AMC Update Monday 8/31/09

All My Children Update Monday 8/31/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita


Amanda tells Jake that she had a dream about Trevor.  Jake says that it wasnít a dream.

Liza says that she thought Stuart was Davidís until a few days ago.  David asks why Jake would lie to Liza about it and she says that Jake wanted everyone to believe it.  David asks Liza who has his son.

Randi asks Angie to wait because there has to be another way.  Jesse says that they canít keep it a secret anymore because it doesnít work.  Randi says that if they take the baby, she will tell everyone that she killed Henry and that Jesse helped her to cover it up. 

Erica asks Zach where he was and why he would leave the boys alone in the house.  Zach says that he was only outside for a second, but Erica tells him not to lie to her.

Tad says that Taylor must be exhausted because stake-out duty is a killer.  Taylor says that she knows everything about the alley and people involved with the church, but there are no clues about who took Trevor.  Tad makes a remark about not being able to help yet another kid in trouble and Taylor asks what other kid is in trouble.

Little Adam says that he wishes ďMamaĒ  could come back.  Marissa suggests that Little Adam go pick some more flowers for Babe.  Marissa says that she wishes JR would tell her why he is hurting.  JR says that he is having a nightmare that he canít wake up from.

Erica asks Zach where he really was and he says that he was outside.  Erica apologizes and says that she is probably jet-lagged.  Erica asks about Kendall and Zach says that she still refuses to see anyone.  Erica asks how Liza is doing with Kendallís appeal and Zach says that Liza may not be on the case anymore because of personal reasons.

David asks Liza where his son is.  Liza says that she doesnít know.  Liza explains the situation as well as she can for David.  David realizes that someone else found his son before Opal did.  Liza says that Tad thought it was David who found the baby.

Amanda says that she saw Trevor in a room by himself hooked up to an IV and asks Jake why she would hallucinate something like that.

Randi says that she doesnít care about going to prison if she loses the baby.  Frankie tries to take the baby, but Randi refuses to let him.  Angie suggests that Frankie should try to quiet the baby.  Frankie promises not to take the baby out of the apartment.  Randi says that ďMatthewĒ  belongs with her.  Angie says that sometimes loving a child isnít enough.

Marissa asks JR if he wants to talk about it, but he says that there is no point because there is nothing she can do about it.  Marissa says that she wants to help and asks JR to let her try.  JR says that Adam made a fool out of himself in front of Annie again and Scott is too close to everything to see it.  Marissa says that Adam has to live with his own mistakes.  JR says that he canít even imagine Little Adam being raised in Adamís house.  Marissa says that Little Adam is living with JR, but JR says that there is no guarantee that it will stay that way forever.  Marissa asks why JR is acting like this and JR says that there are no guarantees in life.  Little Adam brings some flowers back for Babe.  JR says that it is time to go and Little Adam says goodbye to Babe.

Taylor asks Tad what else is going on and he says that he canít talk about it because he made a promise.  Taylor tells Tad that he should go to the hospital, but he asks her to distract him instead.  Taylor rubs Tadís forehead and kisses it.

Jesse explains his reasons for helping Randi to cover up Henryís murder to Natalia.  Natalia says that she wishes she were there because she would have killed Henry for Randi.

Angie tells Randi about raising a baby and says that Randi would be running and hiding for the rest of ďMatthewísĒ  life.  Angie asks Randi what her life was like when she met Frankie.  Randi says that she aws always afraid that she would end up beaten, dead or pregnant.  Randi says that when she holds ďMatthewĒ  all she thinks about is him.  Angie says that she understands, but that Randi needs to trust her, Natalia, Frankie and Jesse.  Angie tells Randi to try to do right by the baby.

Taylor asks if Tad is feeling better ad he thanks her.  Tad and Taylor watch a Spanish telenovela that Jake got him hooked on.  JR shows up and Tad asks Taylor to give him some time with JR.  Taylor says that she will be at home if Tad needs anything.  JR says that he was hoping that Kathy was home for a play date.  Tad says that Kathy, Jenny and Opal are setting up a playhouse and asks Little Adam to help them.  JR tells Tad that it isnít good news.  JR asks Tad to keep Little Adam safe from Adam if he dies, but Tad refuses.

David rants about the Martin brothers.  Liza tries to escape, but David stops her and cocks his pistol.  David says that he will find his son and take care of the Martins once and for all.

Amanda asks Jake why they are at the hospital.  Jake says that her description of what she saw was too specific for a hallucination, so he brought her there to maybe remember something else.  A nurse comes in and asks Jake if they are opening those rooms again.  Jake says that he doesnít believe that they are and asks why.  The nurse says that she isnít used to seeing doctors in there and says that Frankie was in there the previous night and that another nurse saw him in Pediatrics also.  Jake says that he doesnít think that Amanda was hallucinating.

Tad says that he refuses to believe that JR is going to die, but that he will look after Little Adam.  Tad says that JR has to fight hard for himself and Little Adam.  Tad tells JR to get into treatment and he will promise anything.  JR says that he will pick Little Adam up later.

Erica tells Zach that there are many better lawyers than Liza, but Zach says that Liza knows the case better than anyone else and will have a good appeal for them.  Erica asks if Liza stops by a lot.  Erica says that she is moving in.

Natalia says that this isnít over and if they take the baby in, Randi will turn herself in, which will also bring Jesse down.  Jesse says that they are going to do what Randi doesnít want them to because they have to find out where the baby came from.  Jesse says that the baby belongs to someone and the baby comes first no matter what.

Frankie tells Randi that he wants the baby with them so that she will be at peace, but they canít do it if someone is looking for him.  Randi says that she has known all along that someone was out there aching because they didnít know where he was.

Amanda suggests that they should call Frankie again, but Jake says that he isnít going to wait around.  Jake tells Amanda to look around the bedrooms.  Amanda says that she hates doing this to Frankie and Randi, but Jake says that it is the only lead they have.

David says that the Martins are the root of misery in Pine Valley.  Liza says that all David cares about is revenge.  David uncocks the pistol and tells Liza to get out of there.  Liza slams the door as she leaves Wildwind.  David calls the hospital and asks a nurse to page Jake to get him back to the hospital immediately.  David grabs his gun and leaves.

Tad asks Liza what is wrong.  Liza asks where Jake is.  Tad says that Jake checked Amanda out of the hospital and they are on their way home.  Liza says that they have to warn them because David knows everything and has a gun.  Tad asks how David found out and Liza admits that she told him.

The nurse tells David that she tried paging, calling and leaving messages for Jake, but there hasnít been an answer.  David says that he will find Jake himself.

Amanda shows Jake the outfit that Trevor was wearing the day they lost him and says that it was in the dirty clothes.

Liza says that she wants to help, but Tad says that he doesnít want her help.  Tad leaves a message for Jake saying that David is out for blood.

Erica assures Zach that she is definitely moving in because Zach canít take care of the boys all alone all the time.  Zach agrees to let Erica move into the guest room.

Randi says that the baby is ready to go.  Jesse says that they will take his car to the station, but Randi says that she canít go to the station and that she has to say goodbye now.  Randi talks to the baby and then hands him to Angie.  Frankie hugs Randi as she cries.

Erica tells Zach that she will see him soon and leaves.  Kendall asks how Zach can let Erica move in.  Zach says that it is the best idea that Erica ever had.

Joe tells David that he hasnít seen Amanda and Jake since earlier.  David sees the TV report about the baby apparently abandoned at St. Matthewís Church being taken to the police department and runs out of the hospital.

Jake and Amanda get to Tadís, while he is watching the TV report.  Jake says that they might have found a lead, but Tad says that he thinks he found the baby.

Zach says that with Erica in the house, Kendall might stop walking around and hitting people with computers.  Kendall says that she canít believe that he is moving her mother in just to keep her locked up.  Zach says that Erica being in the guest room, will certainly keep Liza out of his.

JR meets with Dr. Kahn and asks when he can start treatment because he is ready to beat the cancer.

Zach says that he didnít realize that Erica was moving in immediately.  Erica says that the rest of her things will be brought over in the morning.  Liza shows up.  Erica says that Liza dropping Kendallís case is the best thing, but Liza says that she is staying on Kendallís case.

Tad says that he is going to find Jesse to try to head off some of the reports.  Taylor goes with him.  Jake tells Amanda that they have to get their story straight, but she walks away and sees Trevor.  David makes his presence known.

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