AMC Update Thursday 8/20/09

All My Children Update Thursday 8/20/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Jesse apologized but Angie says she understands why he tried to protect Randi, but cannot understand why he did not tell her the truth.

Randi and Frankie is enjoying baby Trevor. Frankie feed the baby, than he and Randi play with the baby. Randi wants to keep the baby, but Frankie tells her they must follow the law and turn the baby over to the police. Angie and Jesse visit Frankie and Randi. Randi apologize to Angie for the secrets; they make up. Randi wants to tell them about the baby, but Frankie stops her.

Erica is in Africa recording on live cam with the African kids. She is transmitting to Ryan. Krystal is sharing a tent with Erica. They start to work on each other’s nerves as they prepare for bed and prepared to meet the children. Krystal is amused that Erica is not use to camping. Erica writes her New Beginnings story, but her computer battery stops working. Erica hand writes her story but Krystal thinks the story stinks, because it is all about Erica.

Annie is concerned about Adam lending money to Zach. Scott sees through her.

Liza meets Adam at Confusion and has him sign the loan paperwork. Ryan shows up and talks to Adam about Zach’s loan. He asks Liza about Zach’s business and she pleads attorney/client privileges. Ryan’s logic for butting into Zach’s business is that the loan involved Adam, and if it involves Adam it involves Annie. Anything involving Annie involves him, because of his daughter.

Kendall and Zach are shown making love in a sizzling hot flashback as Zach is reading from Kendall’s book. Kendall awakens and shoo Zach away from reading her book. Zach does not want to be the subject of Kendall’s book. Kendall explains to him that everything she writes is true. She is writing about their life. She is trying to understand Zach feelings and why he does what he does. Zach believes that there are more important things to write about.

Jack arrives at Adam’s and tells Annie that her hearing is coming up. He believes that she will serve some time. He can no longer be her counsel since he is leaving the country. Adam tells Jack and Scott that Annie will not serve any time in prison. Scott cannot believe that Adam will pay off a judge to let Annie go free.

Kendall is running around the house when Ryan knocks on the door. He wants to know what is going on with Zach, and why he is not visiting Kendall. He blames Zach for acting as if Kendall is dead. Liza comes over to the Slaters as well. Zach tells Ryan nothing about his business prompting Ryan to swear that he will get to the truth. Ryan asks to take Spike since he is there. Zach goes upstairs to get Spike ready. Kendall tells Zach that she know that he will never forgive her sleeping with Aidan and Ryan. She wants to know if he put her in the safe room to protect her or to punish her. She tells him that she is his prisoner and putting her in the safe room is her punishment.

Frankie tells Randi that he think they should keep the baby so he did not tell his parents.

Krystal wakes up in the middle of the night with a Scorpion on her chest. She calls Erica for help.

Scott is falling for Annie. She comes downstairs, but he tells her to go back upstairs.

Kendall returns to writing her book but began to have chest pains.

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