AMC Update Monday 8/24/09

All My Children Update Monday 8/24/09


Written by Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda and Jake are anxiously waiting to see if a baby was brought to the Emergency Room last night. Amanda explains to Jake that she just wants to make sure Trevor is okay. An attending walks up and Amanda approaches her to ask if any babies had been brought in.

David tells Marissa her heart rate is slow. She thinks it is because she has been doing nothing. He says he recalls someone doing laps with her after he told her not to. Marissa says she may die of boredom. David says he will not release her before she is ready. David leaves the room and she picks up her cell phone and says “I need another favor.”

Adam answers the door to be greeted by Liza. She comments that he is in a good mood and he says he can not think of a reason why he wouldn’t be. “Oh I could think of a million and a half.” Adam laughs at Liza and tells her she is all business. Liza says she has never seen him so happy to give away money. He says it goes along with the new “mission statement” that the Company is trying to do more. Annie makes a quick quip about “sinking money into a Casino in a recession is a great idea,” while Adam tells Liza she has to try a pasty. Annie puts one on a plate for her as Adam explains Scott should be there with the check soon.

Zach and Kendall are asleep in the sound proof room when sounds of the walls coming in are heard. Neither of them wake but the front door to the house is torn off of it’s hinges. Ryan comes in with Spike and yells for Zach. Jesse appears and says he is responsible for the door.

J.R. comes to Marissa’s room and pulls the curtain with a bag. She says she is worried about David, “he has eyes and ears all over the place.” J.R. says he is not scared of him, he cares about her. He asks her if she is up for this. Marissa looks and grins, “It’s now or never.”

Scott comes in with the check. Liza questions if he is having second thoughts. He says he is not, he wants to take the check by his house. Adam asks Liza for the address, but Annie says he can just follow Liza “now that Kendall is out of the way.” Liza states that she is working on Kendall’s Appeal. Annie said she knew there had to be a reason she dumped her as a Client. She asks how many “long, hard nights” Liza works with Zach on Kendall’s Appeal. Liza grins and tells Adam they can make the phone call from the car. She looks at Annie and says “cars, you must miss those.” Liza and Adam leave while Annie vents that Liza has “nerve.” Scott says he has to go back to the office.

Jesse tells Ryan that there was a 911 call and he was worried about him. Ryan insinuates that Jesse’s Unit didn’t get there when they knew there was a child with a heart condition. Jesse says someone was there immediately and he was just worried about him. Jesse tells Ryan maybe Zach took Ian for breakfast. As he says this Ian begins to cry.

Zach wakes up and hears Ian on the baby monitor.. Zach asks how she is and she reports that the pills helped and she is okay. She gets up to go see Ian and Zach tells her he “has it.” Just then they both hear Ryan say “it’s okay we will find your daddy around here somewhere.” Kendall knocks over a lamp and Ryan looks at Jesse and asks, “what was that?”

Amanda is screaming that she wants to have “one look.” Amanda is asking Jake why she couldn’t say she was the mother. Jake says that it would “open a can of worms.” Amanda starts second guessing herself and worries about Trevor’s safety. Jake tells her to look at the bright side. She asks what that is again. He tells her the baby is not in surgery or anything. He says Mercy is a great hospital. Jake then says, “if they had dropped him off at Pine Valley we never would have gotten him back from David.”

David sees Marissa’s empty bed and yells at the Nurse. She says Marissa could have been in the lab for tests. David says he is her Doctor and he did not order any tests.

J.R. is carrying Marissa to the Yacht Club and she protests that he should put her down. He finds a table and she asks if she can walk. He puts her down and J.R. winces. Marissa says she will have no dessert, and salad. J.R. says they did not break her out of the hospital for rabbit food. He names all of the foods she should splurge. She says she does not want to go back. They kiss.

Kendall is convinced that they should go out and see Ryan since their cover is blown. Zach says Jesse will cover for him. Ryan tells Jesse he does not like the feeling of this, Zach would never leave Ian like this. Jesse asks when Ryan started caring about Zach. He then picks up the baby monitor base and asks if he has tried it. Ryan says “Zach if you can hear this come to the nursery now.” Ryan leaves Jesse in the room with the boys

Annie tells Scott she knows he is mad at her. She says she has not been nice and wants to explain. He tells her not to worry about it. She begs that he hears her out. She says that when she is happy she panics that it will fall apart. Scott says Adam is the good and bad, he is the real deal. She is worried about the loan. She feels out of control. She is scared that it will all be lost. Scott reminds her that yesterday when he paid off the Judge she did not care and now because of a loan she will fear he will dump her. Annie tells the story of how she had to teach Emma about sharing and she has to re-teach herself those things. Scott tells her “this is a topic you should discuss with your Therapist.” Annie tells him she wants to change, and he is the man to help.

Ryan and Jesse are walking back in the den and meet Liza with Adam. Ryan is asking what is going on. Zach is standing in his den and says “what happened to my door?”

Marissa and J.R. are eating. Marissa is eating fries and asks if he will talk to her when she is triple her size. He says maybe when she is double. They start throwing food at each other. She threatens to pour ketchup on him He then gets ketchup on her nose and wipes it off with his napkin. They kiss. David appears behind them saying “didn’t anyone ever teach you not to play with your food?”

Ryan and Zach are a little confrontational when Zach says he was in the Basement. He asks again what happened to his door. Ryan says he should not worry about his door, what about his kid? Zach says the Baby Monitor was out of range. Ryan says maybe the boys would be better off with him. Jesse pipes up that he broke the door down. Zach says his money was on Liza and Adam. Adam says he is there to drop off a check. Ryan says that Adam can’t give away his money fast enough…Annie, now Zach. Adam explains Zach’s is a debt, Annie is a different story He says he is in her debt. Adam tells Ryan that Annie has a competency hearing today. Ryan turns to Liza and asks why she didn’t tell him. Liza says she is not Annie’s Attorney anymore. Adam says they will get Annie which provokes Ryan into almost attacking him. Zach pulls Ryan away and Jesse says he does not want to be late for the Hearing.

Ryan turns to Zach and says that him taking Adam’s money is one thing, but he does not want to cross the line of helping Adam get Ryan’s daughter. He says they should settle things man to man.

Annie starts talking about the company. Scott asks what that has to do with her. Annie tells him his Vision and his Mission Statement was what turned the Company around. She wants him to write her a Mission Statement. He says he wants to help. He says helping his Uncle is the most important thing. Annie jumps on Scott and hugs him. She says she wants to be a different person when she gets the ankle bracelet off. Scott tells her she has to “stop that right there” if she wants to be a good person. He tells her they are roomies and nothing more. She says she hugs all of her friends. Then she asks what he is so afraid of and steps closer to him. Adams voice interrupts “shouldn’t you be at the office?”

Marissa says if she were any other patient she would be out of the Hospital by now. David tells her she is not any other patient, she is his daughter. J.R. says she should talk to Jake since he was the one who saved her life. Marissa asks him to leave them alone. He tells her to stop running around town, she should be resting. He tells her to come home with him. Marissa tells her father she has her own place. He asks who will take care of her if she wakes up and needs someone? J.R. says he will. David asks how many he has :thrown back” today? Marissa explains J.R. is sober. David says he is sweating and it is called withdrawals. He tells J.R. he can tell he is dying to have one. J.R. stands up and says the he really just wants to “crack his skull.” David says he could not throw one, J.R. responds “wanna bet?” Marissa stands up and says she will bust her stitches if they don’t leave each other alone.

Annie is talking about how Chandler Enterprises was supposed to help and she needed it. Adam says that his investment was paying off already. Lavery and Slater were at each other’s throats Adam says that made him more powerful already. Annie says that the new Chandler was supposed to be about giving back and doing good. Adam told her she sounded like Scott. Annie says she will take that as a compliment, she likes the way he “thinks.” Adam says she and Scott will have to put their heads together more often. Scott looks uncomfortable and says he should get back to the office.

Zach asks Ryan what he is talking about. Ryan brings up that he slept with Kendall, his marriage was over and Zach had moved out. He says he did what he wanted with Reese and he was mad because Kendall didn’t sit in a corner. She got what she needed, “which was me.” Zach looks at him and says “are you done?” Zach says he is going to check on the boys. Zach turns to walk away as Ryan asks “what’s worse Zach, the thought that I helped Kendall through something you couldn’t or you’ll never get over it?” Kendall overhears and Liza steps in and tells them to stop living in the past. Ryan says that Zach lives in the pasts. He then wants to know Adam saves the Casino and he helps him get his daughter? Zach says “no.” Ryan asks why after he wanted him dead would he go to him for money. Zach gives a lame excuse about Adam having money. Zach says he thinks children should be with their mothers. He says he is doing what Kendall is doing. He is looking towards the future and he is “making sure Annie gets what she deserves.” Ryan throws a punch at Zach. He then walks out. Zach faces the wall Kendall is at and looks at her.

Jake is trying to think of ways to make Amanda calm down. They talk about their favorite T.V. show. He makes up a story about seeing a Soap Magazine and how he sees that Amanda and Trevor are new characters. They end each episode with a smile. Amanda is smiling when the Nurse comes out and Amanda says “it’s not him.” Jake says she can’t know. She hasn’t looked. He looks and he knows. He then goes back and hugs Amanda who is crying.

David tells Marissa J.R. will just leave her. David tells her J.R.’s bad influence is rubbing off. J.R. says he will wait at the bar while they talk. Marissa tells David he does not have an option, he has to back off. David tells her the bullet did not ruin her heart but J.R. would. David says he lost Babe, he will not lose her. She explains she is not Babe she tells him she makes her own guidelines and she wants to see where this goes. David tells her to meet him half way. She has to come back to his house and he will release her from the hospital. She says okay.

J.R. asks the bartender if they have an aspirin. Scott walks up and says he wouldn’t have that if he would lay off of the vodka. J.R. looks sick as he tells the bartender never mind. He asks Scott to have a sundae with Marissa. She has been dying for one. He walks away.

Liza says Zach should work with Ryan since they both want the same thing. Zach tells her he does not play well with others. Liza asks him how he is so sure he can get a confession when no one else can. Zach tells her that is the plan. Liza asks what Ryan is supposed to do. She asks if Ryan is supposed to sit and think he is losing his daughter. Zach says he doesn’t care, Ryan needs to stay out of his way.

Annie comes down for her Hearing. Adam is explaining to the Attorney it is all sewn up. Annie is wearing black and Adam tells her she does not have to dress like she is going to a funeral. Annie is scared they will put her back in Oak Haven. Adam tells her she has nothing to worry about. Jesse is at the door and asks “are you ready?”

David and Marissa decide they will have the sundae together. Scott says he will check on J.R.

J.R. goes to the hospital and asks for Dr. Joe Martin. The Attendant says he is not. J.R. says he will come another time. He walks away, then collapses.

Annie and Adam look shocked as they enter the Courtroom. Adam asks “What in the devil are you doing here?” Annie says :that he is there to make sure she rots in prison. Ryan just glares at them.

Liza asks why Kendall is still not seeing any visitors. Liza says she knows how hard this must be for him. Kendall goes to walk away when one of the boys says “Mommy come back to my room.” Liza stares at the monitor, then at Zach.

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