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All My Children Update Wednesday 9/16/09


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Suzanne

In order to keep Kendall safe from curious eyes such as Liza's, Zach installs a latch on her secret room door.  Instead of being grateful, Kendall feels her husband might as well brick up the opening and seal her in. Zach suggests that Kendall watch television with her headset, but she doesn't listen and continues to watch TV where Kelly, a reporter, at ConFusion announces the start of the "Fusion Children's Hunger Project" event hosted by none other than Pine Valley's own Erica Kane. After thanking everyone that made the event possible on such short notice, Erica describes her recent trip to Africa which had a profound effect on her. Having discovered that there is an entire continent of hungry children, Erica is determined to do everything she can to help them with a good old-fashioned charity dance marathon where volunteers are going to dance their hearts out while viewers call in their pledges for their favorite team. When Kelly announces the entrance of Adam Chandler and his fiancée, who has been given a dispensation from her house arrest by the judge in order to participate in the charity event, Kendall exclaims, "Oh, my God. She's out?" Ryan quickly approaches Annie and strongly suggests that she turn around and leave now.

Jake joins Amanda on Fusion's rooftop so she can inform him that her dance partner for the night is David. She wants to get closer to him, so he can start trusting her and let his guard down. Already insecure about his marriage, Jake can't believe that Amanda plans on making David fall in love with her.

Downstairs at ConFusion, David arrives holding Trevor and wants to check in. Tad gives him a hard time, wondering who on earth would want to stand next to him for hours and hours. Seeing a woman beside him, Tad asks if he hired her to do it, but David introduces the young lady as his nanny, Carrie, and informs Tad he'll be dancing with the mother of his child. Liza wonders if he held a gun to her head, too, to make Amanda do it. Tad explains to Liza that cots will be set up at ConFusion so the dance teams with the most pledges will be able to take rest breaks every few hours. When he asks if she's checking in, Liza admits she doesn't have a partner.

After the Hubbards greet each other at ConFusion, Frankie wonders why Madison hasn't made good on her threats to report Randi's murder of Henry, to the Washington, D.C., police department. Jesse is sure Madison won't be going to the police, because she might have killed her husband herself after Randi just knocked him out.  Frankie believes his father's theory but suggests they not mention it to Randi until they have proof, so as not to give her any false hope. Jesse wants to keep a close eye on Randi, but Frankie is sure she'll be safe with him.

In the rest room, Randi and Taylor talk about her break up with Tad, who tends to turtle up when it comes to relationships and not fight for what or who he wants. Although Randi suggests she go ask Tad to dance with her so they can talk some more, Taylor changes the subject and asks how she and Frankie got back on track. Randi attributes the improvement in her relationship to Jesse who reminded her that the only way to conquer her fears is to meet them head on, because if you run, nothing gets resolved. Taylor wishes Jesse would have that conversation with Tad, who always seems to have his sneakers ready. After Taylor and Randi exit, Madison comes out of hiding from one of the stalls. Taylor approaches Tad and asks if he would be her dance partner but is disappointed when he says he's helping Erica emcee the event. When Tad suggests she volunteer setting up cots and food, Taylor meets Brot who offers to fill in for Tad and be her dance partner just as friends.

Jesse wants to show Madison's picture around, because he feels she's dangerous, but he doesn't say anything to his daughter-in-law. Randi meets Frankie and the two go check in for the dance marathon. As the dancing finally gets underway, Madison slips into the room.

Kendall is irate that Annie is at her company dancing at her mother's charity event and asks Zach if he's close to finding out the truth. He doesn't think that Emma can hold on to her secret much longer, but Kendall can't tolerate seeing Annie out on the town. Zach thinks he'll have a good opportunity to talk to her when she's tired and vulnerable once Adam bows out of the competition. Kendall is jealous that she has to stay locked up while Zach goes dancing and gets even more agitated when she discovers that he's partnering up with Liza in the beginning.

In his role as Erica's helper, Ryan wants to make sure people aren't there for their own publicity purposes, but Adam accuses him of having a problem with Annie. As Erica joins them, Ryan warns Adam not to try to convince a potential jury pool that Annie is an upstanding citizen. While Erica takes Adam to her office to discuss the matter in private, Annie suggests that she and Ryan start acting like adults and be civil for Emma's sake. When Ryan says he preferred crazy Annie over snarky, bitchy Annie, his ex-wife asks if she's acting too much like Erica now.

Adam claims he just wants to dance with his fiancée and make money for Erica's charity. She doesn't want him to turn this into a media circus because he has a deranged murderer on his arm, but the only deranged murderer Adam knows is Erica's daughter, who killed his brother. At that Erica shouts for him to get out, but Adam urges her to consider how much money she'll be losing, because Chandler Enterprises will match any pledge made to him and Annie up to and including one million dollars.

Annie assures Ryan her ankle monitor is still on, just turned off for the night, then suggests he learn to smile with her. Ryan recalls past events that have taken the humor out of any conversation they may have, but Annie thinks he's just angry because he'll have to start sharing Emma with her soon. Although Adam might be able to buy her an acquittal, Ryan is sure there isn't any judge that will grant her custody of Emma. When Annie insists that Emma wants her in her life, Ryan asks if she's been talking to their daughter again. Suddenly Adam appears at Annie's side and assures Ryan they play by the rules. Ryan is not happy that Erica is letting them stay, but she can't refuse Adam's money.

Pete feels that Opal is forcing him to dance with his mother and he'll be labeled a nerd, but he can't refuse joining the cause and signs in. Angie is nervous that she won't be able to last the night. After Taylor slaps a number on Brot's back, Natalia approaches and asks him if they're back together again, but Brot insists they're just dancing as friends. She then walks over to Jesse and gets her orders to watch over Annie who is still a flight risk, so she stands next to Annie and announces she'll be her personal escort until her anklet is turned back on.

Since David is so enamored with his baby and vulnerable right now, Amanda thinks she can mess with his head and get him at a weak moment to make him fall in love with her. A skeptical Jake is very uncomfortable with this plan, but Amanda convinces him that they can get David out of the picture so they can be a family again. She hopes he'll want to sleep with her, so she can drive him crazy by saying no and finally ending it.

Offering up to two million dollars, Ryan pleads with Erica to change her mind and send Adam and Annie home, but she suggests he think of it as a competition between the two couples. She's confident they can beat Adam and show them for the fools they really are while taking his money. Smiling as Ryan sees the old Erica come shining through, she claims she's the same Erica with a different cause.

Kendall thinks it's wrong for Zach to dance the night away with Liza, but he reminds her that she's doing everything she can to help her and besides their marriage had problems before Liza showed up. Kendall accuses Zach of putting up a wall between them. Zach advises her to spend the next couple of days with Ian and be careful, because he's going to create a babysitter if anyone asks who's watching his son. He then suggests she not watch him on TV and do something else, because he needs to get something concrete on Annie.

When Colby brings Emma to Fusion to meet her dad, the little girl runs into Annie's arms. Adam wants Colby to let them say hello to each other, but Colby finds it weird that he never thought she should spend any time with her mother. As Ryan approaches his daughter, Colby apologizes for the chance meeting, and Adam asks for him to let Emma have a few minutes with her mother. Urging him to stay out of it, Ryan reminds everyone that Annie is legally prohibited from spending any time with Emma. When Zach also supports Annie seeing her daughter, Ryan realizes he really is on their side now and is surprised that Zach and Liza are dance partners.

Angie and Jesse give David the cold shoulder when they run into him at the bar. As he gives him his team numbers, Tad asks David why he can't leave Jake and Amanda alone, even though he has his baby. Recalling how Amanda was once attracted to him, David hopes lightning will strike twice. Although Tad thinks his chances with Amanda are zero to none, David suggests that with the love they have for their baby, anything's possible.

Watching Annie with her daughter, Zach and Liza are sure they're discussing their secret and hope it's about Stuart's murder. Ryan takes Emma in his arms and asks Colby to take her home, but Opal comes up with a plan to let Colby dance with Pete while she takes care of the little girl. Ryan carries Emma to the elevator as Opal tells Pete to thank her tomorrow. Certain they can outdance and outlast anyone there, Pete happily puts his team number on Colby's back

Frankie and Randi kiss and prepare to dance till dawn or until they drop. Madison continues to shadow them.

Handing the baby to Nanny Carrie, Amanda runs to get her flats, so she and David can start dancing.

Stunned to hear that Zach is dancing with Liza, Erica accuses him of coming out with her as a couple. Zach then wants to know what's going on between her and Ryan, but Erica insists he's just a good friend who's been there for her while Kendall's in prison. After Zach advises her to be careful, because Ryan's a bit of a loose cannon these days, Erica calls Liza just loose and warns him not to be a fool. When Erica goes downstairs for an interview, Ryan joins her.

Liza asks Annie when her trial will be. Annie sounds confident that everything will be okay with Adam's help. After Adam thanks him for standing up to Ryan, Zach calls Ryan trouble and claims he only wants what's best for Emma. While Adam thinks Ryan still blames Zach for Greenlee's death, Annie thinks it has more to do with Ryan sleeping with Kendall. As Liza and Zach go prepare for the dance, Annie and Adam think that Kendall's time in prison has allowed Zach to get over her.

Holding Ian, Kendall watches Erica give an interview on TV, claiming it was time to leave "New Beginnings" and begin a new chapter in her life where she gives back to the world. Playing with her son, Kendall looks forward to a future together with her family away from her crazy secret room but seeing Zach and Liza dancing together on TV plunges her into despair once again.

Jesse finds Zach on the dance floor and assures him that replacement Kendall is holding up well. Zach thinks it won't be long until Annie cracks.

Agreeing they can be friends, Taylor and Brot wraps their arms around each other as they begin to dance until Tad approaches them and congratulates them on being together again. Although Taylor and Brot quickly assure him it's not what he thinks, Tad smirks and replies, "It never is." After Tad walks away, Brot realizes that Taylor really has it for him and wonders what the hold-up is. Taylor and Brot agree they're all afraid to make a leap again.

Erica and Annie run into each other in the same rest room where Annie stabbed her. Though Annie is hopeful about her future, Erica thinks that she won't be able to snow the judge like she did Adam, once he finds out what she did to her brother and her. To get back at her, Annie remarks on how hard it was to watch Erica fall apart at the seams on her last episode of "New Beginnings" where she got fired. When Erica insists it was she who quit, Annie believes she's not a quitter and once everything works out in her favor, she'll live happily ever after. Natalia announces that it's time for the dance marathon to begin, so Erica lobbies her final shot telling Annie that she really needs a thicker foundation, because it doesn't cover those scales. 

Amanda doesn't accept David's compliment about looking beautiful but goes with him to begin the marathon. Jake takes the opportunity to visit with Trevor and tells him he missed him a lot.

As music plays, Tad announces the beginning of the Fusion Children's Hunger Project dance marathon and urges viewers to pledge money for their favorite dancers so they can earn dance breaks and hopefully last longer. Jake helps answer the phones as Kendall watches Liza who she calls "that mean, nasty lady" from home with Ian. Amanda shrinks away from David as he remarks that the amazing people of Pine Valley can't keep their eyes off them, but he reminds her they have to keep touching. Happy that things are getting back to normal for Frankie and Randi, Jesse wants to make sure they stay that way. Madison watches the dancing couples from the sidelines.


In the rest room helping Emma get tidied up, Opal is horrified when she has a vision of blood dripping down a stall door onto the floor and shrieks, "Oh, my God. Not again."

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