AMC Update Tuesday 9/15/09

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/15/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne

Ryan tells everyone that they have to get the whole room cleared out.  Erica asks Randi to make sure the cot is set up downstairs with the buffet in ConFusion.  Erica reminds Randi that they need tons of bottled water.  Natalia asks what they need her to do.  Randi says that she will need all the help she can get if she is going to get it all done by tomorrow.  Erica says that she promised to raise over a million dollars for the starving children and she is going to do it.  Natalia asks how Erica plans to raise that much money in this economy.  Erica says that she is going to do it by dancing.

Marissa makes vegetable soup for JR for dinner.  JR says that he thought they were going out to dinner, but Marissa says that a homemade meal always made her feel better.  JR says that she didnít have to go through all the trouble, but she says that she doesnít mind.  JR says that he does mind and it stops now.

Madison tells Frankie to get away from her because no man deserves her.  Frankie calls her name.  Madison tries to hit Frankie with his heavy award, but he puts his arm out to stop her and receives a heavy blow to his injured right hand.

Kendall cowers inside her secret room with Spike, while Liza knocks on the wall and door to determine where it is hollow.  Colby asks what Liza is doing.  Liza asks if Colby found Spike.  Colby says that she checked everywhere, but canít find him.  Liza asks where he could be.

Annie tells Emma not to worry about the accident anymore and not to talk about it with anyone.  Emma says that she wonít tell anyone.  Zach asks if everything is all right.  Annie says that she was telling Emma not to tell anyone about Zach bringing her there because they donít want anyone to get into trouble.  Zach says that he has to get Emma home.  Annie tells Emma that she loves her.  Zach carries Emma through the den and she sees Adamís silhouette lit by lightning, which makes her remember Stuartís murder and she screams.

Erica says that the dance marathon will be broadcast live from Fusion.  Ryan says that they will be setting up phone banks as well as text messaging, so people can call in and make donations for their favorite couple.  Ryan says that they are asking that the people who canít donate money, donate their time because they have a lot to do with not much time to do it in.  Erica says that going to Africa changed her for the better, but Ryan says that he doesnít know if she can get any better.

JR says that he wants Marissa to relax.  Marissa says that she and her mom would spend hours in the kitchen and their stress would just disappear.  JR says that his mom used to make the most amazing batch of chocolate chip cookies without nuts.  Marissa says that he has to share the recipe with her, but he says that he doesnít know it.  JR say that Marissa is gorgeous and a master chef.  JR says that Marissa cooked, so he gets to clean up.  Marissa says that he shouldnít push himself, but he says that washing a few pots wonít kill him and neither will cancer.

Madison says that men are all the same and that she wonít take it anymore.  Madison raises the award over Frankie.  Frankie asks her not to do it and she remembers Henry asking her to help him.  Madison drops the award.  Frankie tries to stop her.  Angie and Jesse show up.  Frankie asks them which way Madison went because she has lost her mind and they have to stop her.

Liza says that if Ryan finds out that Emma was there, they are done.  Colby says that Kendall would want them to find Spike.  Liza says that she is going to check the backyard again and asks Colby to recheck the bedrooms.  Kendall tells Spike to play hide-and-seek.  Colby says that she found Spike and that he was hiding because that is how you play the game.

Adam asks if Emma is okay.  Annie says that Emma hates the thunder, but she will be okay.  Emma says that something bad is going to happen again like before.  Zach asks if something bad happened that night.  Adam says that Zach is grilling Emma.  Adam tells Annie to take Emma upstairs while he handles this, but Zach says that Emma isnít going anywhere.

Angie says that nothing is broken.  Frankie says that it hurts like hell.  Angie says that if Madison wouldnít have run off, she could have killed Frankie.  Jesse says that sheís gone.  Frankie asks if Jesse called the station and Jesse says that he didnít want to involve the police because Madison will start talking about Randi, so they have to handle it themselves.  Frankie says that Madison could tell the police everything right now, but Jesse says that she isnít going to the police.

JR says that he never should have said anything about the cancer because now Marissa is treating him like a pathetic invalid.  Marissa says that she is trying to be supportive.  JR says that she doesnít have to wait on him hand and foot because he is fine.  Marissa says that people in relationships help each other and that she needs him.  JR says that he needs her too and they kiss.

Adam says that he is calling security.  Zach asks Adam what the judge will say when he finds out that Annie was spending time with Emma.  Zach says that Annie will probably go straight to prison.  Annie tells Emma that mommy isnít going anywhere and tells Adam not to call security.  Scott shows up and asks what is going on.  Adam says that Zach was just leaving and Annie says goodbye to Emma.  Zach and Emma leave.  Scott asks what the situation was really about.

Frankie says that Angie and Jesse have done enough already and that both of their careers are on the line.  Angie says that Frankie just got his career back.  Angie says that she wonít watch Frankie risk his life chasing a woman who wants him dead.  Frankie says that he should be the one protecting his wife.  Jesse says that they are all involved with this way too deeply and asks where Randi is.  Frankie says that Randi is at Fusion, but he is meeting her at home later.  Jesse tells Frankie to go home and keep an eye on Randi, and that he will look out for Madison.  Angie tells Frankie to let Jesse take care of Madison and tells Frankie to take care of his wife.

Brot asks Natalia if she needs help, but she tells him no.  Brot asks what else he can do.  Natalia says that they are cool and apologizes for his wasted trip.  Randi thanks Brot for coming.  Brot says that he was going to pitch in, but he hears that they have everything covered.  Randi shows Brot her list.  Randi says that she could be there all night, which is sad because she was supposed to have a romantic night with Frankie.  Natalia asks if they made up and Randi says that they were going to try.  Brot says that Randi needs to get out of there and says that he and Natalia can cover the rest of the list.  Randi asks if they are sure and Natalia says that she would do anything for Randi and Frankie.  Randi says that if they can get the list done, she will take care of everything else.  Brot asks how they split the list up and Natalia rips it in half.  Erica and Ryan talk about ďNew BeginningsĒ  after she talks with a cameraman from the show.  Erica says that the ratings are down by 30% already and that she is pretty happy about it.  Erica thanks Ryan and he says that he hasnít really done anything yet.  Erica says that he believed in her and gave her the strength to believe in herself again. 

Marissa apologizes and says that they should take it easy.  JR and Marissa kiss again.  Marissa gets a call from David asking her for help.  Marissa tells JR that she has to go because David needs her help with something at Wildwind.  JR says that David can wait, but Marissa says that it sounded really important and apologizes.

Scott asks if Zach brought Emma there to jog her memory about the murder.  Adam says that Zach was giving Emma the third degree about it.  Scott asks if Emma knows something they donít.  Annie says that Zach brought Emma over because she asked him to.  Annie says that Zach was doing something nice and generous, but Adam went ballistic when Zach made one mention of the night Stuart was killed.  Scott reminds Annie that Zachís wife killed Stuart and says that the storm probably brought back all kinds of bad memories.  Adam says that he is trying to make sense of it all.  Annie tells Adam that the killer is in prison and justice is being served.  Annie asks why they canít put it all behind them and move on to happier things.  Adam asks how he can help with the wedding plans and Annie says that she will get some notes and meet him upstairs.  Adam says that he will see Scott in the morning and goes upstairs.  Scott tells Annie that Adam deserves to know what really happened to Stuart and that he needs to make peace with it.  Annie says that she found Adam wandering in the house and took him to the attic, so he lived and Stuart died.  Annie says that it was a horrible, tragic night, but it is over and asks why Scott is trying to force Adam to remember.  Scott says that Stuartís murder was the best thing that ever happened to Annie.  Annie says that when Adam hurts, she hurts.

Colby asks if Emma is trying to give her a heart attack.  Colby says that Ryan will be home any minute.  Zach asks if Spike is ready and Colby says that she will go get him.  Emma asks if Spikeís mom is okay.  Zach says that it is hard for her to be away from the boys.  Emma says that Kendall shouldnít be punished for an accident.  Liza comes downstairs and says that Colby is helping Spike put away his toys and that they will be down in a minute.  Liza tells Emma that she and Zach are trying to get Kendall out of prison, but they need her help.  Liza says that it is very important that Emma tells them exactly what happened the night that Stuart was shot, but Emma says that she wants to go home.  Emma says that if they make her talk about that night, she will tell Ryan that they took her to see Annie.

Scott asks why he wasnít notified that Zach was there.  The guard says that Zach didnít come in the front gate, so he must have slipped in the back.  The guard says that Annie had him pull some guys off the perimeter to put up storm windows because there is a bad one rolling in.  Scott thanks the guard and remembers cavorting around the mansion with Annie.

Annie tries to go over wedding details with Adam.  Adam apologizes and says that no matter how hard he tries, he keeps going back to thinking about that night.  Annie says that she wishes she could help him.  Adam says that Annie will be helping him by being in his life and asks what he would do without her.  Annie says that Adam will never have to worry about that.

Ryan gets home and asks Colby where Corrina is.  Colby says that Corrina had a family emergency and she didnít want to bother him because she knew how busy things were at Fusion.  Ryan asks her to bother him if it happens again and Colby agrees.  Colby asks if Ryan and Erica are really going to dance on TV.  Ryan says that there will be a lot of people to help raise money to feed the children and says that Colby should sign up.  Colby says that she might and asks how it is going.  Ryan says that it is chaotic right now, but when Erica puts her mind to something it gets done perfectly. 

Zach tells Liza that he heard Emma telling Annie that she wouldnít talk about something, but that Annie claims it was about the visit.  Zach says that the power went out at the Chandlersí and that Emma said she was afraid that something bad would happen again.  Zach says that Emma and Adam were both reliving the night of the murder.  Zach says that Adam wouldnít tell him anything, but Emma started talking about an accident, so maybe a gun went off by mistake.  Kendall eavesdrops from upstairs.  Liza says that a lot of people had a stronger motive to kill Adam than Annie, including Kendall.  Lizaís phone rings.

Scott orders a drink and asks Marissa what is wrong.  Marissa says that nothing is wrong.  Scott asks if it is JR and says that JR is probably on a bender.  Marissa says that she thinks she is falling in love with JR.

Angie says that Madison went from making threats against the family to trying to kill Frankie and that her next move could be anything.  Jesse says that he went too far.  Angie says that Madison was going to snap no matter what and it wasnít Jesseís fault.  Angie says that a blow to the head could have been fatal and that Madison could have killed Frankie.  Jesse says that Henry died from a blow to the head with a heavy object.  Angie says that Randi grabbed a bookend, which was the first thing she could to defend herself from Henry.  Jesse says that Randi hit Henry and ran, but when she came back he was dead and she didnít think she hit him that hard.  Angie says that it doesnít matter how hard it is, it just has to be the right spot to cause a brain injury.  Jesse says that he thinks he needs to question Madison about her husbandís death again.

Frankie gets home and finds Randi waiting for him.  Randi says that she tried to get back before him and have dinner ready, but she got stuck at Fusion.  Frankie says that he doesnít need a fancy meal, but he does need his wife.  Randi and Frankie make love in the living room, while music plays.

Liza says that she isnít having second thoughts about Kendall.  Liza says that a lot of people wanted to put a bullet into Adam, but Annie got there first.  Zach asks why Emma is calling it an accident.  Liza says that Annie wants Emma to believe that it was an accident.  Lizaís phone goes off and she says that Colby got the kids in safe and Ryan doesnít suspect anything.  Liza says that they donít have anything that will exonerate Kendall.  Zach says that there is something going on with Annie and Emma and that they will figure it out.  Liza tells Zach that Spike keeps looking at the wall and saying that ďmommyĒ is in the wall.  Zach reminds Liza that he told her about Spike pretending that Kendall is there.  Liza hears thumping and asks if that was pretend too.  Zach says that maybe a branch fell on the roof.  Kendall picks up a stack of CDs that she dropped.  Liza knocks on the wall of Kendallís room and asks why it is hollow.  Zach says that it is a crawlspace for storage and that he had it walled up because of the kids.  Zach says that he is going to check on Ian.

Marissa says that she wants to be with JR more than anything and that she cares about him, but he wouldnít want to hear that.  Marissa says that when you have lost people that you loved, you protect yourself because you are always thinking that you could lose them too.  JR sees Scott comforting Marissa with a hug.

Frankie asks Randi what is wrong.  Randi says that it felt different, like goodbye and asks Frankie to tell her it isnít over.  Frankie promises that they are just getting started and that they are going to be okay.  Frankie kisses Randi.

Angie asks if Jesse has seen any sign of Madison.  Jesse says no and that he has a feeling that itís going to get real ugly if he doesnít find her soon.

Erica says that everyone has done such a wonderful job and that she canít wait for tomorrow.  Val tells Erica that it is time to go home and rest her feet.  Erica says that she is too excited to rest because this is going to be the kind of event that will bring the entire community together.  After everyone leaves Fusion and Madison walks around in the dark.

Ryan asks Spike and Emma if they liked Colby as a babysitter.  Spike says that he played with Ian.  Ryan asks if Zach brought Ian by, but Emma says that Ian wasnít there.  Ryan asks why Spike says that he played with Ian then.  Emma says that Spike must miss Ian like she misses Mommy. 

Annie dreams that she is kissing Scott in bed.  She wakes up and Adam is staring at her.

Zach asks Kendall what the noise was.  Kendall apologizes and asks if she interrupted his date.  Zach says that she almost blew the whole thing.  Kendall says that she heard him talking with Liza and it didnít sound like he thought she was innocent.  Zach says that he has always believed that Kendall was innocent and tells her about his trip to the Chandlersí.  Zach says that if Annie didnít kill Stuart, he thinks she knows who did.

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