AMC Update Thursday 9/17/09

All My Children Update Thursday 9/17/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne

Pine Valley is having a danceathon sponsored by Ryan and Erica. Donations for the favorite dance couple will go to feed starving children all over the world, but especially in Africa.

Jake decides to dance, so he takes Brot away from Taylor and places him with Natalia; he takes Taylor as his partner. David is jealous that Jake is dancing; Amanda demands that Jake give her his attention.

Madison is hiding in the ladies bathroom. She sees Frankie and Randi on the monitor so she calls and bet $12,000 for the couple. This allows Frankie and Randi to have a break.

Someone pledged a $20,000 donation but all of the dancers have to do the drunken turkey dance in exchange for the money. The dance is funny and quite entertaining. The dance required that they snap their fingers, flap their elbows, shimmy up and down and sashay four times before repeating the steps.

Kendall is watching the danceathon on TV and is getting angry watching Liza dance with Zach. Kendall sees Liza doing the sexy dance with her husband and she is seething. She talks to Ian about the bad lady trying to steal his daddy. Kendall calls Zach while he is in the men’s room and Liza answers his cell phone. Kendall accuses Liza of chasing her husband and Liza apologize then tell her that that they are trying to get Annie to talk. Zach answers the phone then Kendall accuses him of an affair with Liza. Zach is so furious with Kendall that he hangs up the phone.

Erica remark to Adam that she did not know that he took dancing lessons because when they were married he always stepped on her toes. Adam told her that he stepped on her toes because she has big feet. Adam, Annie, Erica and Ryan continue to exchange barbs. Adam asks Ryan how does he know whom to trust when even his good friend Zach Slater is not even on his side. Ryan asks Adam to explain, but Adam ignores him.

When Liza and Zach see Annie and Adam take a break, they want to take a break but do not have enough pledges. Liza decides to get their pledges up by doing a sexy dance with Zach. Zach is shocked and just stands there as Liza dance around him. Liza dances all across the floor and they get to get a break. Amanda and Adam return to the dance floor as soon as Liza and Zach arrive.

Erica attacks Zach and boohoos him for bringing Liza to the dance. Zach teases her for being with Ryan. Tad comes over and reminds Zach of his wife and then he asks how is Liza helping Kendall by being at the danceathon. Liza tells him that she and Zach are feeding the hungry children.

Scott wants to know why Annie is at the dance; Annie does not answer.

Ryan becomes suspicious that Zach has been arranging for Emma to see Annie. Ryan tells Zach that he is befriending Annie to get revenge on him. Zach tells him he should spend more time at home unless there is another Kane woman distracting him.

Ryan and Erica notices that Adam is looking a little tired and need to sit down. Erica fakes an injury to her ankle and bows out of the contest. Erica and Ryan want Annie to be Ryan’s new partner. Adam is remembering bits and pieces of his memory of the night that Stuart was shot. He is confused trying to put the pieces together. Annie agrees to be Ryan’s partner and Zach is upset because he wanted an opportunity to get closer to Annie. Zach knows that Ryan is up to something.

Randi and Frankie refuse their first break, because they are enjoying being in each other’s arms. They take a break but find all of the water gone. Madison is in the ladies’ room putting a Miki in a bottle of water.

JR and Marissa tell each other that they love each other. When the couple kisses, David attempts to go over to the pair and break them up. Amanda stops his from interfering with the couple. JR tells her how he felt seeing her with Scott and she tells him that she left the cabin because she was afraid of being in love with him. They sneak off downstairs to be with each other.

Petey and Colby dances with each other and they are funny because Petey has to go to the bathroom but have zero time outs. He wiggles his way on the dance floor. Petey decides to do a few cute dance moves since it worked for Liza and Zach.

Brot decides to twitter in order to receive more pledges.

Annie is on to Ryan and wants to know if he is trying to get her to confess. She tells him to forget about it. He dips her on the dance floor and tells her they will see who gets whom to confess.

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