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Written by Mandy
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Marissa asks Scott what he is doing. Scott says that he is doing what he has wanted since the day they met and kisses her. Marissa says that it was unexpected. Scott says that Marissa wishes he hadn’t done it.

Emma asks if she can stop lying to Ryan now that Kendall has gone away. Annie says that now that Emma has told everyone that Kendall shot Stuart, she will be punished. Emma reminds Annie that it wasn’t really what she saw. Annie makes Emma promise to never tell anyone what she really saw. Adam comes in and asks Annie who is on the phone. Ryan asks Emma who she is talking to and what she is promising.

Erica says that she wants to give something to Kendall. Liza says that she needs to get started on the appeal. Erica and Liza argue about why Kendall don’t want to see them. Erica fires Liza.

A guard gives something to Kendall from Erica.

Zach tells Kendall about the room and welcomes her home. Kendall asks how it is possible that she is there and he says that she is where she is supposed to be.

Marissa says that Scott caught her off guard because she didn’t expect a kiss. Scott says that he is used to being rejected. Marissa says that she really likes him. Scott says that Marissa will never fall for him because he isn’t JR. Marissa asks why everyone thinks that she is in love with JR. Scott tells Marissa to call him when she needs a shoulder to cry on.

Ryan asks Emma if mommy gave her the phone and says that he is just trying to help her. Jesse arrives. Ryan says that Annie somehow got a phone to Emma and tells Jesse to listen to the voice mail while he is tucking Emma in.

Adam tells Annie that if she is caught contacting Emma, she will be in a lot more trouble because the judge ordered no contact. Annie asks how she can not answer when Emma calls her. Adam tells Annie that she had to be patient. Annie says that Emma needs her and it kills her not to be able to be with her daughter. Adam says that no parent should ever be kept from their child and that is why he promised to get Emma back to Annie. Annie says that all she has to do is get the charges dropped and get the monitor off. Adam says that it will happen sooner than she thinks. Dr. Nolan arrives for Annie’s session. Adam calls Judge Robinson for help getting the charges against Annie dropped.

Annie says that she knows her wardrobe isn’t appropriate for therapy, but it’s too hot because the air is out. Dr. Nolan says that it won’t affect their session and asks Annie’s reaction to Kendall’s sentencing. Annie says that there is finally justice. Dr. Nolan asks how Annie feels about being accused of the crime. Annie says that she was upset, but now she can forgive everyone because Kendall is getting what she deserves, and so is she. Annie reveals that she and Adam are engaged.

Liza says that Zach and Kendall hired her, so Erica can’t fire her. Erica says that the best way to help Kendall is for her to have a lawyer who has her best interests at heart. The guard says that Kendall still refuses to see Erica. Erica says that Kendall isn’t thinking rationally and asks to be let in, but the guard says that he can’t if the prisoner doesn’t want to see her. Erica says that Kendall needs to know that she isn’t alone. Liza says that Kendall needs some time to adjust, but Erica says that she will never adjust. Liza tells Erica to accept the fact that Kendall is choosing to be alone.

Zach says that the drugs are wearing off and Kendall asks what drugs he is talking about. Zach says that Jesse gave her some drugs. Kendall tells Zach what she remembers from her sentencing and asks what is going on. Kendall says that she can’t believe that Jesse would help Zach pull this off. Zach says that Jesse believes that Kendall is innocent, but Kendall insists that she is guilty. Kendall says that the police will turn the place inside out and tells Zach to think about what it will do to the boys. Zach says that there won’t be a manhunt because Kendall Hart Slater is in prison serving her time.

Jesse and Ryan talk about Annie contacting Emma. Ryan says that Adam and Annie are engaged and Annie used that as a reason to contact Emma. Ryan says that Annie’s house arrest has to be revoked because she has violated the court order repeatedly, but Jesse says that he doesn’t know if it will be enough for the court. Ryan asks when Annie will be held accountable.

Liza visits Marissa in the hospital. Liza says that she doesn’t know where to begin to apologize. Marissa asks about Marian. Liza says that Marian was brought to the Psych unit to be evaluated, but isn’t allowed to have visitors. Liza and Marissa talk about Kendall confessing. Liza says that Kendall and Zach are both shutting her out and that Zach won’t give any time to the appeal. Marissa asks what good an appeal is if Kendall confessed. Liza says that she believes she can get the confession thrown out on grounds of temporary insanity and get the conviction overturned. Marissa asks why Liza would bother if Kendall and Zach weren’t interested. Liza says that she is doing it for justice and for her career. Liza says that Zach was so driven to prove Kendall’s innocence, but now he seems to be resigned to seeing her stay in prison and it worries her. Marissa says that Liza likes Zach, but Liza says that she respects him. Liza tells Marissa to rest up and that she is getting started on the appeal.

Kendall realizes that Jesse and Zach found someone to pose as her, but points out that anyone who knows her will know the truth. Zach says that this woman isn’t going to have any visitors in prison and she won’t have to work another day in her life either. Kendall says that she won’t do this because it is wrong, but Zach says that he can’t let her be discovered. Kendall asks if she is Zach’s prisoner now.

Adam asks Jesse if something is wrong. Jesse says that Annie got a phone to Emma and has left a lot of messages. Adam says that missing your daughter is hardly a crime. Jesse says that it is in direct violation of the court order and that Ryan will press to send Annie back to prison if the calls don’t stop. Adam says that his first gift to his “new bride” will be getting her out from under all the charges. Jesse asks how Adam plans to do that and Adam says that he is a very resourceful man.

David orders another beer and tells Scott that him visiting Marissa is appreciated. Scott says that he is glad Marissa is okay. David says that Scott has been there for Marissa and Scott says that is what friends are for. David says that there is a lot more in common between Scott and Marissa, but Scott says that all they will ever be is friends. David tells Scott not to be so definitive because it could change. Scott says that he would have a better chance if he could pull off the “prince of darkness thing” and asks David for some pointers.

Zach says that Annie thinks that Kendall is in prison and will slip up. Kendall asks Zach to open the door and let her go. Zach says that he and Jesse will go away too. Kendall says that she will claim to have escaped on her own, but Zach says that it only works once. Zach tells Kendall to relax and try to remember that she didn’t pull the trigger. Kendall hears beeping and asks what it is. Zach says that the room is soundproof and it means that someone is at the front door. Kendall asks if Zach is going to answer it and he says that he don’t want anyone to be suspicious because his car is outside. Zach opens the door for Liza. Liza says that Kendall refused to see her or Erica and Zach says that Kendall needs time to adjust. Liza says that she is going to go through with the appeal, but it would be better with his cooperation. Zach says that Liza is very good at what she does and doesn’t need him. Liza says that she saved Kendall’s life and payback starts now.

Kendall hears Spike babbling through the intercom.

Ryan bumps into Erica. Erica says that Kendall keeps refusing to see her. Erica says that she doesn’t understand why Kendall and Zach have given up after fighting so hard. Ryan says that maybe they have to come to terms with the fact that this is what Kendall wants, but Erica says that Kendall needs their help. Ryan says that he will help at Fusion, but he is confused about the rest of it because he plans to stay away from Kendall and Zach’s marriage. Erica asks Ryan to try to see Kendall and says that he has to help, but he says that he doesn’t.

David tells Scott how to become a badass. David says that you only get what you want sometimes, but there are also mornings that you wake up regretting the bad choices. Scott thanks David for nothing.

Adam asks Dr. Nolan about Annie’s session. Dr. Nolan says that Annie has made real progress. Adam asks if Annie is “competent” to stand trial and Dr. Nolan says that it will be in his report along with his recommendation. Annie comes out and says that she is going to pass the evaluation.

Erica says that she thought she could count on Ryan. Ryan says that she can count on him, but he needs to focus on Emma. Ryan tells Erica that Annie snuck a cell phone to Emma and is calling nonstop, while threatening to go for custody. Erica says that there is no court that would give Annie custody. Ryan tells Erica that Annie is engaged to Adam. Erica says that she doesn’t know how to fix this or where to start. Ryan says that maybe Erica can’t and should just do nothing and she leaves.

Liza tells Zach that the appeal could get Kendall off and that he needs to work with her. Zach agrees, but says that it can’t happen in the house because he doesn’t want all the “postmortem” legalities around the boys. Zach says that he will call Liza and closes the door. Kendall listens to Spike’s “bedtime vocals” and says that she didn’t think she would ever hear it again. Kendall says that she wants to see the boys, hold them and kiss them. Zach says that she can’t yet because they have to make people believe that the boys imagined seeing her as a way of coping. Kendall asks if Zach thinks that would work.

Ryan and Erica end up watching the same show on TV. Ryan calls Erica and apologizes. Erica says that Ryan is right, he should be focusing on Emma. Ryan says that he hopes that Emma is dreaming sweet dreams. They say good night and go back to watching “Rumba to Romance.”

Marissa asks if Zach is on board. Liza says that she got him to agree, but is still worried because Zach is “closed off.” Marissa asks if Liza is always this concerned about her clients. Liza says that she doesn’t have a thing for Zach, and doesn’t have time for someone who isn’t interested anyways, but then changes her mind and admits to having a thing for Zach. Liza says that she better get started on the appeal.

Kendall tells Spike that “Mama” is home. Zach says that Kendall is there to watch the boys grow up. Kendall asks if the world will think that the mother who kisses them and tucks them in is a figment of their imagination. Zach tells Kendall to give him the time to prove that she is innocent.

Adam says that they have a lot to celebrate. Annie asks if Adam thinks she can really get custody of Emma back. Adam says that their happy ending is guaranteed. The champagne cork pops and Adam flashes back to a gunshot.

David shows up at Liza’s and says that he is there to do something that they will both regret in the morning, before kissing her.

Annie asks if Adam is having problems with his heart again. Adam says that it’s the heat and that he overdid it, but just needs to lie down. Scott comes in and starts stripping, before running to the pool.

Erica watches more of the movie and then decides to go to bed.

Ryan lays on the sofa watching the movie.

Kendall tells Ian that she will never leave him again.

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