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All My Children Update Tuesday 9/1/09


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Marissa welcomes Krystal back home and asks about the trip to Africa.  Krystal says that Marissa needs to tune in to Ericaís ďNew BeginningsĒ special.  Krystal asks Marissa what happened between her and JR.  Marissa says that JR has been acting strange lately and asks Krystal if he could be drinking again.

Dr. Kahn says that his team in New York agrees about the chemo.  JR asks about doing the chemo as an outpatient.  Dr. Kahn says that someone has to be there to drive JR home.  JR says that he needs for the cancer to be kept a secret.

Liza says that she is more committed to Kendallís case than ever.  Zach convinces Erica to go upstairs and get settled in, so that he can talk to Liza alone.  Erica says that she will go check on the boys.  Liza asks Zach about Erica moving in.

Amanda finds Trevor in a room at the police station.  David makes his presence known and says that he is there to collect his son.  Amanda asks to hold Trevor, but David refuses to let her.  Jesse asks if the baby is Davidís and Amanda admits that it is.

Erica talks aloud about what is going on there, while Kendall listens from the secret room and admits that she is counting on her mother taking care of everything.

Zach asks Liza what changed her mind.  Liza says that she came back for herself, not for Zach. 

Marissa tells Krystal that she had JR sneak her out of the hospital and take her to the Yacht Club.  Marissa says that David ripped into JR as soon as he found them and JR took off because he wanted a drink, but went to a meeting at the hospital instead.  Marissa says that when JR came to Wildwind later, he was really acting crazy.  Krystal asks why Marissa was at Wildwind.  Marissa says that she and David had a deal: He would release her if she would move in with him until she was fully healed.  Marissa tells Krystal to focus on JR.  Krystal says that David would rather eat nails than see Marissa with JR.  Krystal says that she doesnít think JR is drinking because he would lose custody of Little Adam.

Dr. Kahn says that he would be happy to explain JRís condition to his family.  JR asks if there are any obvious signs of cancer.  Dr. Kahn says that cancer is very difficult to hide.  JR explains that if certain people found out about his cancer, they would use it to take his son away from him.

David says that Jesse canít keep him from his son, but Jesse says that he is going to until it all makes sense.  Jake tells Jesse that every time Amanda turned around, David was trying to steal the baby.  Amanda asks Jesse if she can hold her son.  Jake tells Jesse that she wonít leave the room.  David says that if anyone is holding the baby, it will be him.  Jesse says that the baby knows Amanda, so she can hold him. 

Amanda asks Angie if Trevor is really okay.  Angie says that all Trevor was missing was his mom.  Angie tells Amanda that her son is in excellent health.  Amanda says that whoever had him must have taken really good care of him.  Angie says that Randi found him and took him home, while waiting for someone to report a missing baby.  Amanda asks why Randi isnít there.  Angie says that Randi fell in love with Trevor. 

Jake tells Jesse that they didnít believe that they had any other choices.  Jake says that they just wanted to speed up the adoption process a little.  Tad says that someone thought that if Amanda found an abandoned baby at a church it would work out.  Jake says that they made a mistake, but they honestly thought they were protecting the child.  Jake asks Jesse to let Amanda take her son home.  David tells Jake to say goodbye to his parents because he is looking at a long list of criminal offenses.

Zach says that Liza is back on Kendallís case.  Zach asks what other lawyer would take the case after Kendall told everyone that she is guilty.  Erica and Zach talk about Liza being professional.  Ryan shows up and says that he is taking Spike home with him.  Ryan asks Zach why he is in Adamís pocket.  Zach says that he has never stopped Ryan from seeing Spike, and he wonít start now.  Ryan says that all he wanted was to raise his daughter and keep her safe, but Zach blew that up.  Erica comes out and tells Ryan that she is moving in to help with the boys. 

Krystal says that she is going to round up Little Adam and JR thanks her.  Marissa says that JR seems happy.  JR apologizes for freaking Marissa out before.  JR asks if Marissa wants to know if heís been drinking.  Marissa says that the thought has crossed her mind and JR says that he hasnít.  JR says that life has been intense lately and it has been a lot to take in.  JR says that he thinks they have been moving too fast and asks her about catching a movie this weekend and going to the park with Little Adam.  Marissa says that she would like that.  Marissa leaves.  Little Adam comes out to JR.

Amanda says that they were so close to getting away with everything and having a perfect life.  Angie apologizes and says that she wishes she knew because then they could have kept David from finding out.  Amanda asks if David knows everything and Angie says that he knew all of the people involved.  Amanda suggests that Angie should go for a drink of water and that she could sneak out the back, but Angie says that running isnít the answer.

Jake says that the only danger that Trevor was ever in was with Davidís threats to steal him at birth.  David tells Jesse to arrest Jake.  Tad brings up the fact that David drug Liza to Wildwind at gunpoint.  Jake says that David will never see Trevor, but David says that it is as good as done.  Tad punches David.  David says that it will be difficult holding a baby in handcuffs and suggests that Amanda hand him over.  Jesse asks Natalia to take the baby.  Natalia says that she will take good care of him and Amanda hands him over.  David says that Amanda needs to be in handcuffs too.  Tad and Taylor step in and say that they will have to be arrested too.  Jesse says that nobody else is being arrested, at least for now.  Jesse says that Jake will be held overnight until he calms down, but all allegations have to be sent to the DA.  Jesse tells David that he can leave.  David says that he isnít leaving without his son, but Jesse says that they are doing everything by the book.  Jesse says that Trevor will be put into foster care until the whole situation is straightened out.  Jesse asks an officer to process Jake.  Amanda hugs Jake and asks what they are going to do.

Erica asks Ryan and Zach to fill her in.  Ryan says that he is taking Spike home with him for good.  Zach admits to Erica that he took a loan from Adam because the casino was in trouble and he needed some money.  Zach tells Erica that she can get out of the arrangement whenever she wants, but she says that she isnít going anywhere because she is needed now more than ever.

Amanda asks Jesse to let her take the baby home, but he says that he canít because David will be watching them like a hawk.  Jesse says that he has to play by the books and that Trevor will end up in a safe home.  Taylor asks if Amanda wants her to check on Trevor, but Amanda says that he wants his mother.  Angie tells Amanda to come in and hold her son.

Jake asks Jesse if Amanda is okay.  Jesse says that Amanda is in with the baby and that Jake will be out by morning.  Taylor offers to take care of Trevor since he is already comfortable at her condo, but Jesse says that it wonít be okay with David.  Taylor asks if Jesse thinks that David will end up with Trevor.  Jesse says that he doesnít know.

JR asks Little Adam about going to the park with Aunt Marissa this weekend.  Krystal says that Little Adam is always welcome there.  Little Adam says that Opal built them a playhouse.  JR asks if Little Adam wants to hang out with Kathy and Opal tonight.  Little Adam says that he does if Krystal makes símores.  JR thanks Krystal!

Ryan talks to Spike about going home with him.  Kendall listens from her secret room and asks what Ryan is doing.  Kendall asks Ryan not to take her little boy.

JR asks who the other cookie is for and Little Adam says that it is for Kathy.  Tad comes in and asks if Little Adam is leaving, but Krystal says that he is going to stay a few days.  Krystal and Little Adam take a cookie to Kathy.  Tad asks JR how he is feeling.  JR says that he is all right, but will be really busy with all the outpatient visits.  Tad asks if JR told Krystal and JR says no.  Tad tells JR that he can beat the cancer.  JR asks Tad to keep telling him that.  Tad says that he will be there every step of the way and hugs JR.

David asks Liza if everything is okay with the baby.  Liza asks about Jake and Amanda.  David says that Jake is in jail and Amanda shouldnít be far behind.  David thanks Liza for informing him of their plan for Trevor.  Liza reminds David that he had a gun to her neck.  David says that he will ignore the fact that she told Tad everything, if she agrees to be his lawyer for the custody suit.

Amanda says that Trevor likes to be sung to and if he is held when he falls asleep, he wonít wake up during the night.  Natalia says that she will tell the family that.  Amanda says goodbye to her son.  Jesse says that he wishes there was more he could do and apologizes.  Angie says that there is something else Jesse can do.

Ryan says that he and Spike will be back for a visit real soon.  Kendall asks Zach not to let Ryan take her son.  Erica tells Ryan that he canít do this, but he can because Spike is his son.  Kendall tells Zach to let go of her or she will scream.

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