AMC Update Monday 9/21/09

All My Children Update Monday 9/21/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

On TV, Tad comments about Ryan and Annie making the cutest couple.

Kendall asks if the whole world has gone insane and where Erica is.  Tad announces that Ericaís ankle is fine and that she will be returning to the dance floor soon.

Zach says that he can tell that Annie told Ryan something.  Liza asks if Zach thinks that Ryan got Annie to confess to Stuartís murder.

Ryan asks Annie if she really wants him to believe that Emma is the one who killed Stuart.  Annie says that she canít believe it took Ryan this long to figure it out.  Annie says that she isnít the one who is in danger from the people who are snooping around.  Ryan asks Annie if she has been protecting Emma the whole time.  Annie says that she has been worried that Emma would say something incriminating about herself.  Annie tells Ryan to think back to that night.

David apologizes for things blowing up with Jake.  Amanda says that it has been heading there for a while.  David says that it had to be difficult for Amanda to look Jake in the eyes and tell him that his plan almost cost her Trevor.  Amanda says that she had to say it because she couldnít hold back the way she feels anymore.

Natalia asks where Randi and Frankie are and says that she doesnít see Angie and Jesse either.  Brot says that he saw Jesse showing a womanís picture around.  Natalia asks if the picture was of Annie and Brot says that it was Madison North.  Natalia says that she has to find Randi and let her know.  Brot says that Natalia has to keep her eyes on Annie and that they havenít earned a break yet.

Frankie asks Taylor where Randi is and what happened.  Jesse asks how Taylor is feeling.  Taylor says that she isnít sure and that Randi hit her.

Madison says that it looks like Randi could use some water or maybe something stronger.  Randi tells Madison to stay away from her.

Taylor says that Randi looked really pale and turned around and hit Taylor with her purse.  Taylor says that she must have hit her head when she hit the floor because she passed out and the next thing she new, Frankie and Jesse were standing over her.  Jesse says that they need someone to look at Taylor. 

Angie tells Randi to sit down.  Angie says that she found Randi cowering like she was scared to death.  Randi asks Frankie if Madison is still there.  Randi says that Madison is following her and that she hit her in the bathroom.  Jesse tells Randi that she hit Taylor, not Madison.  Randi realizes that she is seeing things again.  Frankie says that Randi is probably stressed out, hungry and exhausted.  Frankie suggests that they should get Randi something to eat.  Angie asks what is going on.  Jesse says that Randi is obviously imagining things because she hit Taylor when she thought it was Madison, but that Brot told him that Madison was there.  Angie says that Madison is trying to get in Randiís head and it is working.  Jesse asks Angie to look at Taylor and Angie agrees.  Jesse asks if Randi is feeling any better.  Frankie says that Randi is safe now because he is going to take care of her.

Jake asks Carrie if he can hold Trevor, but Carrie says that Dr. Hayward told her that no one is supposed to other than him and Amanda.  Jake says that Carrie can call anyone she would like, but that it will be fine.  Carrie finally agrees.  Jake talks to Trevor, while holding him.

Amanda says that she never should have went along with Jakeís plan because it was crazy, but she was scared and lost.  David asks if it ever crossed her mind to come to him and tell him the truth about their son.  Amanda says that she thought about it, but David was scary and mean.  Amanda says that David threatened to take Trevor away from her as soon as he was born and even said he was going to buy Trevor.  David says that there were a lot of things he did back then that he isnít proud of.  David says that he looked at Trevor as his last possible chance of having a child that he could raise.  David says that he sees now that they could have come up with some joint custody and at least she would have known that her son was safe.  Amanda says that parents are willing to do some pretty crazy things to keep their children safe by their sides.

Annie says that she snuck into Adamís house that night to take Emma and leave the country.  Annie says that she told Emma to stay in the nursery, but she went downstairs by herself and Kendall had dropped her gun on the terrace.  Annie says that Emma was scared and confused, so she told Emma that it was an accident and that they could forget that it happened, but everyone will not stop questioning her.  Ryan says that when Emma practically went catatonic she wrote ďMommyĒ on the wall in the hospital.  Annie says that Emma was calling out to her, not implicating her.  Annie says that when Zach brought Emma to Adamís to see her, she reinforced the secret.  Ryan says that he knew Zach took Emma to see Annie.  Annie says that Zach was trying to help her because they had something in common: Ryan was trying to keep both of them away from their kids.

Liza says that Annie is probably filling Ryanís head with lies.  Tad announces that Zach and Liza have been voted the sexiest couple for the marathon and that they get another rest break.

Kendall watches the marathon on TV and gets upset with Zach and throws the remote at the wall.

Angie checks Taylor out.  Taylor says that she is fine, but she wants to go home.  Angie says that Taylor can call it a night, as far as dancing goes.  Taylor says that she was eliminated anyways and that she was halfway out the door when Randi hit her.  Taylor asks why Randi hit her.  Angie says that everyone is having a bit of cabin fever and that Randi hadnít eaten all day and asks Taylor not to take it personally.  Taylor says that she wouldnít take it personally because Randi is her friend.  Angie asks if Taylor can find someone to take her to the hospital.  Taylor says that she knows the difference between a hospital bump and a little sympathy bump.  Tad comes in asking for Angie.  Tad says that Angie is missed on the dance floor.  Angie says that she was just checking out Taylorís head injury and asks Tad to convince Taylor to go to the hospital for an x-ray.  Tad says that he will see what he can do and Taylor thanks Angie.  Taylor says that Randi thought she was someone else.  Taylor says that it only hurts when she laughs and Tad says that it is like his gunshot wound.  Taylor says that she is fine.  Taylor tells Tad that he is doing a great job and he thanks her.

Jake says that Carrie shouldnít even be in a bar.  Amanda comes in and tells Jake that if David sees him holding Trevor, he could kick her out.  Jake gives Trevor back to Carrie.  Amanda says that David went to the hospital and will be back any second.  Jake says that it means that David bought the plan and Amanda says that she thinks David bought it.  Jake says that it felt so real.  Amanda says that there had to be some truth behind her words, or David would have seen through the lie.  Jake asks what part of it was the truth.  Amanda says that it really was a bad plan.  Amanda says that David admitted that they should have worked out some kind of joint custody before things got out of hand.  Jake says that David will say anything to reel Amanda in, but Amanda suggests that maybe David is mellowing.  Jake suggests that Amanda is forgetting all of Davidís lies and threats during her pregnancy.  Amanda says that they had to make the plan look good and they did, and asks if they can wait to rehash all of the rest.  Jake says that it did look good, but it is a shame that it didnít feel good.  David walks in.

Tad tells Randi and Frankie that they have to get back on the dance floor before they are eliminated.  Randi tells Frankie that they need to get back and he asks if she is sure that she is ready to go back.  Randi says that she is as good as new.  Angie says that she wants to check Randi out first.  Frankie asks if Jesse thinks he should take Randi home, but Jesse says that if Madison is stalking Randi, the dance marathon is the best place for her.  Frankie says that Randi wouldnít want to quit now anyways because she thinks that they can win it.  Jesse tells Frankie to keep an eye on Randi.  Angie says that Randi has made a full recovery.  Jesse suggests that he and Angie get back to the marathon too. 

Tad tells Jake that everyone, including Amanda, was in on the plan and that she doesnít blame him for it.  Jake says that Amanda canít lie, so it was her heart doing the talking.  Tad says that Amanda is upset, but Jake says that he is losing her.  Tad says that everything will look better in the morning.  Jake says that he canít compete with her child and that he wonít win.

Brot says that he wants a break too.  Natalia asks if Brot has to pee and he says that sometimes she sounds like a grunt, instead of a cop.  Natalia says that they both come with a big adrenaline rush.  Brot tells Natalia to be careful because sometimes the adrenaline rush can turn into an addiction.  Natalia says that she has seen that in her dad when he is working a case.

Angie tells Jesse to lay out what is in his head.  Jesse says that he is starting to think that Madison, not Randi, killed Henry North.  Angie says that it seems logical because Madison almost killed Frankie the same way that Henry died.  Angie says that Randi isnít a killer and that what happened tonight was the result of constant stress, dehydration and low blood sugar.  Angie tells Jesse to focus on Madison, instead of Randi.

Randi says that maybe she is cracking up from all the hallucinations, but Frankie says that he thinks Madison was on the patio.  Frankie says that he can feel that Madison is around there somewhere and Randi says that she can too.  Frankie says that Randi is safe because she is out in public, but she is still being used as bait to lure Madison out of hiding.  Randi says that she will do whatever it takes to put Madison away.  Frankie says that he feels like he brought it all down on Randi because he kept refusing Madisonís blackmails.  Randi says that she is the one who got their entire family in the mess and apologizes.  Frankie says that Randi has nothing to be sorry about.  Randi says that as long as she is in Frankieís arms, no one can hurt her.

Natalia asks Jesse about showing Madisonís picture around.  Jesse tells Natalia to keep her eyes on Annie and leave the rest to him.

Ryan says that Emma needs medical help because of all the secrets and guilt she has had to keep inside, but Annie tells Ryan that he canít put Emma through that.  Ryan says that the shrinks can help, but Annie says that they could also destroy Emma, like they did her at Oak Haven.  Annie says that Ryan canít tell anyone because Emma could get taken away from them and she is just an innocent child.  Ryan says that he would do anything to protect their daughter.  Annie asks if he would do anything, even if it means leaving Kendall in jail and Ryan says yes.

Amanda shows up to see Jake.  Amanda says that she loves Jake and doesnít blame him because she couldnít have done any of it without him helping her stand up to David.  Amanda says that without Jake in her corner, she couldnít do anything.  Jake asks Amanda to go back.

Liza says that Zach needs to join forces with Ryan.  Liza says that Zach should tell Ryan that he is using Emma to work Annie.  Zach asks if Liza thinks it will help.  Liza says that Ryan could have the missing piece of the puzzle.  Zach says that he doesnít trust Ryan and Liza says that it is because he wonít forgive Kendall and Ryan.  Zach says that he canít forgive them because of what they did to his family.  Liza asks if Zach could forgive them if Kendall is innocent.  Zach says that Kendall betrayed him and the boys.  Zach says that he doesnít trust Kendall or Ryan.  Zach asks how they can get another break and Liza says that she has an idea.

Kendall sees Lizaís actions on TV and calls her a bitch.  Tad says that Liza and Zach have just earned another break!

Annie tells Ryan that she feels closer than she has in a long time, but that she is in love with Adam.  Annie says that they will talk later and walks away.  Zach walks over to Ryan and says that they should talk.  Ryan says that they should talk about the fact that Annie confirmed that Zach took Emma to see her.  Zach admits it and Ryan calls him a son of a bitch.  Zach says that he is playing Annie and that Emma will be fine.  Ryan says that Annie is the one playing Zach because he is giving her everything that she wants.  Zach says that he is waiting for Annie to slip and that he will find out what Annie and Emmaís secret is.  Ryan says that Zach canít find it out.  Liza says that they are so close.  Ryan says that the only thing that they are close to is nailing Emma for Stuartís murder.

Tad announces that they have a twist competition and that the winner gets a 15-minute rest break.

Frankie tells Randi how to twist.

Natalia says that she wonít do it because it is for ďsenile old fartsĒ and that it is stupid.  Brot picks on Natalia and she starts to do the twist.

Tad announces that the winners of the twist competition are Randi and Frankie.  Frankie asks Tad if he will let Angie and Jesse join them.  Tad agrees, but says not to let anyone know and that there will be no more favors.

Zach realizes that Annie told Ryan that Emma shot Stuart.  Ryan says that he will be able to get the truth out of Annie because he knows her better than anybody.  Zach says that Emmaís truth put Kendall in prison.  Ryan says that Kendallís confession, not Emmaís lie, put Kendall in prison.  Zach tells Ryan that Kendall doesnít believe that she did it anymore.  Ryan says that now all they have to do is get a confession out of Annie.  Ryan admits that he doesnít believe that Emma did it, but that Annie doesnít need to know that.  Ryan says that Annie is using their 7-year-old daughter and blaming her for murder.  Ryan says that the best way to get on Annieís side is for him to help her protect Emma and cover it up.  Zach says that it will be tough to trap Annie and Liza says that it is going to take all of them, but Ryan says that he is doing it alone for Emma.  Liza says that Annie is coming.

Annie asks why Ryan hit Zach.  Ryan says that it was for Zach taking Emma to see Annie because the last thing they need is anyone to get to Emma and what she did.

Liza asks if Zach is all right and Zach says that Ryan enjoyed it too much.  Liza asks if Zach thinks it is possible that Annie isnít lying and Emma really did it.  Zach says that Emma didnít do it, but if Annie is willing to sacrifice her daughter she must feel cornered.  Liza says that Annie is a sociopath and has a radar for lies.  Liza says that Ryan might not want their help, but he needs it if his only goal is to keep Emma safe from Annie.  Zach says that if Ryan blows it with Annie, the door will close for good.

Frankie says that he is going to grab Randi something and will be back.  Randi promises that she will be okay.  Frankie yells ďstopĒ.

Tad says that Jake has to stop torturing himself.  Jake says that itís like a car accident and canít help it.  Tad says that David will blow it because the only thing he cares about is the thrill of the hunt.  Tad says that David will self-destruct because once he has his prize, he loses interest.  Jake asks how long it takes and how many people get hurt during the hunt.  Tad says that Trevor will be fine because kids are resilient.  Jake says that he is talking about Amanda and asks what will happen to Amanda, or his relationship with her, once David is done.  Tad says that they will all be fine.  Jake asks if Tad or Krystal were fine when David was done.  A cameraman says that they need Tad.

Brot asks Frankie what is going on.

Liza says that Zach is letting his jealousy get in the way.  Zach says that it isnít her business and that Ryan made a choice.  Liza says that Kendall made a choice and that Zach is making them both pay for the affair.  Liza suggests that Zach doesnít want to see Kendall out of prison.  Zach says that he is working on getting her out, but doesnít trust Ryan.  Liza says that Zach doesnít have to trust Ryan to have him bring something to the table.  Zach says that it complicates things and tells Liza never to say that he doesnít want Kendall out of prison.  Liza asks Zach if Kendall really believes that she didnít do it.  Zach says that Kendall doesnít think she did it and that he is going to spend the rest of the break on his own.  Kendall says that she is glad that Zach could pull himself away from Liza long enough to come see her.

Ryan says that the punch was Zachís last warning to stay away from Annie and Emma.  Ryan says that he will do whatever he has to do to protect his daughter.

Jesse says that everyone is looking for Frankie.  Natalia says that she saw him run through there, but doesnít know where he went.

Kendall says that the neighbors are watching Ian and that she called and pretended to be Rachel.  Zach asks why Kendall would come there and risk everything.  Zach asks if Kendall realizes that someone could walk in and see her.  Aidan says that somebody did.

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