AMC Update Friday 9/11/09

All My Children Update Friday 9/11/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

JR and Marissa return from fishing. Marissa talks about David and wonders how he is doing. JR stops her from speaking of David. Marissa continues to think that JR has a drinking problem and he lets her think that he does.

Tad and Taylor are at Confusion talking about her buying the Comeback Bar. Jake shows up during their conversation. Jake is sulking over Amanda and Trevor. He is fearful that David will take his family. Taylor tells Jake that he can beat David if he stays focus and have a plan. Jake leaves.

Taylor and Tad discuss their so-called relationship. She thinks that Tad is indifferent about their relationship. Tad is afraid because of so much past rejection. Taylor leaves Tad and runs into Brot; they talk about 9/11, then Liza arrives at Confusion and joins Tad at the bar. Tad tells Liza that he is no longer a fighter. Liza talks about her crush on Zach and her fantasy that they could someday be together. Liza is delusional because Zach has made it clear that he loves Kendall.

David insists that Amanda takes off her ring or give up her baby. He wants her to choose her husband or her baby. David apologizes to Amanda for being so mean. He is angry because everyone is plotting against him for Amanda and Trevor. He believes that Trevor belongs with his parent’s under one roof. Amanda tells him that she is sad because the house is no place for Trevor to be happy and she can only be happy with Jake.

David sees Jake at the hospital and gives him Amanda’s ring. He suggests that Jake accept his fate and consider his family gone. David suggests that Amanda and he are a couple now.

Liza is babysitting with Ian when she hears a noise in the Slater’s home. Zach comes into the door and start looking for the source of the noise. He sees Kendall then tell Liza that no one is there. Liza tries to get Zach to meet her and Stuart to have a play date. Zach immediately tells her that is not a good idea.

Kendall tells Zach that Liza is getting more desperate, and she needs a reality check. She wants to tell Liza off since Zach is not doing it. Kendall knows that Zach loves her, but she wants him to make love to her. She wants to know if they will be a couple when she is free of murder charges. He has no answer for her.

Jake returns to Wildwind and he and Amanda make love on David’s couch. David came home as Jake was leaving from the back door. David is concerned because he found Amanda crying. Jake showers and remembers that he and Amanda made love. He plays with his ring.

After she assures him that he can trust her, JR finally tells Marissa that he has cancer.

Zach finally realizes what Kendall is going through in the hidden room, and that she needs to be free soon. He tells Liza to help set up the meeting with Annie and Emma, because he realizes that he needs to speed up things.

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