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All My Children Update Wednesday 8/12/09


Written by Nathan
Pictures by Juanita

After Annie's teasing about being a nice guy, Scott pulls her into a passionate kiss. He tricks her and takes his pants back and Annie is left alone, obviously attracted to him. After she relaxes in a chair, she notices the security camera on the wall. She takes Adam's laptop and puts the footage onto a disk.

JR visits Marissa in the hospital. She tells him that David was being overprotective by warning her to stay away from him. He asks her if she plans to listen to him. She points out that David doesn't run her life and that even though he cares about her, he sometimes takes caring way too far. When JR says that maybe David has a point, Marissa worries that he may agree that they should stay away from each other. JR flashes back to David telling him that if he stays away from his daughter, he'll stay away from Little A. He snaps out of it when she remarks that he's been acting strange. He blames it on just being tired and says that he has to go check on Little A.

JR catches Annie watching the video of her and Scott and, as usual, teases her and throws insults. Scott comes back downstairs fully dressed and Annie warns both of the Chandler boys that if either one of them tries to mess with her, she'll show Adam the video of both of them initiating kisses with her and he'll kick both of them out of his life. Once they are left alone, JR and Scott fight over why they both kissed Annie. JR defends himself by saying that he only kissed her to test if she really loved his father. When he asks Scott what his reasons were, he replies that it's not any of his business. They start talking about Marissa and Scott informs his cousin that she wants to be more than friends with him. JR tells him about David's offer and Scott tells him that if he really cared about Marissa, he wouldn't just toss her aside. He harshly advises him that if he had a good woman like Marissa that wanted to be with him, he wouldn't be wasting his time arguing about it.

David shows up at Liza's and when she asks him what he's doing there, he replies that he's going to do something they'll both regret and he kisses her. After they pull away, Liza slaps him. She accuses him of only seducing her in order to steal her baby. David calls her paranoid and points out that although she says that she doesn't want him, her body says otherwise. She tells him that if they had no history, no names, and no strings attached, then she would have slept with him. She then tells him that he's only using her to get to baby Stuart the same way he used Krystle to get to Little A. This bothers David and he gets her back by saying that the reason she won't sleep with him is because she won't allow herself to be happy.

David goes to check on Marissa and she responds coldly to him and asks him to leave. He comes clean about his offer to JR and Marissa is shocked and simply can't believe that he would do something like that.

JR comes back to the hospital to see Marissa. She believes that he's there to dump her and so rather than listen to his speech, she gets upset and decides to kick him out. He hides outside her door and listens to her sobbing, unsure of what to do. Meanwhile, Scott lays awake in his bed, looking out of his window and Annie sits down with a glass of wine and re-watches the video of Scott kissing her, smiling to herself.

Zach watches Kendall as she plays with Spike and promises never to leave him again. Although she still has doubts that he can prove her innocence, she tells Zach that she will stay in his secret room for however long he needs her. He takes her back to her room and shows her the couch, heart medication, and other supplies that she might need. He also gives her a cell phone so that if she ever needs his help she can call him. Starving, she tries to go downstairs to the kitchen to find something to eat and Zach stops her. When the reality of the situation sinks in and she realizes that she really can't leave, she asks her husband where is she supposed to sleep. He shows her how the couch folds out into a bed and she asks him to lay with her in it. When she asks him why she can't sleep with him in their bed, he tells her that it's too dangerous and that someone could come in and see them. She tries to get him to talk about their relationship and he tries to avoid the conversation. She points out that every time she tries to reach out to him she hits a wall and asks if it's because of her past relationship with Ryan. Zach decides to be honest and tells her that he can never forgive her for cheating on him with both Ryan and Aidan. He tells her that the only reason he risked everything for her is because she's his wife and that he'll do anything to protect her and the boys, but not to ask for anything more.

Alone in her room, Kendall looks at all the headlines from her trial. She hears what sounds like someone breaking in her son's room and instead of calling Zach like he asked, she takes matters into her own hands and goes to check in on them, holding a hammer for defense. Fortunately, it was only Jesse. He quietly walks with her back to her room and explains that Zach asked him to check on the boys. He reminds her that she's not supposed to come out and she defends herself by saying that she thought her boys were in danger. She tells him that she understands Zach's reasons and the reason why her look-a-like was doing all this, but wondered why he agreed to go along with everything. He explains that he relates to Zach's desperation because he lost twenty years with his family, and that even though he's back now, there are still some unresolved issues. He tells her that he doesn't want anyone going through what he went through.

Zach meets with his casino's manager about the business. She informs him that profits are way down and that one thousand dollars are missing and she can't trace them. He tells her that it was him who took the money and will continue taking it out monthly. She asks him how they are going to make it back and he says that he's going to take out a loan from one of his enemies. Hearing that last part, Liza walks in and asks, "Which one?" He explains to her that his plan is to borrow money from Adam, make him think that he owes him, and all the while continue to work against Annie, this time with better access to her. Liza agrees with him that it is indeed a good plan. However she becomes worried when she later learns from the manager that the casino has a very large deficit.

Kendall goes to sleep and dreams of all the good times she had with Zach. She wakes up and places her hand on the door. Unbeknownst to her, Zach is on the other side of the door, with his hand in the exact same place as hers.

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