AMC Update Friday 8/21/09

All My Children Update Friday 8/21/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Frankie and Randi decide to keep Baby Trevor. Randi justifies keeping the baby by saying she went to the church to pray for forgiveness for killing Henry North. The baby was there for her because Opal told her that she would receive happiness. Randi promises Frankie that there will be no more secrets so she tells him all about DA Henry North. Frankie understands why Randi had to kill DA North and why she thinks the baby was meant for her.

Jake and Amanda are in Massachusetts talking on the phone to Tad while he is at Confusion. He sees David walk into the Club then he calls Liza and asks her to come to Confusion. Jake and Amanda are in a bar and ask about the owner when Nurse Gayle walks into the door. David has been calling the bar number speaking to the owner, Nurse Gayle. Nurse Gayle tells Jake that she does not know anything about a baby. The package David sent to her was payoff money, because David has been helping her with the purchase of the club.

Krystal wakes up Erica and ask her to help her get the Scorpion off of her chest. Erica makes Krystal apologize before she helps her. She eggs Krystal on. Krystal becomes impatient with Erica and shakes the scorpion off her chest, than hit it with her shoe. The morning comes but Erica does not have anything written for her taping. Krystal advises that Erica speaks from the heart.

Liza, with baby Stuart, brought over Adam’s loan papers for Zach to sign. Baby Stuart checks out Zach and Zach decides to feed him for Liza. Liza and Stuart leaves the Slaters' home, then they head to Confusion.

Kendall has chest pains then falls out on the floor as she tries to reach her phone. Zach calls Kendall to come see the boys, but she does not answer. He runs into the room, shakes her and asks her what does she need. She tells him she needs her pills and he gives her one. He called 911 before he revived her. Zach tells her that she will be fine. Kendall forgot to take her heart medication and had trouble breathing. Someone is at the Slaters' door and Kendall promise that if it is Liza she is going to throw something at her. Zach tells her it is probably 911.

Zach tells the 911 respondents that the call was false because his son played with the phone. The police insist on looking around, but Zach convince him to leave. Kendall comes downstairs and tells Zach that she is now comfortable with being in the house with her family.

Jesse and Angie spies Madison at Confusion. Jesse wants to speak to Madison, but Angie insists that she speak to her. Angie warns Madison about playing games and tells her to stay away from her family. Angie threatens Madison, who suggests that they all get along.

Tad is doing comedy night at Confusion, and he bombs. He is not funny at all. David notices that Tad is playing matchmaker with Liza and him. David calls Tad an idiot.

Natalia comes to sample some of Angie’s lasagna but Frankie and Randi tries to rush her off. Natalia knows that they still have the baby and she explain the process when a baby is found. Natalia encourage them to give the baby up. She talks to Frankie because she understands that Randi is fragile.

Jesse tells Angie to call the DC police to tell them her findings were wrong, and North’s death is an accident. Angie makes the call then she tells Jesse that she understand his commitment to protect his family.

Erica is ready for taping with no notes. Real footage is shown of Erica Kane with the African children. She wants to bring awareness to the plight of the children. She shows the surroundings and asks for support to give the children hope. The taping was very moving. Krystal apologizes to Erica. Erica thanks her for pushing her to be real on camera; they bond.

Tad tells Liza that David is getting to her. Jake calls Tad and tells him about nurse Gayle and not finding the baby. Tad tells Jake that David does not have baby Trevor, because he is still interested in baby Stuart.

Kendall no longer feels that she belong in prison. She wants to be home with her family. Zach grabs her hand and tells her that he is taking her to bed. Zach took Kendall to her bed. He put his hand on her chest and told her that her heart is no longer racing. She tells him to listen and make sure. He puts his head to her chest and listens. She rubs his hair. They close their eyes and nuzzle.

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