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All My Children Update Monday 9/14/09


Written by Mandy
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Angie asks Frankie how his PT session went.  Frankie says that he is ready to shake everyoneís hand when he goes in front of the board.  Angie says that the board will reinstate Frankie.  Frankie says that they are calling for a storm and asks Angie if he should wear the blue suit or brown suit.  Angie tells him the brown one.  Frankie thanks her.  Angie suggests planning a family dinner to celebrate his reinstatement, but he says that he doesnít want a big dinner.  Angie says that maybe other people want to celebrate.  Frankie says that it doesnít matter because his marriage is still a wreck.

Jesse tells Randi that he is trying to get a smile from her or Frankie.  Jesse says that Frankie is going to the hospital board to get his job back today and that nothing happened between Frankie and Madison in the hotel room, but Randi says that she is filing for divorce.

Annie tells Adam about a dream that she had about her trial.  Adam says that there is a storm coming and it keeps taking him back to the night Stuart was killed.  Annie tells Adam to try not to think about it, but he says that he should think about it because he owes Stuart that much.

Liza brings Spike and Emma to play with Ian at Zachís.  Zach asks how Liza got Emma away from Ryan.  Liza says that Colby is good friends with Ryanís babysitter Corrina, so she went and relieved Corrina when Ryan went to work.  Zach and Liza talk about taking Emma to see Annie.  Spike asks ďMommyĒ  to come out and play.  Zach says that Spike just misses his mom and Liza says that she wonders if he sees Kendall at Ryanís too.  Zach goes upstairs for a minute and asks Liza to keep an eye on the kids.  Emma asks why Spike talked to Kendall like she was there.  Liza explains that Spike pretends that Kendall is there because he misses her so much.  Liza says that Emma may get to see her mom today too.  Emma asks if her mom is coming there and Liza says that Zach can take her to see Annie at the Chandlersí.  Liza says that what helped her get over the scary night at the Chandlersí was talking to her friends about it.

Kendall tells Zach that she had to see Spike because she missed him.  Kendall asks if Zach is going to yell at her and he says that only toddlers can yell at ďinvisibleĒ Kendall with Liza downstairs.  Zach says that Liza brought Emma over, so that he could take her to see Annie.  Kendall asks if Ryan left Emma and Spike alone with Liza and Zach says that it took some maneuvering on Lizaís part.  Kendall says that she thought Zach was against using Emma to get the truth out of Annie, but Zach says that he isnít now and reminds Kendall that it was her idea.  Kendall says that Ryan wonít be happy with the fact that Zach went behind his back.  Zach says that he will deal with Ryan, but that Liza saw an opening and took it.  Kendall says that Lizaís powers of persuasion must be top notch because she could convince him to take Emma to Annie when Kendall couldnít.  Zach says that he is doing this for Kendall because he wants her to be cleared of Stuartís murder, so she can take care of the boys.  Kendall tells Zach to take Liza with him because she wants to spend time with her boys, but Zach says that it isnít going to happen.  Kendall says to tell Liza that she canít play house there because she has kids of her own to screw up.  Zach asks Kendall to do him a favor.

Jesse says that Randi canít just kick Frankie to the curb and end her marriage because he miss-stepped a couple of nights.  Randi says that she doesnít blame Frankie for what he did because he deserves another medal for hanging in that long with the marriage after everything she did.  Jesse says that Randi is the one trying to walk away.  Randi says that Frankie can throw himself back into work and she will go to New York and try modeling.  Jesse says that the marriage has been tested and passed because Randi and Frankie love each other.  Jesse says that the hard stuff makes a marriage worth it and tells Randi to go find her husband and talk to him.  Randi leaves and Madison says that she will bet $100 that Randi and Frankie are divorced before the leaves fall off the trees.

Annie says that maybe Adam should eat something and suggests that they do some wedding planning until the storm blows over.  Adam says that he canít believe that he is planning a wedding now, when he should be honoring Stuartís memory.  Annie says that from what she has heard about Stuart, he would want them celebrating his life instead of mourning his death.  Adam says that he thinks he should have held off.  Annie says that Adam should hold on to happiness and fresh starts.  Annie says that there was a reason they met that night and reminds Adam that they saved each other.  Adam starts talking about how he should have saved Stuart, but couldnít because of Annie.  Annie says that what happened to Stuart wasnít Adamís fault and tells Adam that Stuart is at peace now, but Adam says that he doubts that he ever will be.

Angie tells Frankie that Randi wasnít home when she stopped to pick up his suit.  Frankie says that the board members should be there any minute.  Angie says that whatever is happening between Randi and Frankie can be fixed, but Frankie reminds her that he was drunk in another womanís bed.  Angie says that Madison took advantage because he was drunk.  Frankie says that Randi is hurting because of his choices and he hates it.  Angie tells Frankie to talk to Randi, but Frankie says that Randi doesnít want to hear anything he has to say right now.  Angie says that Frankie isnít even trying and that she is done playing personal concierge, so that Frankie doesnít have to face his wife.  Frankie admits that he loves Randi and Angie tells Frankie to find Randi after the meeting and work things out with her.

Madison says that Jesse should let Randi throw Frankie back because it would be a favor to him.  Jesse asks if Madison wants to reel him back in and she admits that she has a crush.  Jesse says that Madison has gone from blackmailing to home wrecking and should be proud.  Madison says that Randi ruined her marriage first.  Jesse tells Madison that if she keeps messing with his family, he will end it all and not with prison time.

Zach gives Spike a picture of Kendall to take with him to Ryanís.  Emma asks Zach to bring her mom to see her there, but Zach says that he will protect her.  Emma asks if Zach will hold her hand when they get there and he agrees.  Emma says that she will go and Zach says that he will call Annie.  Zach calls Annie and says that he and Emma are coming to see her.  Zach says to make sure there is no security at the back entrance because they are coming to the terrace.  Annie thanks Zach.  Liza says that she will be waiting for Zach to get back.  Spike starts running and while Liza is chasing him, Kendall opens her door.  Kendall tells Spike that she missed him, but tells him to go back downstairs.  Liza catches up to Spike and asks him what he is looking at.  Spike says that it is his mom.

A board member congratulates Frankie.  Frankie and Angie thank the board.  Frankie says that it wasnít as bad as he thought.  Angie sees Randi walk in and says that she will let Frankie give her the news.  Angie leaves.  Frankie tells Randi that he got his job back and she congratulates him.  Frankie apologizes for walking out on her and about what happened at the casino.  Randi tells Frankie not to apologize because it is too much, but Frankie says that he doesnít understand.  Randi says that she was thinking that they should get a divorce.

Liza pretends that she sees Kendall too.  Liza suggests that they should go back downstairs to play.  Spike says that mommy is in the wall.

Annie says that maybe Adam will feel better if he lies down until the storm passes.  Adam asks if she is trying to get rid of him.

Colby shows up and asks where Emma is.  Liza says that Emma is with Zach at the mansion.   Spike asks Kendall to come out.  Colby says that Ryan is going to freak out and fire Corrina.  Liza tells Colby to trust her.  Colby says that she canít because Emma is gone and starts saying something about Spike, but Liza says that Spike is fine.

Annie asks why she would want to get rid of him.  Adam says that he doesnít blame her because he is taking his grief out on her.  Annie says that she understands and wants to help and tells Adam to go upstairs.

Kendall gives Spike a hug and tells him to go back downstairs.  Colby reminds Liza that Kendall confessed and Emma isnít going to be able to help that.  Liza says that Kendall is innocent.  Liza asks Colby to watch Ian because Spike went to find Kendall.

Annie tells Adam sweet dreams.  Emma comes in and hugs Annie.

Kendall and Spike hug tightly in her secret room, while Liza looks for Spike.  Kendall tells Spike that he has to go back downstairs to help Liza with Ian.  Liza asks how Spike gets around so fast.  Colby asks if anyone told Spike that Kendall is in jail.  Liza says that Spike sometimes pretends that Kendall is there.  Colby says that Liza has to call Zach, but Liza says that she canít right now.  Liza says that Spike is probably just hiding and she doesnít want to worry Zach.  Liza asks Colby to watch baby Stuart and Ian, while she looks for Spike.

Randi says that she talked to Jesse about it, but he doesnít think that divorce is a good idea.  Frankie says that they used to be able to talk about everything and asks what happened to them.  Randi says that she killed a man and that Henry is more of a threat to their marriage dead than he was alive.  Frankie says that Henry threatened Randi that night and she had to defend herself, but Randi says that she didnít have to get Jesse involved.  Frankie says that Henryís death is a problem between them because she wonít let it go.  Frankie says that apparently he is easier to let go of.  Randi asks if he thinks it is easy for her.  Randi says that she doesnít want to keep hurting Frankie.  Frankie says that he got drunk and wound up with Madison because he thought he was going to lose Randi, but he wants her to forgive him because he wants their life back.  Frankie says that they are just getting started and she wants to quit.  Randi says that she doesnít want to quit because she loves him and wants to be with him.  Randi and Frankie hug and kiss.

Kendall tells Spike that she needs him to go back downstairs with Liza.  Liza yells for Spike to come out now.  Kendall tells Liza to go home already.

Annie tells Emma that the storm is far away and that she is safe there.  Zach says that Annie is right because they will take care of Emma.  Annie thanks Zach for bringing Emma to see her, but they need some girl time.  Zach says that he will stay because Emma would feel more comfortable.  Annie agrees and tells Emma how much she has missed her.  Annie asks Emma if she missed mommy.  Emma says yes, just like Spike misses his mommy.  Adam comes in and asks what is going on.

Frankie says that he would love to take Randi home, but he has to meet with David to get his papers together for reinstatement.  Randi tells Frankie to hurry home because she will be waiting.  Frankie says that he will be home as soon as he can.  Madison enters Frankieís office and closes the door behind her.

Jesse gets home and Angie tells him that Frankie got reinstated.  Jesse says that he saw Randi and that she is talking about filing for divorce.  Angie realizes that is why Randi went to see Frankie.  Jesse says that the worst isnít over because Madison is talking about making a move on Frankie.  Angie says that Frankie knows better than to go anywhere near Madison now.  Jesse says that he is worried about Madison because she keeps coming after them.  Angie asks what Madison is threatening and Jesse says that he threatened her big time.

Madison says that she is sorry that Frankieís marriage tanked, but sometimes it isnít meant to be.  Frankie tells Madison to go home.  Madison says that they could make a lot of money by harvesting organs.  Madison says that with Frankie back at the hospital and with Randi out of the way, she is looking forward to establishing a very close working relationship with Frankie.  Frankie tells Madison that he and Randi are staying together because they love each other.  Madison says that she knows about love.  Frankie says that no one can ever love Madison.

Annie says that Zach just surprised her by showing up with Emma.  Zach says that he was at work and Emma missed her mom, so he grabbed the opportunity.  Adam says that it is nice to see Emma and asks for a word with Zach inside.  Zach says that he should stay out there with Emma, but Annie says that they are fine.  Zach and Adam go inside.  Emma says that Spike pretends that Kendall is there, when she isnít.  Annie says that she doesnít want Emma to worry about Kendall because she is somewhere secure.  Emma says that Kendall is in jail and that Annie can get her out.

Colby says that maybe Spike slipped out of the house and offers to go look.  Colby says that Ian is down for a nap and Stuart is sleeping too.  Liza thanks Colby and says that she is going to keep looking up there because that is where Spike was when he was imagining Kendall.  Colby asks which room Spike was in.  Liza says that Spike was in the hall and asks Colby to keep looking.  Colby says that Liza better call Zach.  Kendall keeps Spike quiet while Liza examines the door to her room.

Adam asks Zach if this was a ďchild for a childĒ thing because Ryan took Spike from Zachís house.  Zach says that you shouldnít keep a daughter from her mother and that he did what was best for the kid.  Adam asks if Zach is writing off the mother of his children.

Emma says that Annie got out of jail and tells Annie to get Kendall out too.  Annie says that she canít and that she doesnít want Emma worrying about Kendall anymore.  When the thunder sounds, Emma hears a gunshot and runs into her motherís arms.  Emma asks Annie to make the gun stop.  Annie says that it was just thunder, not a gun.  Annie says that what happened that night, it was just an accident.  Emma says that it was bad, but Annie says that it was just an accident so it was okay.

Zach says that he isnít writing off the mother of his children, but he canít count on Kendall to raise the boys from where she is now.  Zach says that the day will come when he has to explain to Ian and Spike that their mother is in prison, but he isnít looking forward to that day and asks if they are done.  Adam starts talking about the feeling like he is hovering above what happened that night.  Adam says that what haunts him the most is wondering what his brotherís last memory was, before his world went black.

Angie thanks Jesse and asks how specific he was with Madison.  Jesse says that Madison knows that he will go outside the law to stop her.  Angie says that maybe Jesse needed to go after Madison and scare her to make her stop.  Jesse says that maybe he just lit the fuse on a very loose cannon.

Madison says that no one has ever loved her and thanks Frankie for pointing it out.  Madison says that she never should have expected anyone would ever love her.  Madison tells Frankie to get away from her because no man deserves her.  Frankie tries to talk to Madison, while she reaches for a heavy award on Frankieís desk.

As thunder sounds outside, Adam kneels over the place where Stuart fell and died.  Zach walks out on the terrace.  Annie tells Emma not to worry about the accident anymore and not to talk about it with anybody.  Emma says that she wonít tell anyone.

Spike and Kendall hide inside Kendallís room, while Liza knocks on the door.

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