AMC Update Thursday 8/27/09

All My Children Update Thursday 8/27/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

David accuses Zach of hitting Liza on the head. He goes to see Liza and questions her about her injury. He spooks her by telling her his thoughts about how the accident happened.

Amanda has dreams about baby Trevor. Tad arrives at the hospital, and Jake tells him that Amanda is having a melt down. Jake fells guilty about not telling David about Trevor. Jake and Tad decide to go to the police about Trevor.

Natalia arrives at Randi’s, and Randi tells her that the baby is ill; he has been crying all day and he has a temperature. Natalia suggest that they call Frankie. Frankie tells them to meet him in the overflow section of the hospital on the fourth floor. Natalia look for Frankie in the hospital; she finds him and he examines the baby. Frankie decides to give the baby I V. Natalia tells Frankie that she will find out whom the baby’s parents are. She warns him about Randi’s mental state.

Madison tells Frankie to deliver some cash to her since his family is responsible for her insurance money being delayed. Madison hits on Frankie and tells him that she would be willing to trade sex as a form of a bribe.

Marissa tells JR that he is acting rude and she demands to know what is going on. JR rethinks his life and talks to Marissa bout Babe. He asks Marissa to make love since time is short. He goes over to David’s house bar to make a drink. Marissa wants answers from JR who is exhibiting strange behavior. JR talks about his feelings for Marissa. He wants her to have sex now, but she rejects him. JR returns to the hospital before telling Marissa he is sick.

Kendall tells Zach that if he loves her, then he should prove it. Zach is hesitant because he thinks that sex will prove nothing, and they will still have problems with their marriage. Zach asks Kendall to get a grip before she really hurt someone. She jeopardized Jesse, him and herself. Kendall writes out various scenarios that will occur when Zach returns home. Zach tells her that he is leaving her for Liza in the first scenario. Zach forgives her and she forgives him in the second scenario, and tells her that he is flawed. Kendall is writing her book and she write that Zach walks into the casino and kiss Liza, she then delete that and rewrite him showing Liza his wedding ring. The picture rewinds as the deletes occur. Kendall rewrites the hit on the head she gave Liza with her laptop, and then writes that she shot Liza.

David accuses Zach of hitting Liza and Zach tells him that if he believes that then he should call the police. Zach ask about Liza and he is told that she has a concussion. Zach visits Liza who, at first, is leery of him; she later relaxes with him.

David is jealous and thinks that Liza is in love with Zach. He tells Liza that Zach is dark broody and quiet. Liza tells David that if she were interested in dark, difficult men she would be all over him.

Liza asks Tad about her baby’s parents. Jake cannot believe that Tad told her baby Stuart was not Amanda’s baby. Liza later thanks Jake for her baby.

Jake checked Amanda into the hospital to watch over her. He goes to her room and she is not there. Baby Trevor is in a hospital room by himself crying. Amanda hears him, than look through the window to see him. She tries to enter the room but the door is locked. She runs off to get Jake. Randi was in the bathroom and locked the door. She heard Amanda run off screaming about her baby. She thinks Amanda is hallucinating about her baby. Randi and Frankie take baby Trevor away fearing that he will be taken away.

JR tells Tad that he may be sick with cancer. Tad offers his support.

Zach tells Kendall that Liza will live; he leaves Kendall in her bed all alone.

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