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All My Children Update Wednesday 9/9/09


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Tad and J.R. have dinner together at ConFusion. While Tad enjoys his burger, a very pale J.R. doesn't feel like eating after having his first round of chemo that morning. Tad commiserates but encourages him to take a few bites or have a French fry. Angie stops by their table and is happy to hear that Tad knows about J.R.'s illness and is supporting him every step of the way. Tad asks Angie to affirm the fact that J.R. needs to eat. After doing so, Angie joins her daughter-in-law who has just walked in. They both wonder where Jesse and Frankie are.

Sitting together at Zach's casino, Madison asks Frankie how he's going to help her, but he hasn't gone there for that. He claims he's there because he has no where else to go. Suddenly, Jesse appears and grabs his son's arm. Yanking him out of his seat, Jesse insists that Frankie go with him back to his wife, but Frankie orders his father to get his hands off him. When Jesse asks if Frankie has forgotten that they have dinner plans with their respective wives, Madison pipes up that he obviously has other plans tonight. Asking Jesse to let him handle it, Frankie suggests Madison mind her business, since this is between his father and him.

Seeing David and Amanda bring Trevor to the hospital, asking to see the pediatrician on call, Jake is alarmed that something is wrong with the baby, but David insists his son's health is none of his concern. Although Amanda exhorts him to stop, David orders Jake to tend to his own patients, 'cause his son is none of his concern. He then closes the door to the examining room in Jake's face.

Zach stands behind Annie as she admires her daughter's drawings, talking about unconditional love. When he asks if she would do anything for Emma, Annie quizzically states that she already has, and it was a bad thing.

After Jesse tells Frankie that he knows he and Randi are having a hard time, Frankie tells his father how he went to Fusion and took Randi flowers only to be rebuffed. Jesse doesn't think him hanging out with the broken-down mess that is Madison isn't going to make things any better. Frankie feels he's tried his best to talk to Randi and help her, but she acts as if she doesn't need him and can get by dinner without him. Jesse advises him not to feel sorry for himself and work at his marriage, but Frankie thinks he's making it worse and has decided to give Randi some space instead. As he reaches for his drink, Jesse again grabs his arm and tells him he's making a mistake. Wincing in pain, Frankie says he's not what Randi needs, and he's got what he needs, a stiff drink, and everybody's happy. Smiling, Frankie and Madison raise their glasses to each other.

While Tad continues to encourage J.R. to eat so he can stay strong for Little A, a panicked Jake calls him to vent about David's latest machinations. Tad advises him to play it smart and not to touch Hayward, no matter what he does, but Jake wishes he'd taken him out when he had the chance. Tad decides to go see Jake at the hospital and leaves J.R. to try and choke down some of his food. After Tad kisses J.R. on the head and expresses how proud he is of him, Scott takes his seat and says he's sorry that his uncle chose him to be best man instead of J.R. Now that he's lived in the Chandler Mansion, he understand how one can be driven to drink. When J.R. again insists he's not drinking, Scott wants to know why he looks like hell.

As Zach continues his conversation with Annie, she admits that the last time she put Emma first was when she came to Pine Valley to escape her terrible ex, then it became all about her. She now thinks that using Emma to hold on to Ryan and keep him from Greenlee was sick. Having grown up himself in a house with two psychopaths who felt the need to control, Zach sympathizes with her need to find stability and give her daughter a better life. Although she used to think that Emma kept her grounded and sane, she now realizes that her obsession with holding on to her threw her over the edge, and the night Stuart was shot, she almost took her little girl with her.

When Frankie suggests they play some more blackjack, Madison is up for it but then recalls all the nights her husband spent away from her and sympathizes with Randi's feelings, so she advises him to go be with his wife if he wants to save his marriage.

At ConFusion Randi shares with Angie her feeling that her husband doesn't want to be anywhere with her, but her mother-in-law insists he loves her and has just gone through some bad times, losing their baby and getting hurt in Iraq. Randi thinks that her killing someone changed their relationship, and Frankie doesn't understand her anymore. It was Jesse who was in that hotel room and assured her everything would be fine, not her husband.

Jake paces in the hall until Amanda comes out of the exam room and assures him David just wanted a full check-up. David then joins them and expresses his concern at the high fever his son developed after being dumped in an alley. Jake tries to ignore him and asks Amanda if she needs anything, but Hayward orders him to get back to work and insists he and Amanda go home to feed Trevor. As she follows David, Amanda turns around and whispers "I love you" to her husband who gestures back "Me, too."  Out of frustration, Jake knocks some trays off a metal table. Tad appears behind him and urges his brother not to give David the satisfaction of seeing how upset he is.

J.R. wonders if his dad sent Scott over to catch him drinking so he can take Little Adam away from him, but Scott insists he's not a spy, plus he thinks Adam and Annie really do care about each other. J.R. thinks the reason Scott is the best man is because he doesn't try to talk Adam out of marrying Annie, then he asks if he's going to continue living with the newlyweds, especially since he wants to sleep with the bride. When Scott denies it, J.R. asks why he kissed her. Snickering, he then advises his cousin to get Annie out of his mind if he wants to keep her out of his bed.

Zach encouraged Annie to describe the events of the night that Stuart was killed. She admits she cut the power and was going to run off with Emma, but then she found Adam and put his needs ahead of her own. When she asks how Kendall is, Zach says he wants his kids to have the best life possible, and it's not with Ryan. Annie thinks Ryan is just trying to punish them by taking their children, so Zach assures her that soon everyone will be right where they need to be.

Jesse joins Randi and Angie at ConFusion, and at first starts to lie about being unable to find Frankie, but then decides not to lie and spills that he's with Madison at the casino. Angie thinks the woman needs to back off. Although Randi thinks it's Frankie's call, Angie ignores Jesse's objections and decides to go confront Madison and put her in her place.

Jake fears David is going to steal his wife, but Tad cautions him not to go up against his boss, and not freak out, so he won't get fired, but Jake doesn't care.  He just wants his wife and child home with him and won't let Hayward take his family like he did with Tad's wife Dixie and his daughter Kathy. Tad points out that David has the power to take Amanda's child away from her, so he should bide his time and stay away from him until they can make it right.

When they return to Wildwind, David offers to take the baby so Amanda can get some rest, but she's reluctant to hand Trevor over until David shares how he's dreamed of holding his baby and telling him he loves him. Gently taking the baby in his arms, David introduces himself as his father.

At the hospital, Jake asks the pediatrician on call how Trevor is, but Dr. Williams corrects him on the name -- it's David, Jr., and his father couldn't be prouder.

Answering his request to see her, Marissa joins J.R. at ConFusion where he tells her he's concerned about her being in the middle of the baby drama at Wildwind. Marissa doesn't understand how David ignores her now when he wanted so badly to be a father to her, but she's staying because of Amanda. J.R. points out that she's always doing something for others and not herself, but Marissa doesn't want to be selfish anymore. Her parents always gave her everything she wanted, and now she wants to honor their memory by being different with her new family. Pulling a set of keys out of his pants' pocket, J.R. proposes they go to a cabin at the lake and spend some quiet time together. Marissa seems very pleased, but as soon as Jake calls her for help with the baby situation, she asks J.R. for a raincheck and takes off for the hospital.

Lying in his bed, Scott can't get Annie out of his mind, so he goes downstairs in his shorts and finds Annie weeping over Emma's drawings in the living room. As he sits down next to her and asks her what's wrong, they embrace as she sobs on his bare shoulder.

Since Frankie keeps losing at the casino, Madison thinks he must be lucky in love. She again counsels him to stop gambling and go home to his wife who loves him, because he doesn't want to be like her. Confessing he's madly in love with Randi, Frankie decides he's going to buy her better flowers, kiss her, and tells her he loves her, but when he tries to stand up, he almost falls off his stool, so Madison suggests he sleep on it and helps him into the elevator. Just as the doors are closing, Angie and Randi see them together and assume the worst. Angie wants to get to them, but Randi grabs her arm and tells her to let them go.

In her secret room, Kendall and Zach discuss how to get Emma to admit she lied about Stuart's killer. Zach informs her of his visits with Emma and Annie and how he's optimistic that he's going to find out the truth. In their glee, Zach and Kendall kiss, but he quickly pulls away which doesn't sit well with her. She wants to know how long he's going to keep punishing her for sleeping with Ryan and what will become of them after she's freed. Will he ever want to touch her again?

Scott laughs as Annie proudly displays Emma's art and remembers happier times together, then she realizes how many moments she's missing with her daughter now. Even though she's done terrible things, it's Emma who's suffering now being separated from her mother. Since his mother died when he was very young, Scott knows what it feels like not to be able to sit in her lap and feel her love but assures Annie she will have happy times with Emma again. Realizing she's causing her daughter sorrow, Annie thinks Ryan's right, and she doesn't deserve to be a mother, but Scott says Emma doesn't care that she made mistakes. She'll always love her, whether she thinks she deserves it or not.

As Randi walks toward the exit, Angie asks what's wrong with her that she lets her husband go to a hotel room with another woman. She wants her to stop Frankie from doing something he'll regret forever, but Randi feels it's her fault for shutting him out, so she deserves it. but her mother-in-law insists that if she wants to have a marriage like hers and Jesse's, she has to fight like hell. Even though she still loves Frankie, Randi feels she's already lost him and walks away.

Sitting on Madison's bed, Frankie recalls being Randi's knight in shining armor, but when she needed him most, he wasn't there. and it was his father who swooped in and became her hero. When she offers him a glass of water, Frankie clumsily knows it into her lap.

After Jake peppers Marissa with questions about what's going on at Wildwind, she assures him Amanda's only focused on the baby and ignores David, who's actually mellow now that he has what he's always wanted -- a family. When Marissa says David's finally happy, Jake predicts her father is going to hell and abruptly walks away from her.

With Amanda watching, David bonds with his son and recalls all the firsts he's already missed but promises he's going to be there for all the future firsts in his life -- to love him, protect him, and raise him to be a better man than he ever will be. As he kisses the baby lovingly, Amanda is touched.

Frankie lies passed out on Madison's bed while she answers the door with her shirt unbuttoned. Angie demands to talk to Frankie, but Madison doesn't think it's a good time and tries to shut the door. Angie pushes it open and insists she see her son, but Madison says he's in bed and she was just about to join him, so Angie slaps her.

Randi rejoins Jesse at ConFusion and informs him that Frankie found someone else to be with, because she pushed him away so many times. Jesse thinks he'll come back to her because he loves her then offers Randi a ride home, but she says she'll find her own way back.

After putting Trevor to bed, Amanda joins David in the living room where he makes sure she's comfortable with her surroundings. He mentions the way Jake lied to him about the baby and pulled a gun on him and realizes how much Jake loves her. He then states that it's good to have love in her life, and she answers that forcing her to stay there with him is not love. David insists their son deserves to have both of his parents in his life and hopes that someday she'll agree. Jake sadly looks through the window and sees David and Amanda drinking together.

J.R. winces in pain as he packs his bag for the lake cabin when Marissa shows up with a bag slung over her shoulder, ready to do something for herself if it's not too late. Smiling, J.R. agrees.

Annie, in her robe, and Scott, in his shorts, walk out onto the terrace as she recalls always feeling alone until Emma brought true absolute love into her life. Scott remembers being with his dad, painting or fishing, and feeling so loved. When he wonders if he'll ever have that connection with anyone again, Annie assures him that he will. Looking deeply into each other's eyes, Annie and Scott come together in a passionate kiss.

Kendall wants to know where she'll go when she's freed from her prison. Although Zach insists this is her home, she feels just as lonely as if she were behind bars, and she's not sure she can go on living like that, or even want to.

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