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All My Children Update Tuesday 8/25/09


Written by Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

J.R. walks to the Attending Nurse and asks if Dr. Joe Martin is available. The nurse says he is not there. J.R. walks away, collapsing. Angie comes over and tells him they will take care of him.

Tad is marveling over the fact the nurse David hired has a bar. Jake says it was David’s “thank you for saving my ass” present. Tad says he does not have good news. He thinks David still wants Liza’s baby. Amanda walks up and says, “Strangers, my baby is with strangers.”

Annie and Adam ask what Ryan is doing at her Hearing. Ryan says Emma is his daughter and he feels that him being there would be relevant. The Judge agrees and tells him the Competency Hearing is beginning.

Spike tells Kendall to “come back” to his room. Liza looks at Zach and questions why he didn’t tell her he had Kendall “stashed” upstairs.

Liza says she did not mean to be insensitive. She says Spike is having a hard time. Zach tells her the Doctors say it is normal but Spike has an imaginary friend he sings with. Liza says “it seems to be working. He is as quiet as a mouse now.” She picks up the baby monitor and Zach grabs it from her hands. He tells her he will go check on him.

He walks in and Kendall is on the bed with Spike. Kendall says she turned off the monitor. Zach tells her to go back to her room. They put Spike to bed and Zach says he will deal with Liza. Kendall repeats, “deal with her?” She goes on to ask, “Why can’t you just get rid of her.” Zach dismisses the comment, telling Kendall to go back to her room and he will get her when it is safe. Zach tells Liza thanks for helping with the loan. He tells her things will be okay as soon as Annie is found guilty. She offers to stay and keep him company. He tells her it is okay and he will see her tomorrow. Kendall walks up behind him. Zach asks if she got lost. She says, “I know what you and Liza are trying to pull, and it has to stop.” Zach takes Kendall by the hand and walks away from the door.

The Judge goes over the History of Annie’s case. He gives details of the traumatic experience from Oak Haven, The Judge asks Annie if she feels she is competent to stand trial. Ryan glares at her.

Marissa is back at the hospital and she calls J.R. to make sure he is okay.

Angie is asking J.R. to follow the light in the exam room. As she is listening to his heart J.R. says he is surprised she has not asked if he has been drinking. She asks, “Have you?” J.R. tells her he has not been drinking, not since his Uncle was murdered. She wants to know if the dizzy spells have been going on long. He tells her he has been feeling “crappy” for a while. She asks if he has been eating and sleeping. They both agree he has been under stress. J.R. says his father is about to marry the “town psycho.” Angie says she was referring to the stress from his Uncle’s murder. J.R. says he was hoping to stop in and Joe could give him “an immunity boost or something.” Angie says she wants to run tests, routine blood work. She asks him to wait a minute and she will grab a nurse. J.R. buttons his shirt and walks out of the Exam Room. Marissa walks up and asks why he has not been picking up her call.

Amanda says she needs air and Jake sits down with Tad after she is outside. He tells him Amanda has not been eating nor sleeping. Jake tells him he does not know what to do. Tad says they should talk to Jesse. Jake tells him it would be public. If they do that they will lose him to David. They hear the car door and the car engine. Jake goes to the door and says “Tad she took off.”

Liza goes to see Tad and Tad says if she is there to talk about missing babies he can not talk about it. Liza is surprised Trevor is still missing. She tells him “it takes you back doesn’t it?” He says “to a place he never wanted to be again.” She then opens her purse and tells him to “take some of these.” Tad asks what they are. Liza says her life is a mess too. He tells her it makes him feel a little better. Tad asks what is wrong with her life and she responds that she “is falling for a guy who is in love with a killer.”

Zach has Kendall in her room. Kendall says Zach asking Adam is “perfectly normal.” Zach tells her if he is indebted to Adam and Annie they will let down their guards. She tells him she agrees with Liza and that he should have told Ryan. She explains that letting Ryan think he wants to help them is “cruel.” Zach says he cares about her and wants to make sure she is okay and he works better alone. She tells him he is not alone he has Liza. Zach tells her he is trying to give her time to decompress. Kendall says he is waiting for her to remember that she didn’t commit murder. Zach tells her he is waiting on that. He tells her to relax and take care of her heart and he will do the rest.

Annie admits that she was not “of sound mind.” She says she had to go to Oak Haven. She had a wake up call. She says she saw so much of the desperation and hurt in Dr. Sinclair that she had within her. She then realized that it was not her fault she acted the way she did. It was because of Richie’s influence. Annie admits she was not “magically cured” but it was a start. She says she was on the run and she saved Adam. Adam saved her back. She says she was able to see herself because of him. She then cries and says “I will never forgive myself for the crimes that I have committed. I am hoping that I can my life back. I am hoping I can get a second chance with my little girl.” Ryan stands up and the Judge tells him he is “out of turn.” Ryan explains that Annie, underneath the façade is a danger to his little girl.

J.R. tells Marissa Davis was right and he wanted a drink so he went to the Hospital. He says the temptation was gone. He asks if Scott dropped her off. Marissa says David dropped her off and she talked to him. She tells him she is moving in with David. “Once you move in with David, he’ll keep you there for life.”

David is getting Marissa’s papers when Amanda comes up and is screaming him. David doesn’t know what she is talking about. She says “my baby is gone because of you and I will never get him back…never.” Jake is behind her and grabs and hugs her while looking at David.

J.R. tells Marissa he knows what she is trying to do, that he will understand them if she spends time with him. Marissa asks why that is so terrible. He tells her Babe did the same thing and nothing she does will get him to approve of J.R. Marissa tells him he should trust her. He tells her he does, but he does not trust David. She tells him thanks for the confidence and walks away.

Angie asks J.R. what he is doing out of his room since they have not done the tests yet. J.R. says he is fine. “You look like hell. You feel like hell.” Angie wants to get to the bottom of it. She tells him to do it for his son.

Adam tells Ryan did sit down. The Judge tells Adam to sit down; he wants to hear what Ryan has to say. Ryan apologizes for speaking out but he tells him Annie is fooling everyone as she has done before. He tells the Judge how Annie had Emma kidnapped, put on a plane and taken from hiding place to hiding place. He says she did it to “bring them closer together.” He tells the Judge and Annie she confused his daughter. She made her keep secrets and Emma completely shut down. Even now that she came out of it “it is not the same.” Ryan says “maybe” since Annie has been out of Oak Haven a few months she is fit to stand trial, “but she is not fit to be a mother.”

Liza sits on Tad’s couch and says she is a “terrible mother.” She says she has a beautiful baby, Colby doesn’t hate her and all she can think about is Zach Slater. Tad asks if she means in a “lawyerly type of way?” Liza retorts, “In a ‘can I rip your clothes off type of way?’” Tad says that is not the answer he was looking for. She tells him about the Casino and how they had “gotten” together. Tad does not understand the allure and makes quick quips about why she would want him. Liza says it is “his eyes.” She says it was funny “how best laid plans got shot to hell.” Liza tells him about the hot night on the casino table. Liza says it was not supposed to mean anything. Tad starts to ask and Liza cuts him off, “yeah I have feelings for Zach.”

Kendall says she can’t believe he let Ryan hit him. He tells her he would do it again. Kendall places her hand on his jaw and asks if it hurts. He says it hurts when she touches it. She tells him “this works for Ian” and leans in and kisses his jaw line. Zach’s eyebrows go up.

J.R. asks Angie if they can keep the tests between them. He says everyone would assume he fell off the wagon. Angie says she will make sure no one; including David gets their hands on his results.

David walks to Jake and asks how Amanda is. Jake says he gave her a sedative. David wonders what brought it all on. He says it has been months…Jake explains she needs therapy and maybe medication, her postpartum is worse that he thought. David says she is talking as if their son is still alive. Jake says that is why he thinks she needs help. Jake says, “you know why that is?” David turns to him and says, “I know this one by heart.” Jake insinuates it is because he has badgered and taunted her with threats and she his hit rock bottom. He looks at him and says, “now live with that.”

Marissa walks in and David tells her not to hold back, “it’s open season. Get your shots in while you can.” Marissa goes and hugs him.

Adam stands up and says it is Ryan that needs to be on trial. He reminds him how he dumped Annie as soon as Greenlee came back into town. Adam says a few hours ago Ryan attacked him. The Judge interrupts and says “enough.” He tells Annie he wants to know her take on how “this has effected your daughter.” Annie says she is not trying to take Emma away from Ryan. She tells him he has done a wonderful job. She is not ready for Emma and Emma is not ready for her. She begs Ryan to just tell Emma that she loves her.

Tad tells Liza to kill the Zach issue. Liza asks how and Tad says “choke the life out of it, just get it done pronto. Just get it done.” Liza asks what if she can’t. Tad says Zach and Kendall have been through it all. They have been through any crisis you can imagine, “nothing comes between Kendall and Zach, even when they are apart.” Liza says that he is by himself in that house. Tad says she is in the house, maybe not physically but she is there with him all the same. Tad tells her every decision or action he makes is for or about Kendall. Tad tells her if she can’t stay away she should leave. Liza says she should leave. “That is exactly what I am gonna do.” Tad says they both know she will not do it.

Zach goes to leave Kendall and she asks for him not to. He says he has to fix the door, anyone could come in. “Liza could come in.” He tells her to stop with the Liza “thing.” He reiterates she works for them. Kendall tells him he slept with her once. “It didn’t mean anything.” Kendall said it meant something to her. Zach tells her to let it go. “Like you let it go with me and Ryan?” Zach tells her that is completely different and she knows why. Zach says he does not want Liza. Kendall tells him she doesn’t want her either. She tells him to tell her the truth, that he does not love her anymore. He asks what she wants him to say. Kendall says “just tell me you don’t love me anymore so we can be done with it and move on.”

The Judge says Annie can stand trial but she must remain in the Chandler House while being monitored. He tells her there shall be no visitation with her daughter at this time.

Zach says he cannot say that he does not love her. Kendall says “you love me but you can’t forgive me. You want me close but you don’t want to forgive me.” She tells him he has stashed her like a dirty secret. She asks if this is her punishment for Ryan. He says it is not. Zach says he does not have the answers. He tells her “I will love you until the day I die.” Kendall begs for him to forgive her for Ryan. The light blinks and Zach says “someone’s here.” Kendall begs “Zach, Zach please.”

Zach goes to the door and looks Liza in the eyes.

Marissa tells David he had no control over whether the child lived or died. He tells her to keep telling him that. She says she will if he will listen. He tells her he hears her but he is so scared to lose her. She tells him she is not Babe, and she is not going anywhere. Marissa tells her to him she is ready to go home.

Amanda walks up and Jake tells her where she is. She tells him she had the most amazing dream, she and Trevor with him and they were in a rowboat. They were so happy. Jake tells her it does not have to be a dream. She begs for him not to do this. She blames herself, she says she left her child in an alley. “I do not deserve to be a mother, Jake,”

David asks Marissa if her living with him is a great idea. He says he tricked her into it, She says apology accepted but she is still going home with him. She tells him she wants a sundae from the Yacht Club and asks if they can stop before they go home.

J.R. is trying to leave and Angie walks in. She closes the door behind her. She says she is worried about his blood count and she would like to admit him. He asks if they have to do it right now. Angie says that she does not want to waste any time.

Jake tells Amanda the only thing she did was want her baby back. He tells her they are going to find Trevor and they will rent a row boat. He tells her they will go nowhere. She asks if they will be happy. He says they will be “really happy.” He kisses and hugs her.

Annie says she is so happy the hearing is over. Adam tells her she will be fine as long as he is beside her. Adam’s cell phone rings and the judge asks how he liked the performance. Adam is angry he let Ryan stay. The Judge says he had to do that; otherwise their relationship would have been obvious. Adam instructs that the Trial Date be set immediately. He wants her out of her ankle bracelet and to marry her. The Judge tells Adam he will give him time to find a “real” trial attorney. He says Ryan is a threat to them.

Ryan answers the phone and asks Annie what she wants. She tells him she will not go to prison and will be free soon. The first thing she plans to do is to take Emma back. “Enjoy her while you can Ryan. She won’t be yours for long.” Ryan looks stoically at the phone.

Zach asks if she forgot something. Liza says she did. Liza follows Zach into the den and kisses him passionately. Zach kisses back and Kendall comes up behind her and knocks her out with her laptop.

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