son and feed him breakfast.  Zach says that he never stopped her from seeing her son, but Kendall says that he did by locking her up in there all night.  Zach says that he will go get Ian.

David asks how long Amanda was listening and she says that she was listening for long enough.  David says that he didnít mean for her to hear all that.  Amanda says that it is the kind of manipulative thing that David would do.  David says that she should forget that he said any of it and that she should explain to their son that he was just lying to him.  David says that he is going to get some sleep.

Erica thanks everyone for watching and for opening their wallets and hearts to the cause.  Erica thanks everyone who donated for her and Ryan, but says that Natalia and Brot were the last couple standing and that is what the contest was all about.  Erica announces that Fusion is going to make a pledge of $100,000 in Natalia and Brotís names.  Tad also thanks everyone for their participation and generosity.  Tad says that they would like to finish the program with some footage from Ericaís trip to Africa.

Liza says that she would like to talk to Zach and asks where he is.  Aidan says that he was under the impression that she was trying to avoid Zach because she was sneaking up to the door and leaving a note with the files.  Liza says that she figured that Zach would be sleeping, but since Aidan answered the door, she would like to talk to Zach.  Aidan says that maybe Liza should go home and he will tell Zach that she came over.  Liza says that she knows Aidan wouldnít leave Ian alone, so Zach obviously has to be there.  Liza says that she will check for herself.

Zach tells Kendall that the room is so that she didnít have to go to prison and that she could spend time with her kids.  Kendall says that she went to Fusion to see with her own eyes what was really going on between Liza and Zach.  Zach says that Liza is out of his life now.  They hear Liza over the baby monitor calling for Zach. 

Natalia thanks Erica for setting up the dance marathon because it was amazing.  Erica says that Natalia and Brot were amazing.  Ryan congratulates Natalia and Brot.  Ryan suggests that he and Erica should get back to what they were going over.  Erica agrees.  Jesse suggests that they should go for breakfast, but Angie says that she wants to sleep.  Natalia says that she is way too revved up to sleep.  Jesse makes a toast to the victors.  Angie and Natalia go to find their purses.

Brot says that Natalia is a lot of fun.  Jesse says that Natalia is a challenge, but that he believes Brot is up for a challenge.  Brot says that he did have a little fun at her expense just to get a rise out of her, so that she would stay awake.  Jesse says that he wishes he could have been a fly on the wall.  Brot says that he and Natalia were thinking about why she wanted to be a cop and it got him thinking about it.  Jesse says that if Brot is looking for a way to annoy Natalia, becoming a cop is a good start.

Tad asks if everything is all right.  Krystal says that Jake seems to think the whole situation with Amanda is hopeless.  Jake says that he wishes everyone would leave him alone.  Tad says that this isnít what Amanda wants, but Jake says that he doesnít know what Amanda wants.

Liza asks Aidan what is going on because Ian isnít even upstairs.  Aidan says that maybe Liza should go home.  Liza asks why Aidan didnít want her to go upstairs if he knew that there was nobody up there.  Aidan says that maybe he is enjoying watching her act so paranoid and suspicious.  Zach comes out and says that he was giving Ian a bath and asks what is going on.  Zach says that Aidan offered to look after Ian after the baby-sitter went home.  Zach says that he thought Aidan left already.  Aidan says that he was leaving when he bumped into Liza on his way out and that she has something important to tell Zach.  Zach says that he will talk to Aidan next week at the casino about the proposal. 

Erica and Ryan talk about losing control in her office and Erica says that she doesnít want to risk their friendship.  Ryan says that he was hoping they could trash the friendship thing and cash in on the fun stuff.  Ryan says that he wants to make sure they doní stop themselves from doing something they want because of what other people think.

Jesse says that the academy would be lucky to have Brot, no matter what Natalia thinks.  Natalia comes up and Brot says that he is thinking about applying to the academy.  Angie comes up and says that it is a great idea.  Jesse says that he wants to go home and that he needs his wife and his bed.  Angie congratulates Brot and Natalia again and leaves with Jesse.  Natalia asks Brot what he thinks he is doing.

Tad asks why Jake doesnít get up and fight for Amanda.  Jake asks if he is supposed to do it the way that Tad fought for Krystal.  Krystal says that it isnít the same thing because she was messed up and left her husband and her child, but Amanda isnít in the same condition.  Krystal says that Jake and Amanda need to figure out who is right and get back to being a team, but the most important thing is Trevor.  Jake lectures them on the way they are living and tells them to leave him alone.

Amanda brings David some food.  David apologizes for walking out.  Amanda apologizes for jumping to conclusions and admits that David surprised her.  Amanda says that she wonders why David didnít want her to hear what he was saying to Trevor because it was lovely.  David says that he isnít used to opening up like that, but with children it is easier because they donít pre-judge you.  Amanda says that it is really easy with a baby because they canít talk back. 

Natalia says that Brot knew he would get a reaction out of her and that is why he went to her dad about joining the academy.  Brot says that a lot of people in town treat him with kid gloves, but Natalia doesnít and it is nice.  Natalia says that Brot is really frustrating.  Natalia asks Brot if he thinks it is really that easy to pass the entrance exam.  Brot says that he wonít know until he tries.

Liza gives Zach all of Kendallís case files along with her thoughts on how to proceed with a request for a new trial.  Zach says that he wishes Liza would reconsider because she is a good lawyer.  Liza says that she canít because Kendall doesnít trust her, so Zach has to get someone new that Kendall doesnít hate.  Liza gives Zach the letter that she sent to the DA informing him of Kendallís intention to recant her admission of guilt.  Liza says that the DA will be heading up to the prison this afternoon because it has to be notarized.

Erica and Ryan talk about the difference in their ages.  Ryan says that he has always thought of them as equals.  Ryan says that they will be wheeling him to the solarium and feeding him mashed bananas way before Erica has to join him there.  Erica asks if Ryan thinks that they are both secure enough to handle it.  Ryan says that he only cares what she thinks.  Erica says that she thinks Ryan is an amazing man.

Natalia asks Brot some questions from the entrance exam.  Brot answers the questions and Natalia brings up his physical shape.  Natalia says that she will meet him at the academy to sign him up.  Natalia says that the trophy is hers because she earned it.

David thanks Amanda for the meal and says that he should be able to sleep now.  David suggests that he will take Trevor upstairs and put him in the crib.  David takes the baby upstairs.

Amanda calls, but Jake says that he isnít home.  Tad answers the phone and tells Amanda that Jake is pretty upset.  Amanda says that she loves Jake and asks Tad to put him on the phone, but Tad says that if Amanda really wants to talk to Jake, she should leave Wildwind and come over there.

Zach says that Liza should have asked him before she sent that letter.  Liza reminds Zach that he told her to get Kendall out of prison.  Zach says that nobody can go up to the prison and Liza asks what he isnít telling her.  Zach tells Liza to let it go and go home.  Kendall comes out and says that Liza needs to know the truth before she screws things up even more.  Kendall tells Liza that she has been there the whole time.

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