AMC Update Thursday 9/3/09

All My Children Update Thursday 9/3/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Frankie attempt to talk to Randi about baby Trevor. She does not want to talk about the baby.

Liza tries to defend Jake and Amanda to Jesse. Jesse tells Liza that Tad, Opal, Jake, Amanda and she were deceptive and lied about the baby. They all could be brought up on charges.

David hires a lawyer to get his son out of foster care.

Frankie has a hearing with the hospital board to review his fitness for returning to work. Brot picks up Frankie to drive him to the hearing. Angie tells Frankie that his hearing has been rescheduled because David is absent from work on a private matter.

Liza is at the jail station apologizing to Jake for spilling the beans to David about the babies. She encourages Jake to consider negotiating with David. Liza tells Jake about the laws surrounding what they did with baby Trevor. Amanda and Tad arrive at the station to meet with Jake.

Krystal goes to Wildwind to meet with David. She tries to reason with him on Amanda’s behalf. Marissa tries to reason with David as well but her plea falls on deaf ears. David accuses Krystal of being responsible for his obsession with his kids because she hid Babe from him and did not tell him about Marissa. David makes a new written offer to Amanda; if she gives him full custody, he will drop all of his charges against Jake and she.

Liza meets with the DA at the police station to ask for leniency for Jake and Amanda. The DA reminds her that David had his rights stripped from him. He advises that Jake and Amanda cut a deal with David.

Jake goes to Wildwind to defend his family; he points a gun at David. Amanda realizes where he is and runs over to Wildwind to stop him.

Randi throws out Frankie, Natalia and Brot. She wants to go to Child Services and prevent David from getting his son. When Jesse arrives, she speaks to him and allows him to console her. Angie arrives and they all hug on the sofa. Natalia, Brot and Frankie disagree about Randiís behavior. Brot believe that Randi should be confiding in Frankie not Jesse. Frankie and Natalia are ok with Randi confiding in their father because she needs someone to talk to. Brot and Natalia get into an argument and Natalia stomps out of the bar and makes his pay for the drinks.

David has Marissa deliver his second offer to Jake and Amanda. He signs the contract but need Jake and Amanda to sign the papers if they accept the offer. Tad tells Marissa they are not interested in the offer but Krystal tells him that it is Jake and Amanda’s decision.

Amanda arrives at Wildwind and tells Jake to put the gun down, because she has decided to move in with David and the baby.

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