AMC Update Wednesday 9/2/09

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/2/09


Written by Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Tad and J.R. are in a hospital room with an oncologist who is telling them that their facility is state of the art. When J.R. asks about his “chemo shot,” Dr. Kahn explains that it is not so much a shot as a catheter that will go into a vein near the collarbone. J.R. realizes it will hurt and she tells him he will be lightly sedated. Tad interjects that he would like to have some fun as well and would like a massage or a wrap. The doctor tells J.R. he will be able to leave after the procedure is over and they can begin as soon as he gets changed. After the physician leaves, J.R. turns to Tad and thanks him for being there for him. Tad tells him he wants him to think of him as his “wingman.”

Krystal welcomes a very shaken Amanda into the den and they sit on the couch as Amanda says she had no clue where to go and that is why she is there. Amanda rambles off what has happened; that Jake is in jail and Trevor has been taken from her and she knows David is doing as much damage possible. Krystal asks who Trevor is and Amanda tells her he is her son. Krystal is confused and says, “but your son is..” Amanda interrupts and says that her son is alive.

Ryan is walking out with Spike as Erica pleads for him not to take Spike. She tells him he has just lost his mother and since his mommy is not there he can’t do this to Spike. Ryan tells Erica Spike is his son and that Zach has changed. Kendall is in the foyer and says “please don’t let him take my son.” Erica begs Ryan once more before Ryan walks away with Spike. Erica turns to walk back in the house but the door is locked. She begins to bang on the door, “Zach let me in!”

Zach and Kendall are in the panic room as Zach tells her they will see Spike again soon. Kendall asks how he could let Ryan take Spike. Zach replies that he will do “whatever it takes” to keep her out of prison. He leaves the room as Kendall is telling him to not walk out without explaining.

Erica is still banging on the door when Zach opens it. She asks why he locked her out of the house. Zach tells her he did not know if she was coming back or not. Erica does not understand what Zach is hiding or how he could let Ryan take the boy he “had raised since birth.” Zach tries to tell her that he and Ryan are fighting for “obvious reasons” and that Spike is caught in the middle so it was best for everyone. Erica says she knows he must be hiding something. Erica says Kendall would not like this and Zach points out Kendall is not seeing anyone. Erica tells him that if they went together maybe she would be forced to see them. Zach tells her he is respecting her wishes.

In the middle of their conversation Erica’s phone rings. She answers and accepts a collect call. Erica is ecstatic that Kendall is calling her. Kendall asks how the boys are and if Erica has seen them lately. Erica explains that she sees the boys all the time now that she has moved in. Kendall asks if the Nanny was not able to keep “things on track” to which Erica informs Kendall that Zach fired Rachel and let Ryan take Spike. Kendall pleads with her mother that she has to get Spike and bring him back home. Erica tells her it would have more of an impact if it came from her. She says she could talk to them. Zach stands before Kendall and so Kendall quickly cuts Erica off saying she has to go. Erica is left calling for Kendall as the line goes dead.

Zach takes the phone from Kendall and asks what she is doing. Kendall retorts “I am trying to get my son back.” Zach tells Kendall his plan has “one shot” to work and it will not work with Ryan running around his house. He says he has to win Annie over and Kendall asks if he thinks he can really do that. Zach tells her Stuart lent him money to him. Kendall asks if just losing a child to Ryan would give them enough of a bond so that Annie would trust him. Zach says “we have lost more than that to Ryan Lavery, believe me.” He tells her he has to go check on her mother and as he leaves Kendall tells him her mother will have already left.

J.R. is having a difficult time with the chemotherapy when the Doctor tells him to concentrate on something good. J.R. closes his eyes and images of Marissa pop into his mind as music plays. All of the fun times and the kisses are included in these memories.

David is on his couch with his Attorney demanding that he have his child under his roof by any means necessary. He is suggesting that they blackmail or whatever is deemed necessary to get Trevor. Marissa overhears the conversation as she enters the room and David is shocked she is there. He tells her he thought she had a class as she questions what she walked in on. He tells her he was not crazy and his son was out there; only Amanda had the child waiting with a stranger.

Amanda continues to explain to Krystal what transpired with Trevor and how Jake had known she would want the child and so he was ensuring David could not find the child long enough so that David would not have a clue.

David is emphatically speaking about the fact that he buried his son next to Babe while Jake and Amanda knew the baby was not dead. He says “what kind of sick person leaves a defenseless person in an alley anyway?”

Amanda tells Krystal how they had planned to leave the baby in the alley by the Church and would be able to adopt him. She says it is a blessing Randi found him. She is so upset because they all know how David is and what he is capable of.

David implies that there is not a court that would allow the baby to stay with them after what “Martin” did with his baby and then with Liza’s baby. Marissa is confused that Liza’s baby is not her biological child when David reminds her they only tested the DNA of Liza’s baby to find out that he was not the father. Not that she was not the mother.

Amanda tells Krystal she knows she must think she is a horrible person but Krystal says she is not one to judge and she understands why she did the things she did. Their conversation is interrupted by the doorbell. Liza appears and says she is happy Amanda is there so that she may apologize. Amanda is confused as to what Liza is apologizing for until Liza informs her she was the one that told David the truth.

Kendall comes into the living area and tells Zach she knew Erica would not be there. She states that she knows her mother and Erica has gone to get Spike from Ryan. Zach tells her that Erica could come back at any time and that she should get back to the room. Kendall asks what would be so terrible about that? She trusts Erica. Zach reminds her that he and Jesse could go to jail as well if anyone found out.

Liza tries to justify that she had no choice but to tell David the information he wanted since he had a gun to her head. Amanda is still angry that she gave them up so easily when Krystal intervenes and says it is not Liza, she is not the “bad guy.” Krystal says this is a good thing because Liza can now testify for her in court. Liza says she can not testify since she was in on this from the beginning as well and it puts her in jeopardy of jail time. Amanda is appalled to think that they could all go to jail while David would remain free to raise her child.

While in front of the attorney, David tries to reason with Marissa that he is dealing with monsters. He implies that she may be living there longer and she reminds him she is only there for a few days. David says she may “reconsider” now that her “little brother” would be living there. Marissa asks if he thinks he is jumping the gun a bit since Custody has not been decided. David counters that no one would give the child to Amanda after all of the illegal and deviant acts committed. Marissa reminds them that Amanda is married and that PA Courts rule with the Mother in most cases. David dotes that she is already an attorney and that his Attorney should make an offer. Marissa’s cell phone goes off as David continues to tell the Attorney that Liza would have made her an offer but she had screwed everything up by “stealing a baby.” Marissa has the phone in her hand as David asks who she is texting. Marissa is reading a text from Liza to come to Tad’s house ASAP. She makes a lam excuse that the girl from class informed her the Professor showed up and that she better go so she doesn’t miss the Lecture.

J.R. wakes up and tells Tad he is sore. He asks how long he was out to which Tad replies, “long enough to have some sweet dreams about Marissa.” Tad says the Doctor heard as well and wondered if Marissa would not be able to help him through this. J.R. hates the idea and wants things to remain the way they are with her. Tad says he needs to tell her because after he “beats this” he will want her around. J.R. says he was the last person he thought would fall in love. J.R. confides that he does not want to lose her. Tad tells him to fight for her like he is fighting his cancer. Tad tells J.R. Marissa is worth fighting for, “that girl has a good soul.”

Liza and Krystal want Marissa to continue to live with David so she can spy on him. Marissa is reluctant to do so and finally Krystal concedes that maybe Marissa should not help. Amanda says she “will lose everything” if Marissa does not help.

Zach walks in and sees Ian in Kendall’s arms. He looks at her accusingly. She tells him Ian woke up and wanted her. “Spike is gone, and now you are saying I can’t see Ian either?” Zach tells her he has to know that she won’t “blow this whole thing.” She says she is stuck in the room like a “caged animal.” Zach empathizes and says that it has to be hard but she has to keep her “eye on the prize.”

Marissa says that David was hit hard by all of this. They ask if she is taking his side and she says she is not but he was “hit” with a lot. Amanda tells her this is her life, her baby’s life they are talking about. Liza goes on to tell Marissa she is their only hope. Tad comes into the room and says that we “all have to do things we don’t want to do.” Liza says “desperate times call for desperate measures.” Marissa asks what if she does not agree with that “philosophy.” Tad tells her that if she doesn’t want to do it she should leave and go tell David everything they are planning if she wants, but whatever she does she needs to make sure it is because she wants to do it and not because “someone guilts you into it.”

Kendall is in her room and is resting with her eyes closed when she has a flashback of the night Stuart was shot. She remembers pointing the gun, then dropping it.

David’s attorney, Jay Stark, tells him he will draw up the papers. J.R. appears and tells him not to try to steal Little Adam. David says he can relax that Jake and Amanda faked his own child’s death. J.R. scoffs that it is “too bad they failed.” He says that David is always after “payback, revenge, spreading your pain.” David tells him to get off of his “high horse” that he would be doing the same thing and would be using his “Chandler power” to get his son. J.R. says he used to be that way but not now. David asks if it is because of the love of a good woman. He then snickers and tells J.R. “she’s not home.”

Liza says she has to get home to Stuart. She leaves as Jenny cries. Krystal announces she will go get her when Amanda asks if she can since holding Jenny makes her miss Trevor a little less. Krystal agrees and after she is gone Tad apologizes for not being able to tell her about the plan. Krystal says she understands and that she “blew their marriage by being wrapped in David.” Tad tells her to “stop beating herself up about that.” Krystal says he is a “kind man” but he does not have to make her feel better. She tells him “good night,” to which he responds “good night.”

David accuses J.R. of drinking again and that Marissa deserves better than that. J.R. tells him that he extorted her into moving in and if he needs to be “big daddy” he should do it with the child he is “stealing.” Marissa walks in and chides that she wants to be there, for more than just a few days. David announces how happy he is and that he will leave them alone since they “need” to talk.

Erica is at Ryan’s begging for him to take Spike back to Zach’s. She tells him she talked to Kendall on the phone and that she wants the boys together. Ryan inquires if she told him how strange Zach had been acting and how he just let Ryan leave with Spike. Erica says she did and considers that maybe Zach has given up in Kendall. Ryan reminds her that when all of the Doctors gave up on Kendall Zach would not. Erica says Zach must be up to something. Ryan agrees and claims that until they know what that is Spike would be with him. Erica goes to protest and faints in Ryan’s arms.

Erica tells Ryan she is jet lagged and stressed. Ryan asks if she should see a doctor. She says she is fine and has to finish her story for the Africa trip. Ryan says he saw the ads and she looks amazing. She talks about what a wonderful experience it was and tells him how she had to scare a Scorpion off of Krystal in the tent. Ryan chides that it is hard to picture Erica in a tent at all. Ryan says she should take him next time and she remembers that he gave her “quite the send off.” Ryan agrees it was an “incredible night.” After an awkward moment Erica says she has to go finish her notes on the Africa Trip. Ryan tells her good night and she thanks him as tells him good night.

J.R. says he has to go when Marissa protests that he did not tell her why he was there. He says she obviously has things to think about and goes to leave when Marissa tells him if he cares he would not leave her. J.R, turns to her and is emotional while explaining that he can not stop thinking of her and that he can’t get her out of his heart. She tells him it does not feel that way. J.R. tries to explain that when he cares for someone he tends to shut them out. He says he hates the fact she lives anywhere but with him. She asks if he wants her to live with him. He says he can not ask her to change everything around her for him. Marissa says he can. She then tells him she is not staying there trying to help Amanda. J.R. tells her he will let her get back to work. Marissa is scared that when he leaves he won’t come back. J.R. looks at her and says “I told you I can’t get you out of my heart.” He then passionately kisses her.

Amanda sees David and is shocked. She asks what he wants and he says he has a way to avoid a long drawn out Custody Battle.

Ryan is watching the video on his laptop of Erica from Africa. He pauses half way through her narration and looks adoringly at her onscreen.

Erica finds a glass with lipstick and accuses Zach of having another woman there. Zach tries to cover it by saying it was Rachel’s. Erica does not buy it. Zach tells Erica she is there to “watch Ian” not him. He tells her if she has a problem with that she can leave. Erica leaves and says she will have someone pick up her things in the morning. A frustrated Zach turns to see Kendall running in the room and he reminds her he had instructed her not to leave the room. She tells him she remembers everything and that she did not kill Stuart. She remembers dropping the gun. She then runs into Zach’s arms.

Liza goes to her home and is with Stuart and checks her messages. She has five new messages and each one is a hang up.

David proposes Amanda come live with him and Trevor in his house. She says she could not do that to Jake or Trevor. David tells her it is the only way she will be with her son. He says he will drop all of the charges if she moves in and everyone will win. All she has to do is say “yes.”

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