AMC Update Friday 9/4/09

All My Children Update Friday 9/4/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne

Tad, Marissa, Krystal, and Liza talk about David’s proposal to turn over baby Trevor. Tad emphatically states that Amanda will not turn over the baby to David, but Krystal remind him that the decision should be made by Jake and Amanda. Tad figures out that Jake went to David’s house to kill him.

Zach and Kendall hears Erica on the phone telling Ryan she will find out what Zach is up to. Zach walks up to Erica and ask want does she want to know. Erica tells Zach that she is worried about him because he let Ryan take Spike without a fight. Zach advises her to look after Ian and leave him out of it. Ryan arrives as Zach is leaving; he is worried about Erica because she hung up the phone. Zach refuses to explain himself. Erica tells Ryan that she has figured out what the problem is. She thinks that Zach is having an affair with Liza. Ryan wants no part of Zach’s private life. Erica misses her African special on TV. Ryan tells Erica that she has a new glow since she has returned from Africa.

Adam asks Scott to come to the mansion then he asks him to be his best man. JR overhears; he sits down after becoming dizzy. Adam, Scott, and Annie assume that he is drinking. JR tells Adam that he is through with the family and they will not be seeing him. Scott thinks that JR should be Adam’s best man; and he wants Adam to treat JR better. Adam promises him that JR will return.

Amanda makes Jake put down the gun. David tells Jake to walk away from his family. Amanda tells Jake that David does not control their love for each other and that is how they will beat him. She is staying with her child only but she will not be with David. Jake and Amanda return to Tad’s home and tell Liza, Tad, and Krystal that Amanda and the baby will be moving into Wildwind. Krystal tries to warn her of David’s evil ways but Amanda insists that she is not afraid of David. Jake wants Liza to accompany them to Wildwind to ensure that everything is legal.

JR is at Tad’s house and Krystal asks about his health. JR is glad that Krystal does not assume that he has been drinking. JR asks Krystal to raise Lil A if something happens to him. JR tells Tad that he does not want his son to be raised as he was. He will fight his cancer, but he must be realistic about it as well.

Annie’s dress arrives. Zach arrive at the Chandler’s mansion to see Annie. Annie wants to know why Zach is there. She lets him know that she does not trust him. Zach tells her he is there because Ryan has taken Spike just like he took Emma. Zach tells her that he wants revenge for Ryan taking Kendall and Spike so they should fight Ryan together. Annie does not want an alliance, all she want from Zach is for him to help her to zip up her dress. Scott sees them together and warns Annie about Zach. Annie wants her daughter back and thinks that Zach could be the man to help her.

Jake, Amanda, and David talk with the DA and Liza about releasing baby Trevor from Children Protective Services. They all agree that Amanda and Trevor will stay with David in exchange for him dropping the charges against Jake. David makes it clear that the parents of Trevor are Amanda and him and not Jake. Trevor is released and brought home.

When Zach sees Ryan at his home he tells him that he has Spike and nothing is left for him to take so get out and don’t come back. He looks at Erica and tells her she can leave too.

Marissa can no longer stand watching David play his games so she leaves for Tad’s house. She tells Krystal that Amanda and the baby moved into David’s home. She can’t take the musical chairs.

Amanda holds Trevor but pushes David away when he tries to play with the baby. Jake drinks and consoles himself at Confusion.

Amanda puts on her dress for Scott and Adam walks into the room telling her not to believe the old bride’s superstition. Amanda leaves the room angry, and saying that they will have bad luck.

Ryan tells Erica that she is mad with Zach for being nasty with her. Erica tells him she is fine.

Kendall accuses Zach of being with Liza and he tells her he was at the Chandler mansion working Annie. Kendall apologizes and thanks him for all of his help with her murder case. He pulls her into his arms and hugs her.

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