AMC Update Friday 8/14/09

All My Children Update Friday 8/14/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne

Erica arrives at Ryan’s apartment and finds him doing pull-ups on a bar with his shirt off. She relishes watching his bare torso. Erica has so much work to do that she allows Ryan to handle a meeting with Lacey’s store representative, Gary, to discuss the sale of Fusion's inventory. Ryan meets with Gary at ConFusion who is disappointed that Erica is not at the meeting. Erica surprises them both and shows up at the meeting. Ryan smiles while watching Erica play Gary. Gary doubles his initial order for Fusion’s inventory, after dancing with Erica.

Jake and Amanda’s plan works, when David suggests that they adopt a baby.

Taylor and Tad hear footsteps walking toward baby Trevor in the alley. They think that Opal took the baby, but receive a phone call from Amanda, telling them that Opal was stuck with Joe at the hospital. They look in the alley and find the baby missing; someone has taken Trevor. Tad and Taylor panic when they see that the baby is gone. Amanda decides to go to the hospital and see if someone turned in a baby. Taylor hangs around the church, and Tad and Jake break into David’s home, Wildwind, to see if he has the baby. They find baby clothes but no child. Tad and Jake think that David has stashed Trevor somewhere else. They find a phone bill showing numerous calls to Massachusetts.

Joe examines Opal, concerned about her heart palpitations. David comes to examine Opal and she has a scared look on her face. David wants to know if anything is stressing Opal out. He finds out that when he mentions Jake and Amanda’s name, Opal’s heart rate rises. David wants to know details of what they are doing. Amanda arrives at the hospital and finds David with Opal. Amanda calms Opal down. Opal and Amanda think that David may have Trevor.

Jesse and Madison argue and threaten each other. Jesse realizes that money is the only thing that Madison loves. Madison tries to intimidate Jesse, but it does not work. He tells her she has as much to lose as he does, so she better play it cool, and maybe go take a nap and leave him alone.

Amanda gets excited over her missing baby. Jake and Amanda decide that they cannot call the police, because David may hear about the baby. Amanda concludes that David found out their child is alive and took the baby.

Taylor stops a homeless person who says that she saw a Spanish lady with a tattoo of a spider net on her face who had a baby in the basket. She gives Taylor the baby’s sock the lady dropped out of the bassinet.

Frankie attempts to soften Madison, but she sees through him. Madison knows that Frankie wants answers and recommends that he take a different approach.

Jesse meets Angie at ConFusion and tells her to leave Henry North’s death alone, but Angie continues to ask questions. Angie demands answers. She wants to know if Jesse killed Henry. When he denies that, she insists on knowing the name of the person who killed him.

David makes a call and tells the listener that the package is on its way, and that he is coming soon. Amanda and Jake overhear the conversation. They think that David is the kidnapper and decide that they are going to Massachusetts.

Angie tells Jesse that she knows that he is protecting Randi. If Jesse does not tell her the truth, she will call Randi herself.

Randi’s phone is ringing, but she ignores it and coos to with baby Trevor in his basket.

Erica and Ryan dance the night away at ConFusion to a song he requested, the Spanish theme to the movie "Rumba to Romance" that they were watching on TV the other night.

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