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All My Children Update Tuesday 9/22/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Zach says that someone could have seen Kendall.  Aidan says that someone did and that he doesnít think that this is what the judge had in mind when he sentenced Kendall to 15 years to life.  Zach asks what Aidan knows.  Aidan says that he knows about the woman serving Kendallís prison time and that there is only one problem: Kendall isnít free and never will be.

Ryan says that the punch was Zachís last warning to stay away from Annie and Emma.  Ryan says that he will do anything to protect his daughter.  Annie says that Emma is lucky to have a father like Ryan.  Ryan says that Emma didnít do too bad in the mother department either.  Annie says that it has been a long time since Ryan felt that way.  Ryan says that he has been reminded of just how far she will go.

Pete says that Adam is an idiot for letting Annie dance with another guy because he could lose her for good.  Colby says that there is no way that Ryan would ever take Annie back.  Pete says ďnever say neverĒ, especially with a woman who moves like that.

Adam says that it is time he cut back in and Scott asks if that is legal.  Adam says that it better be with all the money he has donated.  Reporters ask Erica if she will be able to continue with the marathon.  Erica says that she isnít going to let a little twist of her ankle stop her from helping the children.

Natalia tells Jesse to come up there because she found someone who said that Frankie was following a woman when he ran through.  Jesse realizes that Frankie was chasing Madison and tells Angie to keep an eye on Randi.  Randi realizes that Madison really was after her.

Madison tells Frankie not to come any closer or she will jump.  Frankie suggests that he should give her a push.

Randi asks why nobody told her.  Angie says that Frankie didnít want Randi to worry.  Randi says that Madison could have killed Frankie with the award, but Angie says that Frankie is fine.   Randi says that he is fine until Madison pushes him too far.

Madison says that Frankie doesnít have it in him, but he says that she would be surprised.  Madison says that Frankie saves lives, but his wife takes them away.  Madison says that if something happens to her, the tapes from the night of Henryís murder get dropped into the lap of DCPD.  Madison says that if Frankie sends her over the edge, Randi and Jesse will go straight to prison.  Frankie says that all he wants to do is live his life, but she canít let him do that.  Frankie says that if it was about the money, she would have left town weeks ago, but she chose to stay and torture him and Randi.  Madison says that Randi deserves to be tortured for what she put her through.  Frankie says that Henry, not Randi, is the one who hurt Madison.  Jesse shows up and says that is why Madison killed Henry.

Natalia says that she should have heard something by now, but Brot tells her to relax.  Natalia tells Brot that they have to earn $5,000 to get a break and tells him to tweet his friends.  Brot says that his battery is dead and that they will have to do it the old-fashioned way.  Natalia asks Brot why he is still standing there.  Brot says that Jesse said to let him handle the Madison North situation.  Natalia says that she doesnít blindly take orders and Brot says that she should start.  Brot asks how Natalia is going to make it as a cop if she canít handle a simple assignment.  Brot tells Natalia to go and that he will watch Annie because obedient soldiers finish what they start.

Annie asks if Ryan remembers the last time they danced to that song.  Ryan says that he should, but doesnít.  Annie says that they were on the camping trip with Emma in the middle of nowhere.  Ryan says that it seems like a different lifetime and Annie says that it was a different lifetime.  Annie asks if Erica will be angry when she sees them dancing like this.  Ryan says that Erica wonít be because it is for a good cause that she feels very strongly about.  Annie asks if Erica feels as strongly for the cause as she does for Ryan.

Adam and Erica talk about her ankle and about her episode of New Beginnings.  Adam tells Erica that Ryan isnít dancing alone.  Erica says that Adam needs to rein in his fiancťe and get her a leash, or a jail cell would work too.

Aidan says that he went to visit Kendallís jail cell and found a stranger staring back at him.  Aidan tells Kendall that being locked up in the house is no different from being in prison.  Zach tells Aidan to forget that he saw any of it if he wants to nail Annie.  Aidan asks what the plan is.  Zach says that they need to get Kendall home before anyone else sees her.  Kendall agrees to go home, but says that Zach is going with her.

Jesse says that Madison cracked her husbandís skull and then tried the same thing with Frankie.  Madison says that it is quite a theory.  Jesse says that Madison followed Henry to DC because she couldnít stand not knowing what he was up to. Madison remembers Henry asking her for help.  Madison says that they donít have any proof.  Frankie says that Madison isnít going to pin a murder on his wife.  Madison asks if she is free to go.  Jesse says that Madison is going to get her stuff together and get out of town and warns her to leave his family alone.  Frankie says that Madison has the tapes.  Jesse says that the tapes are useless because they blow Madisonís alibi apart.

Brot tells Natalia that Jesse is handling it.  Natalia tells Brot to shut up and dance.

Tad asks how Ericaís ankle is feeling.  Erica says that she is ready to return to the competition.  Adam says that he is too.  Tad says that technically, they both forfeited when they gave up their partners.  Erica says that she banked enough to cover her absence.  Tad says that if they are going to dance, they have to dance together and tells them to have fun.

Adam asks Erica to admit that the whole marathon was staged so that Ryan could get time with Annie.  Adam says that Erica is trying to corner Annie and ferret out the truth, but it wonít work because Annie is innocent.  Erica says that Annie has a history of being mentally ill and killed her own brother.  Erica says that Adam is having doubts and that is why he let Annie dance with Ryan.  Erica says that maybe Adam is one of the men who enjoy going to bed at night not sure if they will wake up again.

Annie says that she canít make Emma relive what she has been through.  Ryan says that Emma wonít if they keep it a secret.  Annie says that Erica will want to know what information he found out from their conversation.  Ryan says that he will tell Erica what she wants to hear because if he points the finger at Annie, then Emma stays protected.

Jesse tells someone to take Madison to the casino to get her things and put her on a bus.  Jesse tells them to keep watching until the bus is out of sight.

Randi realizes that Madison might have killed Henry.  Frankie comes in and says that it was Madison, but Randi says that they donít know it for sure.  Angie says that they do know that Madison is out of their lives for good.

Scott says that there is no sign of Zach.  Liza says that if she doesnít find him soon, they will get eliminated.

Zach says that he canít leave yet because Annie is tired and her guard is down.  Kendall asks how Zach could kiss Liza like that when he knew she was watching.  Zach says that Kendall coming down there will destroy everything and leave their boys without a family because they will both be in prison, along with Jesse.  Aidan says that they have to move fast because Liza is on her way.  Zach says that he will handle Liza and tells Aidan to take Kendall home. 

Liza tells Zach that their break is almost over.  Liza says that she has looked for him everywhere.  Zach says that he found an empty audio booth for some peace and quiet.  Liza asks him to show her, but Zach says that they have to dance now. 

Jesse says that the threat level has been reduced and that Randi can officially go home.  Randi says that they havenít been eliminated yet, but Frankie says that she has had a night from hell.  Randi says that it is charity and Frankie agrees to stay.  Frankie asks Jesse if Madison is really out of the picture.  Jesse says that there is no way Madison can bring Randi down without bringing herself down.  Natalia comes over and asks if everything is okay.  Jesse says that she is supposed to be watching Annie.  Brot says that he is getting back to Annie.  Natalia says that she can feel that something is still wrong.  Brot asks when Natalia knew that she wanted to be a cop.  Natalia says that it wasnít until she found out that her dad was the chief of police.  Brot says that Natalia is lucky because she has found her path.

Tad announces that a very generous donor has pledged $10,000 to see Erica dancing with Ryan again.  Erica asks Adam if he is insecure enough to pledge a small fortune to keep Annie away from Ryan. 

Liza says that Ryan must be doing something right because Annie is on top of the world.  Zach says that he has a lot on his mind.  Liza says that Ryan is doing a wonderful job with Annie and tells Zach not to get in the way.

Annie says that it is nice to have her partner back.  Adam says that he hopes it wasnít too unbearable for Annie to dance with Ryan.  Annie says that Ryan was being nice to her and might even let her see Emma again.  Adam asks how Annie set that up.  Annie says that they needed to see each other as parents, not enemies and they are putting their daughter first.

Erica asks Ryan if he got Annie to confess to killing Stuart.  Ryan says that Annie is so desperate to cove for her crime, that she is now shifting the blame to Emma.  Ryan says that Annie knows he would do absolutely anything to protect Emma.  Ryan tells Erica that he wonít let Annie get away with this.  Zach comes over and asks how things went with Annie.  Ryan says that it could have gone better and tells Zach that he can back off.  Erica asks them to remember the real reason that they are there.

Annie tells Adam that she canít wait to marry him because he is her best friend.  Annie asks Adam if he believes in her and he says that he does and that he will love her until the day he dies.

Kendall says that Annie makes her sick because she is prancing around with her ankle-monitor and Kendall is stuck there with Aidan.  Kendall reminds Aidan that he broke Annie out of Oak Haven.  Aidan says that he thought Annie was getting better, but now he knows that she wasnít.  Kendall asks what about Annie makes men abandon all reason.  Aidan says that it is probably love.

Liza says that Zach has to stop getting into Ryanís face because all that matters is getting Kendall exonerated.  Zach says that he doesnít want Ryan waltzing all over it.  Liza says that Ryan is on the right track.  Liza says that they have to back off and let Ryan do his thing.  Liza suggests that they call it a night and go home Ė separately.  Zach tells Liza to go ahead, but that he is going to stay and see it through because he needs to keep an eye on Ryan.  Liza says that Ryan doesnít need Zach looking over his shoulder.  Zach says that this is Kendallís last chance.  Zachís phone rings and he says that it is the sitter. 

Kendall tells Zach that she is home and that Aidan distracted the neighbors so that she could sneak in the back.  Zach asks her to put Aidan on.  Zach asks Aidan if Kendall is watching the dance marathon and Aidan says that she is glued to it.  Zach says that he might need Aidan to stay with Kendall until he gets home.  Zach says that if Kendall starts doing something silly that Aidan needs to take the TV out of the room.  Aidan says that he will take good care of Kendall and this time keep his hands to himself.  They hang up.  Kendall says that Aidan was throwing their night together in Zachís face.  Aidan says that he thought Kendall wanted Zach to be as jealous as she is.

Liza asks about Ian.  Zach says that Ian is fine.  Liza asks why it looks like Zach is about to punch something.  Zach says that having other people dealing with his business ends now.

Pete asks if Colby thought Tad would bring him a snack.  Colby says that Pete can get one himself if they can earn $6,000.  Pete says that he is starving and that he is hypoglycemic.

Natalia says that Adam and Annie earned a break and that she would do anything for a nap right now.  Brot tells Natalia how to sleep while she is dancing.

An officer tells Jesse that he watched the bus and that there were no problems.  Frankie gets a text telling him to go to Ericaís office.  Frankie says that it is the hospital and he needs to take the call.  Madison says that it was fast.  Madison says that she hates buses and that Frankie shouldnít go anywhere because she has insurance.

Colby tries to get Pete talking.  Pete says that he is hypoglycemic.  Tad asks if Pete is okay.  Pete says that he quits.  Tad says that Pete did good and tells Colby to get Pete some food.  Tad tells Jesse to get back to dancing.  Randi says that they can go because Frankie will be there at any minute.

Madison plays the tape for Frankie.  Frankie asks if Madison bugged Randi.  Frankie asks what Madison wants and she says that she wants Frankie to dance with her.

Adam says that he needs to stop listening to conspiracy theories and start listening to his fiancťe.  Scott asks if Adam thinks he would have a relationship with Annie if she hadnít saved his life.  Adam says that he is glad it happened because he is going to be a better man.  Scott asks what he gets.  Adam says that Scott has him and they both have Annie to thank for it.

Annie thanks Erica for letting her borrow Ryan and that Erica and Ryan will look great at her wedding to Adam.  Annie asks Erica how Kendall would feel knowing that her mother was taking her sloppy seconds.  Erica slaps Annie.

Liza tries to stop Zach.  Zach asks Ryan if Annie confessed and Ryan says that she hasnít yet, but his plan will work.  Ryan says that his plan is moving a lot faster than Zachís was because Annie trusts him more.  Ryan says that he could hand Zach a signed confession from Annie and it wouldnít be enough because it is still between them and Kendall.

Aidan says that half of Pine Valley is putting themselves on the line for Kendall and all she is worried about is a one-night stand that Liza had.  Kendall reminds Aidan that Liza had the one-night stand with Zach.  Kendall asks if Zach told Aidan to lock her in and throw away the key.  Aidan says that first Zach asked him to do something and picks up the TV before leaving the room.  Kendall yells for Aidan to come back.

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