AMC Update Thursday 8/13/09

All My Children Update Thursday 8/13/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

It takes Frankie about three attempts to get the keys out of his pocket to open his apartment door, after dropping them. When he enters, he finds Randi crying, saying she's depressed about losing the baby. He suggests counseling, but Randi refuses, insisting she just needs time. Frankie wants to know what else is bothering Randi; he demands the truth. Randi admits to nothing, and swears that she and Jesse have no secrets. Frankie sounds accusing so Randi leaves.

Angie is contacted by the Washington, DC Police Department, telling her the case on the death of DA Henry North will be reopened. Her letter of inquiry on his autopsy gave them cause to reopen the case. She believes North was dead before his car plunged down the ravine. David listens in on Angie’s conversation. The case will be changed from an accident to a murder. David accuses Angie of trying to do her own investigation by playing detective.

Madison is at the casino asking for an extension of her credit. Zach’s assistant, Francesca, calls the police and Jesse arrives to deal with Madison. She wants her credit extended based on the fact that she will receive a large sum of insurance money. Madison calls her parents who want to know if she is making a collect call. She is drunk and making a scene at the casino.

Opal, Amanda, Tad and Taylor are carrying out Opal’s plan tonight for baby Trevor. Amanda visits Jake at the hospital and tells him Opal’s plan. Taylor and Tad talk about the plan for Trevor and their relationship; they kiss each other. Jake is upset that Opal and Kathy know about Trevor. Amanda gives him details of Opal’s plan, which entails someone leaving the baby at the church where Opal works, and then Opal will find the baby and turn it over to Child Services. Amanda and Jake will adopt the baby.

Frankie arrives at the casino looking for Jesse and Madison flirts with him. Jesse wants to know how Madison knows Frankie. Frankie looks at Jesse and asks him what is he doing with his wife.

At the hospital, Randi confronts Angie about accusing her of having a secret with Jesse and passing her theories on to Frankie. Angie protests that she can talk about anything she wants with her son, but Randi insists she not be the subject of her gossip.

Jake is not comfortable with the plans for Trevor. Amanda asks that he go along with their plan, and he agrees.

Madison will not be getting her money, because North’s case is being reopened. She now believes that her life is over so she threatens Jesse and Randi’s life.

Taylor and Tad leave the baby on the steps of the church, but Taylor does not feel good about the plan. Against her better judgment, Tad forces her to leave Trevor in the bassinet and take cover around the corner.

Angie tells Frankie that she thinks Jesse was involved with Henry North’s death. She also concludes that Jesse and Randi have a secret.

Jake and Amanda lead David to believe that they cannot do in vitro fertilization and are unable to have their own child; David advises adoption. Jake angrily shakes off Hayward's unwanted advice.

Tad hears footsteps coming toward the side of the church as they hide. He and Taylor believe that Opal is heading toward the baby until Amanda calls to tell them that Opal is stuck at the hospital with Joe Martin and not to leave the baby. It's too late. Someone unknown takes baby Trevor.

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