AMC Update Friday 9/18/09

All My Children Update Friday 9/18/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne

Madison puts a mickey in a bottler of water, then passes it on to Frankie, without showing her face, who gives it to Randi; Randi starts to get dizzy. Angie notices that Randi is not feeling well and takes her to the ladies room. She leaves Randi in the ladies room while she gets her some food. While Randi wad dizzy, she mistook Zach for Henry North.

Annie tells Ryan he can forget trying to get her to confess.

Tad bothers Adam and he tells Tad to be a moron somewhere else and leave him alone.

JR and Marissa make out on Fusion’s rooftop. JR gives Marissa astronomy lessons; she is impressed but she wants him to tell others about his cancer. Scott finds Marissa and tells her that he is worried about her being with JR; he does not want her to get hurt.

Liza tells Zach to let Ryan in on his secret since he is the one getting closer to Annie. Zach pushes her off. Zach and Liza earned another break. Tad asks them how does it feel to be America’s next super couple. Zach gives him an angry blank stare. Liza warns Tad to lay off the jokes so he apologizes to Liza about his crummy jokes. Zach looks for Annie and finds out that Ryan took her to the roof. Zach overhears Adam asking Scott to make sure that Annie gets home safely so he teases Adam about leaving his wife with her ex-husband.

Ryan asks Annie if Zach brought Emma over to Adam’s to see her, and she calls him paranoid. Annie is civil to Ryan and accuses him of walking away from their marriage. Emma saw her mommy on TV and she calls to tell her Hi. Ryan overhears her telling her mommy that she will not tell her dad anything.

Adam talks to Scott about his memories. Adam is suspicious of Zach’s intentions. Scott can’t believe Annie did bad things like kill her brother and stab Erica.

David and Amanda see their baby during breaks. Taylor visits Amanda, David and Trevor. Amanda goes to the restroom and runs into Jake; they kiss and talk. David gets suspicious and looks for Amanda in the restroom. He finds Amanda and Jake together. Amanda thinks she can fool David by pretending that David, Trevor and she are a family. Amanda and Jake pretend to argue in front of David.

Tad eliminates a couple of dancers who have stopped dancing. Tad is concerned that Amanda and Jake are hatching another stupid plan and he wants them to stop with the dumb plans. Tad kicks JR out of the dance, because he looks so tired.

Petey need to go to the bathroom so he asks Tad to use the bathroom and Tad says yes.

Taylor walks into the bathroom while Randi is there. Jesse asks if anyone has seen the woman in the picture he has in his hand. Brot tells Jesse that he saw Madison in the ladies room at Confusion. Jesse tells Frankie that Madison is in the building.

Ryan pushes Annie so she tells him that she did not kill Stuart. She asks him to leave it alone because she has been trying her best to protect Emma. Ryan wants to know how she is protecting Emma than a light bulb comes on. Ryan asks Annie if she is protecting Emma then he says, “Oh my God”.

Jake confronts David and Amanda and calls her a slut. Tad reminds Jake of the TV cameras so Tad and Taylor take Jake away.

Adam sees JR and assumes he is drinking. Marissa admonishes Adam for his behavior.

Taylor enters the bathroom. Jesse and Frankie find Taylor in a bathroom stall knocked out, and Randi is missing.

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