AMC Update Wednesday 8/19/09

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/19/09


Written by Nathan
Pictures by Juanita

Pete and Colby are watching baby Stuart for Liza and the baby spits up on Pete's shirt. Colby finds something to wipe it up with as Liza comes home. She notices a bouquet of flowers and asks who they are from. Colby says they're from David and Liza immediately throws them in the trash. After Colby and Pete leave, Liza feeds baby Stuart and apologizes for not being there for him as often as she should.

Taylor finds out from a nurse that no one has brought a baby into the hospital lately. Tad compliments her on her sneakiness and she asks him what if David wasn't the one who took Amanda's baby. Tad doesn't listen and tells her that he's sure it was him. While Tad is on the phone talking to Jake, Taylor sees David on the phone and spies on him. She hears him talking about a delivery and saying that he'll be there in twenty minutes. She tells Tad, thinking that he could be talking about the baby, when really he was talking to Colby about Liza.

Taylor sits with Opal while Tad goes to spy on David. Opal continues to feel guilty and Taylor does her best to comfort her. Opal calms down and comments on how helpful Taylor has been. She asks to read her palms and Taylor warns her that although she'll let her, she believes that people make their own destiny. Opal reads them and tells her that she is an amazing woman. She tells her that the lines in her palm mean that she is cautious in relationships and that she has the strength to overcome any obstacles. When Taylor asks where in her palm does it say that she is an amazing woman, Opal tells her that she didn't see that by reading her palm, she saw that by looking in her eyes.

Tad follows David as David goes to see Liza. He apologizes to her about the things he said the last time they spoke and Liza says that he could have been right about her. David tries to assure her that she's wrong but Liza tells him that neither flattery or flowers are going to work. She accepts his apology and after he leaves Tad shows up and questions her about what's going on between her and David. After hearing that Tad has been following David, Liza quickly assumes that David knows that she has his baby. Tad tries to avoid her questions but eventually has no choice but to confess that baby Stuart is not actually David and Amanda's son. He fills her in on everything that has happened and she asks if there's anything she can do to help. He tells her to try her best to get close to him and she agrees. Tad leaves and Liza tells baby Stuart how happy she is that he's really hers and that no one can take him away from her.

Opal packs her bag to leave the hospital and David walks in to check on her. He mentions Amanda and Opal quickly jumps to her defense. He reminds her that it was his baby too and asks why nobody seems to care about his feelings and she asks him why anybody should care when he doesn't seem to care about them. He checks her heart and tells her that she's free to go and Pete takes her home.

Randi explains to Natalia how lost she was before she found the baby and begs her not to take him away. Natalia tries to reason with her and explain that she cannot keep him, but Randi just stares at the baby and smiles. Regardless of anything that Natalia says, Randi continues to be in denial about the baby. She assures her sister-in-law that she doesn't plan on doing anything illegal, and that she won't try and keep the baby if either Frankie doesn't want it or if the parents are still looking for him.

Frankie asks Jesse if Randi was the one who killed Henry North and Jesse finally confesses. He tells his wife and son exactly what happened between North and Randi and Frankie becomes angry that he kept it from him and covered it up. After he calms down he informs his parents that Madison knew about the murder and told him about it. Jesse then explains her involvement in the whole situation. He makes his family promise that they let him handle Madison and tells Frankie that he sent someone to find Randi and he ran a credit card trace. When the officer gets to the hotel room, he finds no trace of Randi or anyone else. Jesse and Angie go home and Angie tells him that while she understands why he did what he did, she's still angry at him for keeping secrets from her. She says she would rather go to jail than to destroy all the trust they have between them. He apologizes again and they try to move forward.

Natalia takes Randi home and says that she has to leave and check out any missing baby reports. Randi assures her that she does not plan on taking off with the baby. Frankie comes home and tells her that he knows about what happened to Henry North. He assures her that everything is going to be okay and he hears the baby crying. He asks her what the sound was and she tells him that it's their baby.

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