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Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Annie lounges on the Chandler Mansion sofa when the butler announces she has a visitor.  Thinking it's the A/C repairman, she offers him an extra 100 bucks to fix it quickly. When she sees Ryan, Annie asks him if he can fix air conditioning, but he chastises her for trying to contact Emma again. Assuring him she wasn't being sneaky about it since she'd left a message on his machine, Annie just wants to share the happy news of her upcoming wedding with their daughter.

When Marissa opens her eyes at the hospital, she feels like she was hit by a truck but feels better when she sees J.R. sitting by her bedside. As J.R. holds her hand, Scott stands in the doorway, sees them, and walks away, shaking his head. He then runs into David who's not pleased to hear that J.R. is with his daughter, but Krystal stops him from barging into her room, warning him that he'll regret doing so.

Adam goes to Pine Valley Hospital looking for Joe, and refuses to discuss his "personal matter" with the attending physician who offers to have Dr. Martin paged.

At the Slaters', Erica thinks she should call Rachael to help with the boys, so Zach doesn't have to care for them all by himself, but he insists she hang up the phone and stop trying to be helpful.

Remembering how J.R. cost them one daughter already, David decides not to let J.R. take advantage of Marissa's condition to get close to her, but Krystal points out that she is a grown woman who can make up her own mind. David can't believe that Krystal approves of their daughter having a relationship with J.R., but Krystal has seen the side of him that Babe fell in love with and insists he's not the purebred monster that David believes he is. She then warns him not to make the same mistake and try to control Marissa's life, because he'll end up teaming her and J.R. against him.

After J.R. explains how Jake was able to locate and remove the bullet that Marian put into her, Marissa commiserates with the woman who lost her whole life when Stuart died, knowing full well how it felt when she lost her parents. J.R. assures her that his father will take care of Marian, then he apologizes for the way he acted when she tried to advise him on how to act with his family. After Marissa admits she had no business doing so, J.R. doesn't want to talk about that anymore and just wants to concentrate on helping her get better. When he goes out to call Colby and check on Little Adam, he bumps into David and suggests he let Marissa rest, but Hayward advises J.R. to let him handle the medical work and go home. Instead of responding, J.R. just brushes past David.

When Annie asks Ryan why no congratulations, he promises to send condolences to Adam. Although Annie insists Adam loves her, Ryan thinks he's just grieving for his lost brother but will eventually come to his senses and realize how many lives she's wrecked. To Annie's claim that she saved Adam's life, Ryan lists the many ways that Adam has repaid her for that kindness already. Then he calls Adam an idiot if he lets Annie take his house and his money, too. Annie won't let Ryan insult Adam like that because she loves him, unlike the way Ryan treated her when he chased after Greenlee and then Kendall.  Now that he's lost all the women in his life, Annie gloats to Ryan that "karma is a bitch." Then she decides to resume her wedding planning and informs Ryan that she's sending a little flower girl dress for Emma to try on, but he won't let his daughter anywhere near this wedding. Annie then threatens to get full custody of Emma once she's been cleared of all charges. Ryan can't believe that she would subject their daughter to a custody battle after the murder investigation which Emma barely survived. Annie offers to come to an arrangement with him, but Ryan insists he can't trust her and will do what's best for Emma by keeping her away from Annie. Scott then enters and asks Ryan to leave. As a parting shot, Ryan assures Annie that, although she's gotten away with murdering her brother and many other things, she won't take his daughter. Once alone with her, Scott promises to keep Ryan away.

Back at the hospital, J.R. runs into Adam and worries he's having chest pains, but Adam assures everyone it's not an emergency, and he just needs to have a follow-up with Joe. After he inquires about Marissa and informs J.R. that Marian is under observation, Adam assures his son he's ok, then shoos him away as Joe approaches. He then tells Dr. Martin that he has "a small problem."

Insisting that his sons don't want a nanny, just their dad, Zach sees Erica to the door and declines her offer to stay with the boys while he goes to visit Kendall, because his wife doesn't want visitors after she put herself in prison for a crime she didn't commit. On her way out, Erica passes Liza as Ian starts crying.

Scott hands Annie a glass of water and stares at her legs which she has bared. Sensing his eyes on her, she covers herself up and thanks him for defending her against Ryan's bullying tactics. She then goes on vilifying Ryan for going ballistic upon hearing that she's engaged and accusing her of being the worst mother in the world and not letting her see Emma. Scott thinks Annie truly loves her daughter and should talk to Adam about getting his lawyers involved, but she doesn't want to burden him when he has Chandler business that needs his attention like this morning when he went to the office early.

Joe examines Adam who wants to make sure "everything is working well." While Joe sends his blood samples to the lab, Adam gets dressed. A nurse then calls Dr. Martin away to check on another patient, and Joe hands Adam's chart to David, asking him to note any changes since the last time he treated him. When David enters the examining room, Adam thinks Joe has returned and starts talking about marrying a much younger woman and possibly needing "some stamina insurance" down the road as his "own personal stimulus package." David then opens the curtain and hands him a prescription that will do the trick, but Adam won't take anything that comes from Hayward after he fried his brain with his last concoction. David assures him these pills come in a sealed bottle from the "Mr. Happy Factory," but cautions Adam to be careful because the combination of his heart history, these pills, and the much younger woman could kill him, though, at least he'll go with a smile on his face.

Erica high-tails it over to Ryan's all in a state about Zach wanting to take care of his sons alone, but Ryan vows not to get involved in Zach and Kendall's marriage again. Then Erica exclaims that when she walked out of the Slaters' house, Liza walked in.

Liza starts to tell Zach about her ideas for Kendall's appeal, but he insists he can't help with that, because he has to focus on his boys. Liza doesn't believe that and thinks it's a cop-out.

Meanwhile, Erica keeps plugging away at Ryan about the way that Zach's actions affect his son Spike, even though Ryan thinks that Zach always does whatever he wants without regard to anyone else.

Liza accuses Zach of not wanting to get involved in Kendall's appeal for fear of losing again and not getting his wife released. When Zach admits to his fears, Liza also fears she'll lose her son to David Hayward.

David warns Marissa to take things very slowly when she's discharged, then admits he was afraid he was going to lose her. Marissa remembers the ambulance ride when she feared that if she closed her eyes, she'd never open them again. David recalls a moment in the operating room when he thought she was going to die like Leora and wishes he'd been there for her sooner. Now he hopes to make up for lost time and be a good father to Marissa. After she assures him they'll have a lot more time together, he asks her to stay away from J.R.

Unable to reach his uncle at the office, Scott wonders why Adam didn't let him handle any business problem. When Annie asks why Scott's not at the hospital with Marissa, he says she didn't need him. Annie's happy that Scott rescued her from Ryan and gives him a big smile as she calls him "one of the good guys" for standing up for her. Scott suddenly realizes that being a good guy gets him treated as a sucker in business and in life, it makes him lose the girls to the bad boys, because good guys always finish last. When Annie urges him to go to the hospital and be the first person Marissa sees when she wakes up, he laments that somebody beat him to it.

At the hospital, J.R. sees David talking to Marissa and asks Krystal how it's possible that women like Babe and Marissa possibly originated from someone like David. Krystal refuses to take credit for the way Marissa turned out, instead praising the special people who raised her. While J.R. can't help but see similarities between Babe and Marissa, Krystal looks for ways in which they differ, such as Babe's impulsiveness and Marissa's thoughtfulness and the way she plans ahead like her father. Although J.R. doesn't like to hear it, Krystal claims that if you take away all the scheming and the obsessing, Marissa and David are a lot alike.

All fired up by Erica, Ryan barges into Zach's and demands his son but then calms down when he sees everything's fine. Although Zach insists things are the way Kendall wants, Ryan doesn't buy it and wants to know what's changed.

While Erica waits to see Kendall at the prison, Liza walks in and explains that Zach is keeping his distance so as not to make her incarceration harder for Kendall. Erica questions why her daughter is in solitary confinement until a guard tells her that Kendall won't see anyone, not even her mother.

When David warns Marissa that J.R. will only bring her misery and hurt her like her sister, she seethes that she's not Babe and refuses to talk anymore when her father keeps telling her not to try to save J.R. or she'll end up just like Babe.

Annie continues to put J.R. down and encourage Scott not to overthink things and go to the hospital to fight for Marissa. When Annie asks for a thank you, Scott hugs her. Adam's not happy when he walks in on their embrace and barks about the broken air conditioning. He then claims he had lunch with one of the accountants to get an update on their finances. After Scott leaves, Annie removes her sarong and asks Adam to go for a swim with her, since it's so hot, but Adam excuses himself and stares at his prescription.

Krystal asks to see Marissa alone and tells her David was wrong to say what he did. Marissa doesn't like seeing her personality traits in David, but Krystal assures her daughter that there's a difference between determination and ugly obsession, which is David's flaw, not hers.

After J.R. checks in on Colby who's taking care of both Little Adam and Liza's baby, David approaches him and tries to make a deal. He'll stop seeing Little Adam if J.R. stays away from Marissa, because she'll all he has left.

Zach asks Ryan to stop listening to Erica and respect Kendall's wishes and not interfere in his marriage or tell him what to do. Then he asks Ryan not to come over without calling first, because he doesn't like surprises. Duly chastised, Ryan leaves.

Scott waltzes into Marissa's room to do something he's wanted to do since the day they met. As they kiss, David stands in the doorway stunned.

Ryan goes home and tells Emma that the judge doesn't need to talk to her anymore, since Kendall admitted that she shot Stuart. After Ryan apologizes for not believing her, Emma exclaims that Mommy believed her, then runs up to her room where she takes out the secret phone Annie gave her and calls her. At the end of the conversation, Emma asks if she can stop lying to her daddy now that Kendall's gone away.

At the prison, Erica writes a note for the guard to give to Kendall, sure that it will make her daughter change her mind. Meanwhile, Zach welcomes Kendall home, then hugs his wife.

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