AMC Update Tuesday 9/8/09

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/8/09


Written by Mandy
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At Fusion, Ryan asks Randi where the sales projection package is.  Randi tells him that it is in the manila folder.  Ryan apologizes for the kids being at work today, but Randi says that it is okay because she is having a great time with them.  Randi says that Emma is a great artist and that she is going to have to get a new whiteboard, so she doesnít have to erase Emmaís picture. Emma asks where ďAunt KendallĒ is.

Jesse says that Kendall canít be happy about Spike living with Ryan, but Zach says that she will live with it because it means getting her freedom back.  Jesse says that Zach wanted Ryan to take Spike.  Zach says that now he and Annie have something in common because Ryan took kids from both of them.  Zach says that he is going t keep pushing until he breaks Annie.  Jesse says that he doesnít know how Zach is going to break Annie, but Kendall says that she does.

Madison tells Frankie that he slept through checkout time.  Madison says that Frankie should beg the management for their indulgence, if they havenít gotten complaints about all the noise.  Frankie asks Madison what she is talking about. 

Ryan tells Emma that Kendall had to go away and that is why they have Spike.  Emma asks if Kendall is in prison because of what she said.  Ryan says that Kendall is in prison because of what she admitted to.  Erica shows up and says that the ratings for her Africa special were the lowest she has ever gotten.

Manny, the tailor, tells Adam that he forgot his pins in the car, but Adam says that he will try the jacket on anyway. 

Annie and Scott play in the pool.  Scott tells Annie to give his towel back and she asks what he is going to give her.

Erica says that she doesnít understand how her audience could not watch the episode.  Erica says that she was parked outside the studio when she got the ratings and decided not to go inside.  Ryan says that Erica makes a positive difference in peopleís lives and that she will keep pushing until the network has to follow her lead.  Erica thanks Ryan for his encouragement.

Annie says that Scott is fun when he isnít worrying about JR or being a serious business man.  Scott talks about his memories of Adamís pool.  Scott says that he remembers playing a game with his dad, but Adam comes in and says that it was him, not Stuart.

Frankie says that he doesnít even remember how he got there from ConFusion last night.  Frankie says that there isnít enough alcohol in the world to make him want to hook up with Madison.  Madison tells Frankie about the previous night, including making sure she reminds him that he didnít want to talk about his wife.  Madison asks what Frankieís status at the hospital is and he says that he has applied to be reinstated.  Madison says that Frankie would have access to a lot if he were working in research, but Frankie says that he wonít steal drugs to get her money.  Madison says that once Frankie gets back into the hospital, he is going to find a way to replenish her bank account.

Kendall says that she didnít kill Stuart, Annie did.  Jesse asks why Annie would save Adamís life if she killed Stuart.  Kendall says that Adam caught Annie trying to take Emma out of the nursery that night.  Kendall says that when Annie went back to the nursery, Emma was gone.  Kendall says that Emma is the key to getting Annie to admit what she did, but Zach tells Kendall to leave Emma out of it.  Kendall says that she doesnít want to upset Emma, but sheís lying.  Zach says that he wonít do it.  Kendall says that Zach is going to visit Spike later and suggests that he should see if Emma is willing to talk.  Zach says that they are after Annie, not Emma.  Kendall says that the way to get Annie is to get Emma to admit that she saw her mother shoot Stuart, but Zach says that he isnít doing it.

Adam tells Manny that it looks great, then tells Scott that he is up.  Annie asks what is bothering Adam.  Adam says that he is just wondering what people think about them.  Annie goes over the things that Adam has taught her.  Adam asks why they care what anyone thinks.

Krystal and Opal show up to see Erica and congratulate her on her show.  Opal says that she already sent her check in.  Krystal asks when the part two episode will be and a man comes out and says that there wonít be one.  Erica says that there are more important things than ratings.  Ron suggests that Erica does a makeover show with Opal and Krystal, instead of models.  Krystal asks what happened and Erica says that a whole planet of starving children has been replaced by Krystal and Opal.

Madison says that maybe she should have the conversation with the police or the media, and then Frankie could say goodbye to his wife and father in the same day.  Frankie says that he will be able to say goodbye to her too.  Madison tells Frankie to think about what it could mean for him.

Adam asks if Scott thinks that Annie loves him.  Scott asks if Adam believes Annie when she says that she loves him.  Adam says that he does, but he has been to the well more than his fair share of times.  Adam says that after Stuartís death and all of his failed relationships, he wonders if he deserves another chance.  Scott says that it comes down to trust.  Scott says that if Adam wants to carry on Stuartís legacy, he needs to trust.  Adam says that he trusts Scott and thinks that Scott has his best interests at heart.  Adam tells Scott never to betray him.

Kendall says that Jesse and Zach are missing the perfect opportunity to put the whole thing to rest.  Jesse says that Zach doesnít want to put Emma through any more trauma.  Kendall tells Jesse about her writing.  Kendall says that her writing helped her realize that Emma is the key to ending the whole thing.

Zach shows up to see Spike and Corrina says that he is sleeping.  Zach talks to Emma while Corrina checks on Spike.  Zach suggests that Emma should draw some pictures for Kendall.  Emma says that she drew pictures for ďmommyĒ too and Zach offers to take them to her.  Corrina asks Zach if he wants her to wake Spike up.  Zach says that he will come back later.  Ryan gets home and asks what Zach is doing.  Ryan tells Zach that he can see Spike anytime he wants but to stay away from Emma.  Zach says that it would be rude to ignore Emma if she says hello to him.  Ryan says that he wants to be the only one that Emma talks to about what happened.  Ryan says that he will not let anyone hurt Emma.  Zach says that he would never hurt her.

Frankie apologizes to Randi for not coming home last night.  Randi asks if she is going to get an explanation.  Frankie says that he has been really confused because he feels Randi pushing him away all the time.  Frankie says that he wishes he would have rescued her from the hotel room.  Randi asks if he would have acted the same way that Jesse did.  Frankie says that he would have done anything to protect Randi.  Frankie says that Randi believes in Jesse more than him.

Opal says that maybe with the world the way it is, itís too much to ask people to think about another bad thing that is happening.  Opal says that maybe people want something to brighten their day and make them laugh a little.  Erica says that she has to do her job.

Annie asks Scott if everything is all right.  Scott says that Adam was asking a lot of questions.  Scott asks Annie if she showed Adam the recording.  Annie says that she would never show that to Adam because it would hurt him too much and tells Scott that the camera is off.  Zach comes in and asks if he is interrupting.  Scott says that Annie is all Zachís.  Zach says that he was driving back from the casino and thought he would stop in after going to see Spike at Ryanís.  Annie says that if they are going to be working together, it will take time.  Zach says that he has accepted his wifeís guilt, but will not accept his son living somewhere else.  Zach gives Annie the pictures from Emma. 

Ryan shows up to see Erica at the studio.  Ryan asks how things went with the network.  Erica says that she has been put firmly back in her place.  Ryan says that he is surprised that Erica isnít fighting this tooth and nail.  Erica says that she is disappointed, but she is a professional.  The episode starts!

Jesse asks if Randi has talked with Frankie.  Randi says that she didnít do a good job at it because Frankie is upset that Jesse was the one who helped her in DC.  Jesse says that Randi needs to go to Frankie from now on about everything because it is time for them to work through this as a couple.

Erica introduces Opal and Krystal.  Erica thanks Opal and Krystal for appearing on the show.  Erica then thanks everyone who watches the show and talks about the Africa episode.  Ron tells the studio to cut to commercial, but Ryan says that they should hear what Erica has to say.  Ron asks who Ryan is.  Ryan says that he owns the company that is the showís biggest advertiser.  Erica continues talking about her trip to Africa.

Randi leaves a message for Frankie asking if they can talk.  Frankie orders a drink and Madison says that he better be ready to start discussing how he is going to help her.  Frankie says that he came there because he has nowhere else to go.  Jesse comes in and tells Frankie that he is going back to his wife.

Annie says that everything Adam has given her doesnít mean a thing if she doesnít have Emma.  Zach asks if Annie would do anything for Emma, and she admits that she already has.

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