AMC Update Thursday 9/10/09

All My Children Update Thursday 9/10/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Erica stands up to her studio and tells them that she thinks the show on Africa was worthy and interesting. She wants to do shows that make a difference in people’s lives. The studio disagrees and wants to do fluff stories. Erica received support for the African Taped show from her fans. The program manager meets her at Confusion and wants to talk about Erica’s behavior, she want Erica to issue an apology for appearing to be angry, and talking about Africa during a makeover show. Erica’s manager tells her that she can be replaced.

Amanda is happy with Trevor; she tells David that she does not want to change Trevor’s name. David is OK with that. David calls Trevor the joy of his life and says it doesn’t matter what the baby’s name is. He tells Amanda that she can come and go as she like, because she is not a prisoner.

Opal fakes heart trouble so that she can see David at the hospital; this will allow Jake to visit Amanda at Wildwind. David becomes suspicious since nothing is wrong with Opal’s heart.

David will not allow Jake to come to his house or allow Amanda to take Trevor to see Jake. Jake is at Wildwind with Amanda. He brought wedding rings and they repeat their vows and put on the rings.

Kendall is downstairs getting herself lunch; Zach tells her that he could have gotten her something to eat. She wants answers to what will happen to them when she is free. He does not want to think that far; he deals with things as they arise. Liza is at the front door. Zach told Liza about his time with Emma, and how he feels about Emma needing to talk about what happened the night Stuart was shot. Iiza suggest that Zach question Emma and push her to talk about Stuart’s death. Zach refuses. Zach mistakenly calls Liza Kendall; Liza asks him to explain. He tells her that she acts like Kendall when she demands answers. She advises him to not call her Kendall again.

Emma rode her bike to Zach’s house. She wants to know if Zach gave her mother the pictures she drew for her. Emma wants to meet with her mommy at Zach’s house or the park. Zach says no and Emma tells him that her mommy thinks he can do anything. Zach suggests that Emma goes to the Chandler mansion to see Annie, but Emma is afraid to return to the mansion because of what she saw the night Stuart was killed. Zach calls Ryan to tell him that Emma is at his home.

Ryan comes over and question Zach about Emma and their new relationship. Ryan tries to blame Zach for getting close to his daughter for personal reasons, but Zach tells him that he only gave her a cookie. Ryan and Emma leaves.

Liza suggests that they get information from Annie by asking Emma to wear a wire and meet with Annie. Zach says no and is outraged by the suggestion.

Scott and Amanda talk about their kissing last night.

Ryan is caught at the mansion trying to enter. He wants to know where is Emma.

Erica runs over to Ryan’s home seeking support. She fears that she will be fired. Ryan tells her that she will not be fired. Erica agent’s call with an offer of a new show, but she is not interested. Ryan takes Erica out to make her feel better. They dance, and then Erica gets an idea for her own show.

Zach meets with Annie at the Chandler mansion and offer to set up a meeting with Annie and Emma. It will be risky since the court has forbidden Annie to see Emma. Zach thinks that Emma needs to see Annie.

David returns home expecting to find Amanda and Trevor gone, but she is there with the baby. She promises that she will not attempt to take the baby away again. She tells him that Jake was there and she promise that he will not keep her away from Jake, the man she loves. She shows David the ring that Jake gave her. David tells Amanda that she has to choose her husband or her child. David shows her the door as he speaks.

Liza stays with Ian while Zach visits Annie. Kendall lurks around listening and watching. Liza tells Ian that he is lucky to have Zach as a father and she wish that her little boy had a daddy like Zach. Kendall looks upset as she listens in.

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