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All My Children Update Monday 9/28/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda asks David how much of her fight with Jake he saw and David says that he saw enough.

Tad asks Angie how many hours it has been.  Angie says that it has been a trillion.  Tad asks how they know that the streets of Pine Valley are still safe.  Jesse says that he will hire more police officers if he feels like the city is not adequately protected.

Natalia asks what she gets when she is the last one standing.  Brot asks what she wants and she says that shiny shoes would work, but Brot says that she canít be serious.  Natalia says that Brot has to do them personally and she is serious.  Natalia says that she wants her uniform shoes clean and shiny for a year.  Brot asks what he gets if he wins and Natalia says that it wonít happen.

Erica tells Ryan that the trophy is as good as theirs because they have probably earned more than anyone.  Erica says that they are about to announce it.  Tad announces that Natalia and Brot have the most donations pledged.

Annie tells Scott that they arenít winning, but their numbers jumped.  Scott asks Annie what she is going to do if Adam sees her groping him.  Annie tells Scott to stop pretending that he isnít enjoying it because Adam is long gone by now and isnít seeing it.  Adam sits in the bar downstairs and watches the monitor, but turns the TV off angrily.

David says that he thought Amanda would be going with Jake.  Amanda says that she did too.  David asks if Amanda told Jake that it was okay.  Amanda asks Krystal to watch Trevor for her.  Amanda tells David that they should go back upstairs and dance.

Scott asks Annie what she is going to do when Adam clues in, but Annie says that he wonít.  Scott says that Adam will clue in if he decides to tell, but Annie says that if he admits to how close they have gotten, then he would have to admit how much he has enjoyed it.  Scott asks Tad if they have earned a break and Tad says yes.  Scott says that he is going to get some water.

Erica asks how this happened.  Ryan says that maybe Brotís buddies in Iraq called in because he is a war hero.  Erica says that they have to step it up and bring out the big guns.  Ryan says that he doesnít know if his guns have any more ammo because they have been dancing for almost a day straight.  Erica says that they are going to crank up their donations and outlast everyone on the dance floor to win.  Ryan tells Erica that a war hero bringing home the prize would generate the publicity, but Erica says that nobody generates more publicity than she does.

Natalia and Brot talk about being in first place.

Angie says that Natalia looks like she is going to murder her partner.  Jesse says that Brot challenges Natalia and she needs somebody like that.  Angie says that when the marathon is over, Natalia and Brot are going their separate ways and Jesse asks who said that Brot was going anywhere.

David asks what Amanda told Jake.  Amanda says that she told him everything about how she leveled with David and how they got to a place where they can maybe be honest with each other.  David says that he canít imagine Jake being happy about Amanda traveling to new places with David because Jake is suffering from a classic case of wounded pride.  David says that instead of letting him be in control, Jake walked.  Amanda says that it is exactly what David wanted.

Tad asks Krystal if she has seen Jake.  Krystal says that she is pretty sure that he went home.  Krystal says that Amanda left her in charge of the baby because Amanda is having a rough night.  Tad asks when Amanda left Trevor with Krystal.  Krystal says that it was right before Amanda went upstairs with David.  Tad thanks Krystal.

Annie tells Scott that they should have a drink to celebrate their big comeback.  Scott asks how Annie has so much energy.  Annie asks how Scott doesnít.  Adam walks up and says that he hopes Scott is giving Annie what she wants.  Annie says that she thought Adam went home.  Adam asks for a minute with his fiancťe.  Scott says that they can take all the time they need.  Annie asks if Adam got some rest.  Adam says that he couldnít divert his attention from the television because he was intently watching Annie and her eyes because he was looking for the truth.  Annie asks what Adam means.  Adam says that whenever Stuartís death is brought up, she has a clever way of diverting the conversation.  Annie says that she is tired of having to defend herself and tells Adam that she didnít kill Stuart.  Annie says that she swears on her daughterís life that she didnít kill Stuart.  Adam says that Annie has been heaping all the blame for Stuartís death on Emma.  Annie asks Adam who told him that and Adam asks if she really has to ask to know.

Ryan says that he wants to win the dance marathon, but suggests that Erica is taking it a little too seriously.  Erica tells Tad that she is buying a break.

David asks if Amanda really believes that he set her up.  Amanda says that she doesnít know what to believe, but David didnít look surprised when Jake took off.  David says that he knows where Jake is coming from because he has also been known to let his ego take over, but that he didnít want it to happen.  David says that he isnít out to destroy her marriage and that if he could prove it, he would.  Tad announces that a donor wants to see David in a spotlight dance solo, where they clear the floor of the rest of the couples and it is just David and his partner.  Tad tells David that the donor wants to see him dance with Erica because they are a Pine Valley historian of sorts and has a keen sense of history.  David says that Erica just left, but Tad says that he will go get her.

Ryan apologizes for upsetting Erica.  Erica says that the charity is the main reason for the whole marathon.  Tad comes in and tells Erica that he needs her for a personal favor.  Erica says that Tad owes her big time.  Erica dances with David, while Tad talks to Amanda about Jake.  Amanda asks Tad to talk to his brother about this.  Tad says that he would, but Jake wonít answer his cell phone.

Natalia tells Jesse that they have some time on their hands and suggests that they go have a chat.  Jesse agrees.

Annie tells Adam that she never said that it was Emma who shot Stuart.  Annie states that she said Emma needs protecting because she is clearly traumatized.  Annie and Adam talk about being the town pariah.  Annie says that she feels like she is better now, but no one will let her show it.  Adam asks Annie if he can have the next dance.

Ryan asks Scott to be his eyes and ears on the inside to find out if Annie really killed Stuart or not.  Scott says that if he does this, it will be for his dad and nobody  else.

Natalia asks if Jesse is going to offer Brot a job.  Jesse says that he isnít trying to pit Natalia and Brot against each other and thinks that they would make a great team. 

Angie and Brot talk about Natalia.  Brot reveals that he is pushing Nataliaís buttons on purpose because it is fun watching her get mad.  Angie says that it is cute watching Brot and Natalia flirt.  Brot says that he doesnít even look at Natalia like that and Angie says that most of the good ones start like that.

Amanda asks Tad to leave it alone because she knows what she is doing.  Tad says that if she really knew what she was doing, she would be out looking for Jake instead of dancing with David.

Erica and David talk about their families.  Erica kicks David in the shin when he brings up her relationship with Ryan.  David thanks Erica for the dance.  Erica asks Tad if she is free to return to her break.  Tad tells everyone to get back to the dance floor.  Tad tells Amanda and David that they have been disqualified because they took too long to get back together.  Tad announces that there are only 5 couples left in the marathon.

Annie dances with Adam.  The cops walk in and Annie asks if Adam was just buying time until they got there to lock her up for good.  A cop says that Annie has to go home because the deal was that she got until 7am.

Erica closes and locks her office door.  Erica tells Ryan that she wants to make sure they arenít interrupted this time.  Ryan says that Erica was right and apologizes.  Erica says that Ryan was right, she did lose track of what was really important and thanks Ryan.  They talk about her dance with David.  Erica says that they should get back to the dance floor.  Ryan asks if they are supposed to kiss and make up.  Erica says that she thought they just did.

Annie asks the cop to give them a minute.  Annie says that she feels horrible for assuming the worst when the cops showed up because she should have known that Adam wouldnít betray her like that.  Adam says that they have quite the pattern by now of trust, mistrust, believe and doubt.  Annie says that she is sorry, but Adam says that he isnít because it gives them so many nice and interesting ways to make up.  They leave the dance marathon.

David orders a drink and asks if Amanda wants something.  Amanda thanks Krystal for watching Trevor and asks if there were any problems.  Krystal says that he was as happy as a clam.  Krystal asks Amanda what she is doing.  Amanda says that she is trying to raise her son with David because she doesnít have a choice.  Krystal says that Amanda has a choice and that the best thing that ever happened to her walked out the door and she made the choice not to follow him.  Krystal says that Amanda made the wrong choice.

Jesse says that Natalia is worried that he is going to hire Brot.  Jesse says that Brot would make a great cop because he was an excellent soldier.  Angie says that Jesse probably thinks Brot would make a great something else too, but Jesse says that there is no matchmaking going on. 

Brot and Natalia talk about his conversation with Angie.  Brot talks about details about their ďfutureĒ  relationship and marriage.  They joke about going down in PVPD history.  Natalia asks how much longer she has to put up with him and he says that t may not be much longer because they are in first place.  Natalia asks what happened to the competition.

Ryan and Erica make out in her office.

Amanda says that it would have been nice to win something today.  David says that Trevor is their trophy.  David asks what he can do to help Amanda.  She asks him to get her out of there and David says that her wish is his command.

Natalia reminds Brot that Erica is still on break and Jesse will never give up.

Jesse says that they might actually win the dance marathon.  Angie says that Natalia and Brot could win too and suggests that they drop out, but Jesse says no.  Angie says something about the 5-second rule and Tad disqualifies them.  Tad announces that Erica and Ryan have to return to the dance floor in 10 seconds or will be disqualified.  The 10 seconds goes by and Tad announces that Natalia and Brot have won the dance marathon.

Erica and Ryan continue kissing and groping each other in her office.

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