AMC Update Wednesday 8/26/09

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/26/09


Written by Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Marissa tells David she can walk by herself. He tells her if she takes it too fast she could end up in the Hospital. He says he forced her to come home with him. Marissa tells David she is there because she wants to be but it is only for a few days. He agrees.

Angie tells J.R. she is worried about his Blood Count. “Concerned?” She says she would like to admit him and run a full battery of tests. She says they would be exploratory. J.R. asks what the low Blood Count means. “That’s why I’m ordering the tests.” He asks if it is serious. She says she does not know the answer yet. She wants to consult with other Doctors. He asks what kind and she explains a Hematologist and an Oncologist. J.R, asks “you think I have cancer?”

Frankie comes in the room and Randi is dancing around with the baby. Frankie comments that he is a good dancer. Randi says he has not stepped on her foot once. They both seem happy with the baby.

Madison is demanding a check on someone’s voice mail when Jesse walks up and says “bad news?” Madison turns around and says, “like you didn’t know.”

Zach asks Liza if she forgot something. She comes in and kisses him. Kendall comes up behind Liza and hits her over the head with a laptop. Liza falls and Kendall is afraid she killed her. She says “she just made me so mad.” He tells her she is going to be okay. “She will be just fine. I don’t know about us.”

J.R. is stunned and wants Angie to say that she thinks he has cancer. He tells her to say the word. She says she doesn’t know and that’s why they need to do the tests. She tells him if it is cancer there are options. J.R. says he can’t stay and angrily barges out of the room.

David brings Marissa a sundae. He sits on the couch and says he invited someone over to keep her company. She tells him she does not need a babysitter. He says he is on call and he does not want her to be alone. He tells her it is Scott. Marissa looks at him. He says Scott is a great guy, he is honest and starts telling her his noble attributes. He adds that he likes her. She tells him Scott is all the things he thinks J.R. is not. “He is all the things I know J.R. is not.” Marissa gets up and tells him this is a record. She says she is not unpacked and he is going off on J.R. already. He says she brought up J.R. not him. She tells him she is leaving. He says she can’t leave. He tells her J.R. is bad and drinks. Marissa says he has not been drinking. David tells her he takes “breaks.” She tells him until she sees a bottle to his mouth she will not believe it. David tells her J.R. has a self-destruct button and when he presses it everyone around him suffers. She tells him she is leaving. She turns around and there is a pain in her side. She says she will stay but he has to call Scott and tell him she is too tired to see anyone. The doorbell rings and David tells Scott to “come on in.”

Madison tells Jesse they had a deal. He says his wife went to them and told them it was a mistake and he has done everything he could. Madison says he better “pray” she gets her money. Jesse tells her to “shut up.” She says she talked to an attorney and she can not be charged as an accessory. Jesse says “you do know I will do whatever it takes to protect my family, you do know that right?” Madison says the way they love and protect each other to the end is gross. “I thought your wife was going to take my head off” Jesse says she is lucky Angie didn’t. He tells her that is what parents do, she tells him that is not what her parents do. She says she better get the money. He tells her again it is out of his hands. She says she needs the money “right now” when suddenly an older male voice says “you’ve been saying that all your life.” Madison turns and says “Daddy?” A refined man in a suit appears when she asks what he is doing there. He tells her he came to see her.

Natalia is at the bar and says she is waiting for her brother. Jesse walks up behind her and says, “would you settle for your father instead?” She turns around and smiles.

Randi and Frankie sit on the couch as Randi talks about how much they enjoyed the dance. Randi says that she thinks they should give him a “real name.” Randi wonders what his mother named him. She says he needs a dignified name. Frankie asks what the name of the Church was that she found him at. Randi says it was St. Matthews. She calls him Matthew and asks if he likes that name. They coo over the baby. Randi says his name is Matthew Franklin Hubbard.

Zach asks Kendall what she was thinking. He says she could have killed her. Kendall asks if she was supposed to just go back to her cave..or was she supposed to go sprinkle rose petals for them. Zach says Liza kissed him what was he supposed to do about it. He tells her to go upstairs and he will fix it. Liza begins to wake up and Zach puts his hands on her face.

Natalia and Frankie are talking about gambling. Frankie says he loves the fact that his son and daughter are planning a night together.

Madison’s father says she still likes her martinis. She tells him they didn’t come to her husband’s funeral. He tells her that man married her for his money and she married him because she was bored. He tells her to impress him and get a job. She asks what she should do. She says she has manners and can show a horse but those aren’t exactly “Resume potential.” Her father looks at her and says “somewhere underneath the alcohol and the self absorption there is a brain. I think if you put your mind to it you can come up with a Career.” She then asks if he is cutting her off. He says he is and don’t go to her mom because she is with him. Madison says she will find a way to get her own money.

Scott asks if it is a bad time. Marissa says it is not. Scott wants to know what made him ask him to come over. David says he is worried about J.R. drinking again. Scott says that David doesn’t like him, bashes him and now he wants to “team up” to help him. David says he is concerned and he thought Marissa and Scott could intervene. Scott asks “and this is why you asked me over here?” Marissa then tells him that David thinks they will get closer to one another and fall in love. If she has to kiss a Chandler David wants him to be the only Chandler she kisses. “This is David’s idea of matchmaking.” David asks “can you blame me?”

Zach helps Liza to the couch and she says, “that was one hell of a kiss but what happened?” Zach says the door was still loose from where Jesse kicked it in and he should take her to the Hospital. She tells him he can’t leave his kids. He says he will call the Hospital and they will send someone over. “Burning stakes and flying doors, are you sure this house isn’t possessed?” Zach makes a call and asks if she wants water. Liza tells him she does not want water but to talk to her. He asks what she wants to talk about. She says “us.” Kendall lurks in the shadows.

Frankie shows up at the Casino and says he didn’t know it would be a “family thing.” Jesse says he was keeping his daughter company. He asks how his daughter in law is. Jesse asks if he can bring her something. Frankie tells him she has had a rough day and he may want to call her first. Jesse says if they need anything…Frankie says they have him on speed dial. Frankie gives his children money to gamble and walks off. Natalia says she hates lying to him. Frankie says his dad would never sit on “that.” He says can’t risk doing that to Randi. She asks what about the baby’s real mother. Frankie says they have gone over that and the baby was dumped. He says Randi is wonderful, “you should see the way she holds Matthew.” Natalia looks at him and questions “Matthew?” She tells him this cannot last forever and this can not work. Frankie says he will make it work because Randi is happy. Natalia says Randi is happy now but how long will it last? The truth will come out and what will she do when she loses another child. Frankie says he will find a way to make it legal. He says she is happy and dancing around again. “I have to find a way to keep a smile on her face.”

Randi talks to the baby and tells him she can rock and talk and tell him about his Daddy and how much he loves him.

David gets a call and says he will take it. He tells them he has a house call and asks if they will be okay. He leaves and Marissa apologizes for David making him come over. She says he does not have to take off. She tells Scott she is worried about J.R. that he did find an AA Meeting. He says they will keep an eye on him. Marissa goes to tell him something and he tells her he knows. He is a good friend and when she needs one to call him.

Zach asks Liza if she wants to talk about the three of them, as in his wife, himself and their attorney or as in us with Adam and the loan.. Liza says no she is talking about “us” as in the night of the Casino. She says she can’t forget the passion. He tells her it was one night. Liza tells him not to patronize her. She says she is not the “lovesick, puppy dog eyes” woman. She sees a problem she fixes it. He tells her she sees a problem and her way of fixing it was to come in someone’s house and kiss them? That is her way of solving things? Liza says “that’s chemistry. I feel it. It takes two.” She asks what that is. He says it could be a “connection.” She says it is “trust.” She trusts him. She goes on to say he could have told the whole world she was faking her pregnancy and he didn’t. “You didn’t even tell Kendall.” Kendall is in the corner looking angrily confused. Zach tells her “we share a secret, that’s it.” Liza retorts, “is it?” Kendall comes into plain sight at the edge of the step and looks at Zach. Zach looks at Kendall, stunned with her position.

Liza turns and asks what it is. He says he thought he heard the boys. She says it was her mistake. She thought getting it out in the air would help things and it didn’t. Zach tells Liza he values their “friendship.” He tells her he loves his wife, “and her being behind bars doesn’t change things.” Liza says “fifteen years to life is a long time.” Zach tells her “not when you signed on forever.” David walks to the door and says “what happened here?” Zach asks if he is the Doctor on call. David says he is. Zach says it is a long story but Liza got hit in the head. David says “it’s a dangerous place.”

Natalia is telling Frankie she has looked everywhere for the baby’s parents. She says she is beginning to think the baby “really did fall from the sky.” Frankie says it works for him. Natalia says she believes in karma and fate. She says it could be people trafficking babies in under the radar. Frankie says it could just be some woman left him in a Church. Natalia says she is afraid that Randi would never get over this. She tells him she has to go. Jesse turns around and sees Madison sitting at a table.

Marissa apologizes to Scott for David bringing him into the situation. He tells her David is overprotective. She says it wouldn’t be so bad from afar. She tells him moving in is temporary. Scott asks if she needs anything before he leaves. He says he will let himself out. He leans down and kisses her cheek slowly. He turns away and she says “you’ll let me know how he is? If you see J.R.”

Scott walks outside and tells J.R. looks like hell. He tells him Marissa will be happy to see him since she has been worried. He asks if he went to AA. He tells J.R. Marissa is a good person and not to “mess with her.”

David is making Liza follow his finger. He says he is surprised the door hitting her didn’t cause more damage. He tells her she has a hard head. Zach asks if she will be okay. David says with a door that size there could have been more damage. He wants an MRI. He tells her she could be bleeding on the inside of her brain. Zach encourages her to go and she gets her bag, says she will followed by “it wouldn’t be good for Kendall’s attorney to be out of commission.” She tells Zach she is glad they are on the same page. David takes her to the hospital and leaves Zach with a broken door. Kendall comes briskly walking to face Zach repeating “you could have told the world but you didn’t, not even Kendall? What is that about?”

Jesse goes to the Hospital to see Angie. She tells him he doesn’t need him to pick her up. Jesse tells her it is “the highlight of my day.” Angie says she needs a highlight and he is it. She asks if his day was better than hers. He tells her he saw Frankie and Natalia at the Casino. Angie asks if Randi was with them. Jesse says she was not feeling well. Angie tells him she will take her chicken soup. “It will make her feel better.” Angie says no one will turn down chicken soup. Randi could not get the baby to be quiet. Angie gets no answer. Jesse says it may have been for the best and now they can go home and do what they do best. Angie tells him that sounds better than chicken soup. They hug one another in the hospital before Angie takes his hand and tells him to go with her.

Marissa and J.R. are in the house and she tells him she is sorry it took so long to answer the door. Marissa tells him David brought her ice cream but it turned into a puddle after they had a fight. J.R. takes the tray with the ice cream and places it on an end table when he sees alcohol in the corner. She asks if he is okay. He says he is fine except for the “games” they have been playing. He walks over to her and tells her they are attracted to one another and he does not want to play games anymore. He says he came there “to do something about it.”

David comes in to Liza’s room as she is taking her jewelry off. He says the MRI won’t take long. She asks if he really thinks it is necessary. “I’m not taking any chances.” She tells him when they said they would get together again she did not have this in mind. “The lighting could be better but the company is excellent.” Liza asks if he really thinks something is wrong. David says it could just be a mild concussion. David asks about the baby. She tells him he rolled over and she thought it was so funny. David rolls a wheel chair towards her. She sits down and says “if something were to happen to me, what would happen to my son?” David wheels her out of the room.

Zach is looking at the door with a tool kit. Kendall is asking why he kept Liza’s secret. She says she is his wife, they should have no secrets. He says there are lots of things husbands and wives hide from each other. She says he told her it was one night, “but this, sharing secrets.” Kendall asks if he told her his wife didn’t understand him? Zach asks if he told her she was overreacting would she believe him. Kendall says she relies on him for everything but Liza is “free.” “She is free to come and go as she pleases and she sure seems to please you.” Zach is trying to fix the door and he says “well you’re not trapped in a room now are you? But maybe you should be. Go to bed.” Kendall says he is trying to lock her in her room so it will shut her up. She says she wants to please him and she can’t. She claims he has feelings for Liza. He turns and tells her she heard that he does not have feelings for Liza. Kendall says he had to say that because he knew she was listening. Kendall says she thought Liza’s baby could have been his. Kendall tells him he could have told her then. Zach interjects, “I kept her secret for you. I blackmailed her so she would be your lawyer.” Kendall looks at him and tells him she could have told her. She says he chose Liza over her. She says he kept her secret and he can say there is nothing between them but she has seen them in the room together. She has “felt” it. “It’s there.” Kendall storms out of the room and Zach stands and shakes his head.

J.R, tells Marissa David hates him. He says maybe she should just cut him loose now. He says “one day you’re planning a wedding, a family, a life. “ He says “maybe what we should just do is stop wasting so much time.” He pulls Marissa in his arms and kisses her passionately.

Frankie sees Madison sitting and approaches. He observes that her drink is still full, so that can’t be why she is upset. She tells him her father cut her off and the Insurance Company has not paid. “Maybe if you sold some of that jewelry you’d be okay for a couple of months.” Madison gets out of her chair and stands across from David. She tells him if his wife had not killed her husband she would be fine. She tells him if he wants to keep his “hooker wife” out of jail he will deliver money to her.

There is a knock at the door and Randi opens to see Natalia. She begs for help because the baby has been crying all day and he will not eat and he has a temperature. She asks what she should do.

David is looking at the scans and says the door did not hot Liza. He thinks there should be more damage to her shoulders. He speculates it was not a door but a person who hit her.

Zach has the door back on the hinges. He checks in on the boys and goes to Kendall’s room to tell her the boys are asleep and she is not there. He goes to his bedroom and she is sitting on his bed. Kendall looks at him and says, “You say you love me, then prove it.”

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