AMC Update Thursday 9/24/09

All My Children Update Thursday 9/24/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Krystal asks Tad to occupy David, because Jake is trying to steal Trevor. Jake attempts to steal Trevor, but Amanda stops him; the babysitter runs to get the police. David catches Jake with the baby but does not have him arrested. David tells Amanda and Jake that they must stop fighting over Trevor. David will begin to allow Jake some time with Amanda and Trevor at his home; Amanda is suspicious of Jake’s motives.

Liza tells Zach that if she were allowed to love him she would never turn to another man and break her promises to him. Zach kisses her but pulls away. He tells her that they could never have a future together. Liza quits as Zach lawyer and friend. Liza tells Tad that she never really had Zach, but she cried over him in Fusion’s bathroom. Tad senses Liza’s unhappiness and tries to be a friend. Zach is worried that Ryan has scared Annie off. Erica points out lipstick on Zach’s mouth; he ignores her.

Annie realizes that Ryan is using her. Ryan brags to Erica that he was close to getting the truth from Annie before she bolted. Zach orders Ryan out of the Annie caper since he is concerned about Kendall’s life. Ryan wants to stay in because of Emma’s possible involvement.

Madison wants Frankie to divorce Randi or she will give the cops the tape. Randi suggest that Frankie gives Madison what she wants because they will never get rid of her. Natalia makes Madison look into the mirror and tells her she is the black widow that killed Henry North. She breaks the glass then tells Madison that she caught the spider. Madison points a piece of the glass at Natalia who is not threatened. Jesse tells Brot a short version of what is happening with Madison. Brot lets him know that he is there if he can help. Madison cuts herself and pretends that Natalia cut her. Madison tells Jesse that Natalia cut her; she makes Jesse so mad that he grabs her and squeezes her shoulders while pushing her into the mirror. Frankie saves her then treat her facial cut. Madison decides not to press charges against Natalia.

Erica and Adam talk about Annie and Ryan and each other’s relationship. Ryan wants to be honest about his feelings, so he tells Erica that he thought about her everyday while she was in Africa.

Tad asks Krystal for a dance.

Zach apologize for hurting Liza’a feelings again.

Madison runs into Randi on Fusion’s rooftop and dares Randi to hit her.

Adam’s heart begins to race then he falls to the ground. He sees Stuart who asks Adam if he has been shot as well.

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