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All My Children Update Monday 8/17/09


Written by Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Tad is at the hospital and remembers Amanda saying that if David found out Trevor was alive, he would try to take him. Tad then walks up to a nurse and asks if David has been at the hospital all afternoon or if he had to leave for any “emergencies.” The nurse says that he has been by pretty “regularly.” Dr. Joe Martin finds Tad and asks him will he help with the Fundraiser helping feed local children in Africa. Tad asks what he can do as David walks up and says “I understand you’ve been looking for me. Problem?”

Marissa is telling Krystal she can not believe J.R. and David are making deals about her. She says she can not “get over” J.R. accepting David’s offer that he will stay away from his grandson if J.R. stays away from David’s daughter.

J.R. arrives at the house and Adam is telling him how for the first time in over a year the Company will see a profit. J.R. says if this is about Scott gloating he will go home and spend time with Little A.

Scott asks Liza how Marian. Liza thinks she may just be “gone forever.” She bursts into tears and Scott hugs her.

Zach comes into Kendall’s room pointing out that she has not eaten. She makes a deal that if she drinks her juice he will let her take care of the boys while he takes care of decorating her room. Zach comes up to help with the boys and Kendall asks why is there and not taking care of the room. Erica is banging on the door. Kendall tells the boys she has to go as Zach goes to answer the door. Zach opens the door and Erica says “I need to talk to Kendall.”

Tad tells David there is nothing wrong with his heart so why would he want to talk to him. David explains that one of the nurse’s said Tad was asking where he was. Tad starts making jokes about looking for him. David wants to know why he is looking for him. Joe steps in and says he was looking for him to help with the Philanthropic Endeavor. David snidely comments that he will not help since Joe took his place as Chief of Staff. Joe says he does miss all of the of the paperwork and politics involved with the job, but he was hoping he would help with a “Humanitarian Project.” David says he has too much on his plate and explains that he has no heart.

Marissa says she thought J.R. convinced her he was a good guy and then he did this. Krystal says Marissa should look at this from J.R.’s standpoint. Krystal tries to tell her she has no idea about what David has put them through this year. Marissa wants to know why Krystal is defending J.R.

Adam tells J.R. they are a family company and they can all join in the celebration. J.R. says “some more than others, isn’t that right, Annie?” Annie had been hiding at the door listening to everything they said. She comes out and hugs on Adam and says that she fell in love with Adam when he was in dire straits. J.R. says dire straits with the housekeeper, etc. J.R. asks if she is going to sign a prenup and Adam says they have not discussed it. J.R. says to enjoy it but be wise about how much he is going to give her when it falls apart. Which it will.

Scott and Liza agree the Hospital is a better alternative than the Psychiatric Ward. Liza asks if he was moving on why he is living in the house he is in. He says he went by this morning and there was too much of his Dad to go back there and live right now. Liza asks how it is going with Annie and Scott says it is a big house and he works a lot. He says it feels like everyone has forgotten about his dad. Liza says no one can.

Erica says Fusion needs Kendall’s opinion and wants to know what she is supposed to do. Zach says he can not make her see them. He says she is refusing him as well. Erica gives Zach an envelope and asks that he give it to her. Erica says to tell her it is about the boys. Erica says she wants to see Spike. Zach says Spike is sleeping. Spike comes running around the corner and Erica says she will put him to bed since she is the one who woke him up with all of the banging on the door.

Erica is asking Spike what book he would like to read to him as Kendall listens on the Baby Monitor. Erica is watching Spike plat with trains and as Zach enters the room she says “he really needs his mother.” She asks how the Appeal is going and Zach says Liza is handling it. Erica asks if he can really trust her. She states that Liza is invested in Liza’s best interest. Erica asks Spike if he is going to finish his juice to which Spike replies, “Mommy’s juice.” Erica is stunned and turns to Zach. Kendall is standing mouth agape listening on the Monitor.

Annie is asking Adam is they are really making money. Adam says they are but they have to be careful. Adam says that he wants Annie to be happy but he is going to ask her to stick to a budget “within reason.” Annie is taken aback and says she does not need a big wedding. All she needs is Adam. They hug.

J.R, finds Scott at the Hospital and says he could not wait to be the Hero for Chandler. Scott says he does not know what he is talking about, J.R. says that since Scott has proven he is the “genius” behind the profit maybe Annie would “want to trade for a younger model.” Scott says J.R. should concentrate on his mistakes with Marissa and J.R. says he is already working on it. Scott asks how he is working on it from there and J.R. explains that Krystal is “laying the groundwork.” Scott can not believe he sent her Mom in to help out. He tells J.R., “you really are some piece of work.”

Marissa does not understand Krystal’s new opinion of J.R. Krystal explains that when J.R. is away from his Father he is a great guy. She states he is working on it. Marissa says he is a coward and just as she is speaking J.R. is standing in the doorway and he says “you are right about one thing, I am a coward, but that doesn’t mean I am not interested in you.”

Zach has quick thinking and says Spike has been missing his mom and asks for Zaqch to set an extra place at the dinner table. Erica asks if Spike should see a Professional. Zach says he has thought about it and will keep an eye on it. Erica says he should make sure the only place setting is for Kendall. She reminds him that other people would like to sit there. Zach looks at her and says “goodbye Erica.”

Zach gives Kendall the letter Erica sent her. Kendall opens it and says Erica is begging her to see her. Zach says she should write back and say she is fine and he will tell Erica he saw her. Kendall questions how they can keep it up. She then questions how they are paying the woman in her place. Kendall asks “what do we do when her price goes up?” Zach says he will take care of it. Kendall says Fusion is barely breaking even and the Casino is not making a profit. Zach says he will deal with it and he is running late.

Joe asks Tad to go to Africa and Tad explains that the last time he went it almost cost him his marriage. He says he can not do it. He then asks Joe is David so busy that he could not take an afternoon off and Joe says “it is possible, I suppose.” Joe asks Tad about Africa again. Krystal comes up and says “Africa?” Tad says Krystal would be perfect for going to Africa. Krystal seems very interested in going. Krystal says she would love to go. Tad says she will check up on Opal. Joe walks away with Krystal to show her some brochures. Krystal is excited.

David says Marissa deserves better than J.R. David antagonizes Scott about it. Scott says “if she wants to be with J.R. there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.” David chides, “we’ll see.”

J.R. tells Marissa he should have told her about David’s plan and that he is not perfect. He says he never will be but he has not stopped trying. He explains how he was after Babe died he was lost, he says Marissa gave him hope. “I am not stuck with what life was.” J.R. says he wants to change. Marissa says David said he would change and he has not. J.R, says he is not trying for a second chance, he just wanted to say “thank you” for everything. He says he will find a way to repay her. J.R. goes to leave and Marissa tells him not to go.

Zach tells Liza to draw up papers for the loan. Liza says “he will not loan you the money.” Zach says Adam wants him to be indebted and that he will. He explains that Chandler is liquid. Liza speculates that he is not doing this to get close to Annie but because the Casino is in trouble. Zach wants to know who told her that. Liza says it is a recession everyone is in trouble. Adam comes in and Zach says he wants a loan. Annie protests that he will not give it to him and Adam says “how much?” Annie then says Zach put a moving target on Adam’s forehead. Zach says 1,500,000. Adam says he needs information about what he plans to do with it and how Kendall fits into the equation.

Adam says he does not plan on funding an Appeal for Kendall. Zach tells Adam he needs the money for the Casino. The banks will not help the Casino Industry. He says they can not make payroll and the Feds have frozen his accounts. He tells him the Collateral will be his house and his business. Liza pleads that Adam has children. Adam says, “alright draw up the paperwork.”

Erica is having drinks talking about her show. It is proposed to do a show with eight newborns and the mom. Erica says “shouldn’t that woman be at home with her kids?” Krystal walks up and says that she is right. She has a brochure for the Africa Trip and tells Erica that she should be doing her show about them.

Marissa is talking in the Hospital with J.R. She talks about how she misses cheeseburgers from the Yacht Club. J.R. says he will sneak one up. J.R, makes Marissa laugh and as they are having a good time David walks up and says “looks like all is forgiven. Does this mean I am off the hook as well?”

Opal and Tad are talking about how the missing baby. Tad says Jake and Amanda are following a lead from a number David has been calling a lot. Opal is still hysterical and Tad tells her to calm down. Jake calls while Tad is in Opal’s room.

Liza asks Zach to dinner to celebrate. Zach says he needs to get home to the kids, “but some other time though.” He walks away and Liza stares as he walks away.

Annie is not happy that she is on a budget but he is giving money to Zach. Adam says this is not about business, “I am doing it for you.”

Krystal and Erica are at the table. Krystal thinks getting Celebrities involved would be a great thing as well. She recommends that Erica could shoot the trip for her show Krystal says she had no idea about what was going on there, Erica says she just might be interested.

Tad says Jake and Amanda found that the number was from a payphone and they are staying at a hotel until a package arrives.

Marissa tells David she does not have the strength to argue with him. He says she should let him take her back to her room. J.R. says that he will take her back. He also tells him to “come after Little Adam, I dare you.” He tells him to get used to seeing them together because he cares and he may even be falling in love with her. David walks away. J.R. asks Marissa If she is okay and she says “that depends, did you mean what you said about falling in love?” J.R. leans in and kisses her.

Adam says Zach realizes Kendall is guilty and he will not try to come after Annie. He will also be indebted to Adam so he and Annie can concentrate on getting a new trial for her and love happily ever after. Annie says she should have known he was being clever. Adam says he has to make calls. Annie is very frustrated and angry when Scott comes in the room. She tells him she needs help. Scott tells her If she needs help to go find Adam. Annie counters that Adam is the problem. “He is really losing his mind.”

Zach walks in and Kendall is standing with a bottle of wine. At first he is angry but she tells him she took precautions and closed the blinds. She has made dinner and he wants to know why. She says he has done so many nice things for her and she wants to do something nice for him. The doorbell rings, Zach turns towards the door…and Liza awaits outside.

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