AMC Update Friday 9/25/09

All My Children Update Friday 9/25/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Madison runs into Randi on Fusion’s rooftop and dares Randi to hurt her after giving her a brick. Randi take a minute to think about it; she raises her hand as if to strike Madison, but Brot stops her. He is able to convince her that Madison is not worth giving up her life. Randi leaves and Frankie arrives looking for her. Brot tells him the story.

Adam’s heart begins to race then he falls to the ground. He sees Stuart who asks Adam if he has been shot as well. Annie comes over and tries to convince Adam to go home. David listens to Adam’s heart and tells him that he is OK.

Ryan and Erica realize that Annie wants Adam home so that she can control him, so Ryan goes over to speak to Adam and tell him that Annie said that Emma killed Stuart. Adam is besotted by Annie and does not believe Ryan. Adam still cannot put his memories together to enlighten him as to what happened the night Stuart was killed. Adam believes that Ryan only wants to save Kendall.

Adam plans to go home so he asks Scott to dance with Annie. He gives Tad another donation for allowing Scott to take his place. Scott is slowly putting things together as well. He knows that Annie wants to keep others away from Adam and his memories. Annie tries to seduce him and convince him that he wants her while insisting that she loves Adam. Scott sees through her manipulations and tells her to stop with the seduction.

Randi talks to Angie about Madison and Henry’s death. Angie tells her she was justified in hitting Henry to save herself. Angie tells her that she is not a killer.

Krystal asks Erica about Adam; they believe that Annie will kill Adam. They both agree that once some one is in your life they will be apart of your life forever. Erica will always be connected to Adam. and Annie will always be connected to Tad. Krystal talks to Erica about Tad. She believes that Tad and she will never get together because of the things she did to get David and the things she did while she was with David. Krystal knows that Tad will never forgive her.

David asks Amanda to be honest with him; he wants to know if Jake and she were playing him and she says yes; she also tells him her plan to get him to relax with her. Amanda tells David that she is in love with Jake and no one will change that. David tells her that she and Jake can take Trevor home and spend the night together. Amanda is excited but Jake sees it as manipulation by David so he tells Amanda no. Jake wants to know if he asks her to leave on a jet plane with him and Trevor would she leave; she says no. Jake tells her that he does not want to spend the night with her.

Jake tells Tad that David is pursuing his wife so he wants to walk away from the marriage like Tad did with Krystal. Tad tells him that the difference is that Amanda loves him. David is happy that Amanda did not go with Jake.

Tad finds Krystal on the roof and asks her to dance. She will dance with him only if he says he can forgive her for David. The look on his face tells her he cannot forgive her.

Frankie and Randi are so tired that they leave the dance and go home.

Adam remembers asking Annie if she killed Stuart. He also remembers Ryan’s words telling him if he looks long enough he will see the truth about Annie.

Brot and Natalia tease each other about who is the toughest, a policemen or a soldier. Natalia is tough with Brot but he can hang with her. Angie and Jesse laugh at their interaction.

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