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All My Children Update Tuesday 8/18/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Erica moves clothes and shoes around her room. Ryan shows up and asks what the emergency is. Erica says that she doesnít know how she is going to put everything into a suitcase. Joe shows up with her immunizations and Erica feels faint. Erica falls into Ryanís arms.

Frankie tells Natalia that it has been over 24 hours since he talked to Randi. Natalia says that Randi will be fine and they will find her. Angie shows up and Frankie tells her that Randi has disappeared.

Jesse leaves a message for Randi. Madison shows up and asks if Jesse killed the investigation into Henryís murder. Jesse says that he doesnít have the authority. Madison tells Jesse to make it happen because if she doesnít get her insurance money, Jesse and Randi will be arrested for murder.

Randi watches the news and realizes that nobody is looking for a baby.

Zach tells Kendall that she is supposed to stay out of sight and asks what she is doing. Kendall says that she put two tenderloins on the broiler because she wanted to do something nice for him. Liza shows up and sees the table set. Liza apologizes and says that she brought him dinner. Zach says that he sets the table for Kendall because it helps him to feel like she is there. Liza asks if something is burning. Kendall hears the alarm and says that it is the steaks.

Erica says that she is surprised at how many shots there are because she has never been fond of needles. Joe says that there are a lot of unusual bugs in Africa. Ryan asks if Erica is going to Africa. Joe says that Jeff and Jamie are setting up a feed-the-hungry project over there and it is a huge help to have a celebrity involved. Erica says that she has to go to New York to pick up her visa tonight. Joe asks Ryan to leave because not all the shots are going in Ericaís arm.

Natalia says that they should get Jesse involved because he could have the whole police force looking for Randi, but Frankie says that he doesnít want to get Jesse involved unless they have to. Frankie says that Randi could be cooling off somewhere and says that they shouldnít sound the alarm just yet. Angie says that Frankie is probably right. Frankie asks what Randi and Jesse arenít telling them. Angie asks Frankie what he talked to Madison about. Frankie says that he didnít come right out and say what he was thinking. Angie says that she knows Jesse did something to protect the baby that Frankie and Randi lost, but that Jesse wonít tell her what it was. Angie suggests that maybe Randi knew Henry North before she met Frankie, but Frankie doesnít want to hear it.

Jesse tells Madison to be careful throwing around threats. Madison tells Jesse to get control of his family. Jesse says that they had a deal and that he kept up his part of the deal, but Madison kept poking her nose around. Madison says that Frankie came to see her. Madison says that if she doesnít get her insurance money, she will tell the new DA everything. Jesse grabs Madison and she gasps. Jesse says that if Madison doesnít keep her mouth shut, he will take her down hard and she will go to jail for a long time.

Frankie says that Randi wasnít with Henry the night he died. Angie says that she is talking about the past. Frankie says that Angie still thinks of Randi as a hooker. Frankie says that he wonít let Angie make Henryís death Randiís fault and tells Angie to get out.

Erica says that she may never sit down again after all those shots. Erica thanks Joe and he leaves. Ryan tells Erica to pack the light, easy to clean stuff. Erica says that she forgot about her makeup, hair products and her Pilates ball. Ryan says that all she will need is a lot of bug spray.

Zach says that he canít cook. Liza tells Zach to enjoy the Chinese. Zach tells Liza to stay and says that they will eat together. Liza asks Zach why Kendall is shutting him out. Zach says that is how Kendall wants to handle things. Zach says that Kendall is coming back home and that he hasnít given up on her. Kendall calls Zach and asks him if he is having dinner with Liza. Zach says that he will call after dinner and snaps his phone closed.

Erica says that she canít believe they got it all in the suitcase or that she is going on a trip without any dresses or makeup. Ryan says that it will be an adventure. Ericaís phone beeps at her and she says that her visa is waiting on her. Erica asks Ryan to take care of things at Fusion while she is gone and Ryan agrees. Ryan offers to take Erica to New York to get her visa and suggests that they could have a night on the town in Manhattan.

Randi talks to the baby. Natalia shows up.

An officer tells Jesse that Natalia used a patrolmanís ID code to make the credit card search on Randi. Angie shows up and says that Randi disappeared. Jesse says that he will handle it. Angie says that if Jesse doesnít tell him the truth about what is going on with him and Randi, then their relationship is over.

Zach asks if something is wrong. Liza says that she now realizes why people think she canít be a good mother. Zach tells Kendall to go back upstairs because Liza is leaving. Liza tells Zach not to shut himself out from the world because it is unhealthy. Zach says that he is trying to prove that Annie killed Stuart. Zach says that he is going to make sure that Kendall comes home. Liza says that Kendall believes that she is guilty. Zach says that Kendall thinks she is guilty because of all the people doubting her and tells Liza to go home. Liza apologizes and says that Kendall is lucky to have Zach.

Randi asks how Natalia found her. Natalia says that she ran Randiís credit card and asks whose baby it is. Randi says that she found the baby. Natalia says that they have to take the baby to the police station, but Randi says no. Randi says that she was meant to find the baby.

Frankie gets ready to leave a message for Randi and Madison shows up. Madison asks Frankie if he has something that he wants to ask her. Frankie asks what Madison and Henry did to Randi. Madison says that Randi was the love of Henryís life, until she killed him.

Jesse asks if Angie would end their marriage over this. Angie says that Jesse did something, but wonít tell her about it and now Frankie is furious at them. Angie asks if Randi killed Henry.

Ryan and Erica spend some time in New York painting the town red!

Madison says that she wishes that she was lying about it, but she isnít. Frankie tells Madison to shut up. Madison tells Frankie that Randi and Henry met up again in DC. Frankie asks why Madison is making all this up and she says that she saw the security tapes from the hotel that night and there is no mistake. Madison tells Frankie to ask Jesse if he doesnít believe her.

Randi says that she lost her baby because she did bad things. Natalia says that Randi didnít lose the baby because of the past. Randi says that the baby is her second chance.

Zach says that he had to break a wine glass, but Liza is gone. Kendall says that she still believes that she killed Stuart and that it isnít going to go away. Zach tells Kendall to put that whole night out of her head by thinking about other things and suggests that she should write another book. Zach leaves to take care of the boys and Kendall starts to write. Liza tells Zach that she isnít walking away from the case.

Natalia says that they have to hand the baby over to Social Services because Randi could get in big trouble for keeping the baby. Randi says that everything disappeared before she found the baby and asks Natalia not to take him away.

Angie says that Randi knew Henry before and asks Jesse if her suspicions were right. Frankie comes in and asks if Randi killed Henry.

Erica says that she is wondering if she will be different when she comes back from Africa. Ryan says that Erica might change the world, but the world wonít change her.

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