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Written by Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Scott leans in and forces an unexpected kiss on Marissa. She asks what he is doing and he replies, “what I’ve wanted to do since the day we met.” Marissa is shocked and immediately Scott jumps to the conclusion that she did not want him to kiss her.

Emma is on her secret “Annie phone” telling her mother that since Kendall is in trouble she can stop lying to Ryan. Annie tells her that Kendall will be “punished” and she did such a good job. Emma says that she didn’t see Kendall shoot Stuart and Annie tells her she has to forget what she actually saw. Adam asks Annie who she is on the phone with just as Ryan catches Emma on the phone and asks whom she is talking to.

Erica will not let Liza see Kendall and fires her. Erica says a better attorney would have kept her out of prison. Liza tries to explain that Kendall confessed but Erica does not budge and tells her to go.

The Guard at the prison gives a note to Kendall in the cell and says it is from her Mom.

Kendall is seeing Zach as he says “Welcome home.” She stares in disbelief and looks confused. She tells Zach she does not understand. Zach explains that the “safe room” was built to keep them safe from his father. Kendall says she still doesn’t understand and Zach tells her she is “right where you need to be, with me and your boys. You’ll never leave us.”

Marissa is still stunned while Scott is now a cross between angry and defeated. Marissa tries to tell him she was not expecting the kiss and that she likes him. Scott says no one ever likes him other than as a friend. He is the shoulder to cry on or the “occasional hookup.” Marissa claims she would never do that. “And you’d never fall for me, because I am not J.R.” strikes a cord with Marissa and she claims Krystal said the same thing. She wants to know why everyone thinks she is in love with J.R. Scott leaves the room but before he does he says “call me when you need that shoulder to cry on.”

Ryan is asking where Emma got the cell phone and she looks like she may be shutting down on him again. She is saved by the bell as Jesse is at the door. Ryan thanks him for coming and as Jesse tries to talk to Emma she runs into another room. Ryan explains he suspects the phone is from Annie and he will be back after tucking Emma in. He tells Jesse to listen to the voice mail as he walks out of the room.

Annie is trying to explain to Adam why she had to talk to Emma. Adam says he knows she misses Emma and she will have her back “sooner than you think.” The doorbell rings and Annie answers it while still wearing her bikini. Dr. Nolan stands there as Annie exclaims, “let’s see how crazy I am today, shall we?” As the two leave the room Adam calls and speaks with Judge Robinson. He mixes small talk with the fact that he is in love, however she in is a little trouble.

Annie tries to seduce Dr. Nolan by playing coy that the air conditioning is out. He says he is not bothered and asks how she feels about Kendall going to jail and the fact that everyone accused Annie of the crime. Annie says she can forgive, that she is happy; she finally has a man “who understands me.”

Liza informs Erica she cannot fire her since Zach hired her. Erica says she cares about her daughter and not Zach’s “one night stand” decision. The Guard appears and says Kendall refuses to see her. Erica argues with the Guard as Liza tells her she cannot control everything and to accept that Kendall does not want to see her.

Zach tried to explain to Kendall that the “drugs are wearing off.” She asks what he is talking about as he asks what she remembers about after the courtroom. Kendall says Jesse took her to the van, Jesse led her to a corridor. Slowly she remembers being at the house and asking why she was there. In a series of flashbacks Kendall sees a figure that looks like Kendall and then Jesse covering her mouth with a rag to drug her. She looks at Zach in disbelief and says “you had Jesse drug me?” Zach says “it was the only way.” She can not believe Jesse went along with it and fears a manhunt. Zach tells her there will not be a manhunt, “Kendall Hart Slater is in prison right now serving her time.”

Ryan comes back to Jesse and says Emma is talking, he looks relieved that she has not completely shut down. Jesse says “Annie did quite a bit of talking herself. Twenty-five messages, one week.” They speculate how the phone got there as Ryan says Annie called the house once but she said she just wanted to tell Emma she and Adam were engaged. Jesse had not know this news and claims that “man must have a death wish.” Ryan wants this to go as proof that Annie violated the Court Order. Jesse says that it may not be enough as she wanted to talk to her daughter. Ryan asks when it will be enough?

Liza goes to Marissa’s room and tells her that Kendall will not see her. Marissa asks why they would do an appeal if Kendall confessed? Liza says Kendall did not do it and she has to do it for her career. Liza says she can’t make Zach’s sudden disinterest in getting his wife out of the sentence. Marissa says Liza likes him, Liza corrects that she respects him. Finally Liza admits that she likes Zach.

Kendall finally realizes Zach has someone posing as her in the Prison. Zach explains she will turn away Visitors. Kendall reiterates 15 years, and who would volunteer to go to Prison that long? Zach says it will not be that long, weeks, maybe months…just until they can prove Kendall is innocent. She says she will not go along with it. Zach informs her she can not leave. Kendall looks at him and says “so I’m your prisoner?”

Jesse goes to see Adam and Annie. Adam defends the phone Jesse is holding and says Annie misses her daughter, which is not a crime. Jesse says the calls are a violation of Court Order. Adam explains that he is engaged and his first present will be to “get her out from underneath all of the charges.” Jesse asks how he will do that and Adam reminds him he is a “very resourceful man.”

David and Scott are at the bar. David says he is happy he saw Scott with Marissa in her room. Scott says he was there as a friend, “that’s all we’ll ever be.” David responds “I wouldn’t be so definitive. That could change.” Scott says he can’t pull off the whole “Price of Darkness” thing, that he had a better chance working his way up from “friend.” Scott says David has the “whole Prince of Darkness thing going on.” David looks at him puzzled and Scott says “How about giving me some pointers?”

Kendall is trying to get out of the Panic Room as Zach explains that Annie thinks Kendall is in prison and she will let her guard down. Once she slips they will have her. Kendall says she won’t go along with it. Zach warns that if she goes anywhere he and Jesse will be in trouble. Kendall says she will say she escaped on her own. There is a buzz and Kendall asks what it is. Zach says the room is soundproof and that means someone as at the door. Kendall stares in disbelief that he will get the door, but he explains his car is outside and he does not want anyone to get suspicious. He tells her to think about it. Then he sighs and leaves her in the room.

Liza is not happy with Zach or the fact that it took him so long to answer the door. He is agitated and says the boys are trying to sleep. Liza tells him about Erica at the Prison and how Kendall will not see anyone. Zach is too calm for Liza to accept and she says she will not give up and she needs his “cooperation.” Zach tells Liza she is good at what she does not need him. Liza says he owes her for saving Kendall's life “payback starts now.”

Kendall is looking around the room when she hears a cute voice coming from somewhere. She finds a baby monitor and immediately tries to talk to Spike.

Erica shows up at Ryan’s door and is frantic about the fact Kendall does not want to see them. She explains what happened and says she does not understand how everyone is so calm. Ryan says that maybe they have to accept this is what Kendall wants. Erica tells him he sounds like Zach. Ryan says maybe he does but Erica used to want him to stay away from their marriage and he will continue to stay away. Erica says he has to help Kendall. Ryan retorts “no I don’t.”

David tell Scott in order for him to be a “badass” he has to only think of himself. He must not let anything in his way, only thinking of himself. Scott says David gets what he wants though. David then says in a non-David tone “Sometimes. But then there are those mornings that you wake up regretting the bad choices, the carnage, body count. And then there are those days that you swear that you're gonna change: Do good, be a better person, live and let live. But, you see, here's the thing. Once it's in you, you can't stop. You got to feed the fire that's in your gut. That same fire that burns you and everyone else around you. The upshot? You end up alone sharing a beer with people that don't like you very much.” Scott looks at him and says “thanks for nothing.”

Annie comes out of the den jumping around in her bathing suit, completely jubilant and tells Adam she passed. Dr. Nolan says he will put in his report she passed. He leaves and Jesse congratulates them. Adam says everything is going to be fine for her. Annie adds “for us.”

Erica says that she thought she could count on Ryan. He says she can but he went to Zach and their marriage was none of their business. He has to think of Emma. Erica says no court would give her to Annie. Ryan tells her the news that she is engaged to Adam, “and she has the boulder on her finger to prove it.” Erica says everyone has gone mad and she does not know where to start or how to fix it. Ryan says, “maybe you can’t, maybe you just do nothing.”

Liza pleads with Zach they have to try to get Kendall out before the boys go off to college. He agrees to help but says he does not want the boys around it. They agree to meet in the morning. Zach shuts the door as Liza is still trying to comfort him.

Zach goes back into the room with Kendall and is pleased that she is affected by the sounds of the boys. She says she wants to see them, she wants to hold them. He says she will but not now, “We have to lay a foundation.” He says the boys can see her but people have to think it is their imagination that Kendall is there. Kendall says “so I’ll be their imaginary mom? You think that will work?”

Ryan is watching an updated version of “Rumba to Romance.” He mutes the TV and calls Erica. Erica is in her bed watching the classic version of the same movie. Ryan says he just wanted to apologize. Erica tells him she is watching one of her favorite Classics. Ryan says he is watching the one on TV. Erica says the original is better. Ryan agrees “originals usually are.” They say goodnight and hang up the phones.

Liza goes back to see Marissa and tells her she went to see Zach and he agreed to help her with the Appeal. Liza points out all of the reasons she is not preoccupied with her crush on Zach. She lists Colby and the baby, as well as her career. Marissa says “yeah, you’ll get over it.” Liza says their conversations have been unprofessional and she hopes Marissa will keep them between them. Marissa says “absolutely.” Liza leaves Marissa’s hospital room and says she has to work on the appeal.

Zach takes Kendall up to the boys’ room and she holds them. She tells them she is home. Zach tells her this is how it could be. Kendall does not like the idea of being an imaginary mom. Zach tells her to give him time to prove that she is innocent.

Annie and Adam continue to celebrate that she will be free soon. They go to open a bottle of champagne and the popping noise reminds him of the gunshot. Adam exclaims “Oh my God, Stuart?”

David shows up at Liza’s door. She asks what he is doing there. He responds “something we will both regret in the morning.” He passionately kisses her.

Annie asks Adam if it is his heart. He says he overdid it and needs to lie down. He leaves the room. Annie is seductively sitting in a chair drinking champagne. Scott enters the room and says it is “hotter than…” Annie looks at him and says “want some?” Scott takes off his shirt. Annie is stunned. Then he takes his pants off. Annie asks what he is doing and Scott runs to the pool.

The movie that Erica and Ryan are watching is at it’s end. The lines speak of love and romance. Erica looks at the phone. She turns off her TV and goes to bed. Ryan looks like he is pontificating calling as he lies on his couch.

Kendall cradles Ian and tells him he is okay. “Momma’s never gonna leave you again.”

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