AMC Update Friday 8/28/09

All My Children Update Friday 8/28/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Scott has a meeting with Adam to discuss Zach’s financial statements for the casino. Annie is in the room as well. Adam and Annie talk about him choosing her over JR. Annie decides that they should get Zach to give them a good price for a reception at his casino since Adam has given him a loan.

Baby Trevor is fine and Frankie tells Randi that his fever has broken. Natalia arrives and doesn’t want the baby being taken from them so she convinces them to turn the baby in to her father. Natalia make plans to turn the baby over to Child Protection Services. Frankie tells Randi that they could adopt the baby once it has been turned over to Child Protection Services. Frankie and Natalia pack the baby’s things in the car and leave Randi alone with the baby, but when they return they find Randi and Trevor gone.

Nurse Gayle tells David about her patient and about Amanda and Jake's visit to her bar. David figures out what Jake and Amanda has done with his and Amanda’s baby. David is shocked.

Jesse visits the casino, and asks Zach about Liza’s injury. After getting details from Zach, Jesse is concerned that Kendall’s behavior may cause him to be exposed for helping her.

Angie tells JR that he has lymphoma cancer, but let him know that he can beat the cancer with proper treatment. She advises him to see the oncologist. She tells him that if he does not fight the cancer, he will die. JR returns home, but he missed a meeting with Adam and Scott. Adam notices that something is wrong but assumes the worse. He notices that JR is upset and ask him what is going on; he accuses JR of drinking.

Liza tells Zach at the casino that she is removing herself from Kendall’s case. Zach refuses to let her go. He understands that she is embarrassed about the kiss and the things she said to him. Zach had called Rachel to stay with the kids while he was at the casino. She was glad to see them all again. Kendall comes downstairs before Rachel can get to the parking lot, and Zach scolds her about being more careful.

Liza meets with Marissa and decides to stay on as Kendall’s attorney. Liza prepares to leave the hospital but someone put their hands over her mouth and pulls her away. David kidnaps Liza and takes her to his home. He pulls a gun on Liza and demands that she tells him everything that she knows about his baby that is still alive.

Randi is telling Jesse and Angie about baby Trevor. Natalia and Frankie rush into their parent's apartment. Frankie is relieved when he sees Randi and the baby.

Scott recognized that something is wrong with JR. When the court releases Annie, Adam wants Lil A and JR to move back home. Annie does not readily agree with them returning to the mansion.

Kendall is upstairs in the nursery reading to her children.

Zach arrives at the Chandler mansion and ask to see Annie; he wants to talk to her about the wedding reception. Scott asks him about the monthly pay out of $1000,000. Zach explains that he is helping an old woman shelter her winnings. Zach apologize to Annie for accusing her of killing Stuart. He also compliments her on turning her life around. He tells her that he has hopes that Kendall can turn her life around once she is out of prison. Annie looks at him in shock.

Someone enters the Slater’s home then goes upstairs to the nursery; they turn the knob to the nursery door. Kendall nervously awaits their entrance.

Randi gets nervous when the baby is taken from her. She wants the baby back so she threatens to tell the world that she killed Henry North, and that Jesse helped her cover it up. Natalia is shocked; Frankie, Jesse and Angie look at her in disbelief.

Liza, fearing for her life, tells David everything she knows about Trevor.

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